In the USA, a meteorite struck the roof of the house

Struck the roof of the house meteorite. Photo Linda Welzenbach / Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History The roof of a private home in the United States struck a small meteorite, according to Cosmic body weight of about half a pound (about 230 grams) fell on a house physician Frank Ciampi (Frank Ciampi) in Lorton, Virginia. A rate of about two hundred miles per hour (about 320 kilometers per hour) meteorite crashed into the roof and do the big hole and overcoming a few obstacles, fell to the ground floor where the doctor treats patients. According to Linda Veltsenbah (Linda Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Ireland

To the Earth in the area of ​​Ireland at a rate of about 160 thousand. Km / h rare meteorite fell, according to MailOnline. It happened in the evening, so a lot of people across the country were able to watch the fall. According to experts, the rock passage through the atmosphere was equivalent to a small nuclear explosion. According to David Moore (David Moore) of the Astronomical Society of Ireland (Astronomy Ireland), most likely a meteorite fell to the ground and not into the sea, as many have seen as he flies into the land, so that the chances of finding this meteorite large enough. Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Beijing

In the vicinity of the Chinese capital for several days the search continues for a meteorite that fell from the sky in the evening on Wednesday. For his fall watched by thousands of Beijing residents caught up in the moment on the street. They describe it as a glowing object that quickly moved from the south-east and presumably fell in the highlands Bayhuashan. After the local observatory has confirmed that this was indeed a meteorite, and even provided video footage of his fall, many Chinese have rushed to find him. According to scientists, this cosmic body, if the search to a successful Read more [...]
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In Mexico, crashed and exploded unknown object

On Wednesday, February 10, in the skies over central Mexico swept the fireball, which fell in the end at the border of the states of Hidalgo and Pachuca. According to the locals, was witnessed by "a bright flash followed by a crash from which shook homes and buildings." What it was - a UFO, a military strike, meteor, space debris?In the first minutes after the outbreak of the population there was panic. It has been suggested that there was a falling meteorite. The police, who had left the scene, decided that the approximate time of the fall of the celestial body to be considered Feb. 11 15:30 Read more [...]
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In Budapest, a meteorite fell. Video

Falling meteorite removed a surveillance camera of one of the private houses in Budapest. Troublemaker harm inflicted, according to NTV. Bright flash in the sky could be seen from anywhere in the city, though the crash site of a celestial body is a few dozen kilometers from the capital - near the border with Slovakia. Source: NTV Previous News: · In Mexico, crashed and exploded unknown object · Meteorite over Beijing · Meteorite over Ireland · In the United States the meteorite struck the roof of the house · The fall of meteorites Read more [...]
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Meteorite exploded over Slovakia

In the skies over Slovakia meteoroid exploded. The country was in a panic. Last week, in the late evening Slovaks frightened green glow, which appeared on the horizon in the east and the central part of the country. As the «Slovak radio», light moving object was accompanied by an explosion. It was not any military exercise or an attack from outer space. According to the Ministry of Defense and allegedly Slovak astronomers in penetration into the atmosphere of a meteoroid that exploded from overheating at about 30 kilometers above the earth. Source: Tomorrow Previous News: · In Budapest, Read more [...]
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Over the United States swept the meteorite. Video

Meter over the United States Residents of the United States where more than an Icelandic volcano jitters other natural phenomenon - a meteorite. Early in the morning on Thursday, a giant fireball streaked the sky over the American Midwest. — Meteor rain watching the residents of the Midwest United States. CCTV cameras recorded a real meteor shower. In Iowa, witnessed the phenomena become policemen who patrolled the streets at night one of the small towns in the state. Three-second process, followed by a bright flash, fixed camera mounted behind the windshield of the machine. Residents Read more [...]
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Meteorite destroyed house in Jakarta

Meteorite fell on Thursday night at a house in Jakarta — space object crashed through the roof and the floor two floors of a house on the street Delima-2, after which he fell, and the explosion of a meteorite caused minor damage to two neighboring buildings, wrote in a Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe. Fortunately, the most affected building was empty at the time, and of the locals no one got even slightly injured. In connection with the explosion at the scene were caused by the anti-terrorist fighters Indonesian special forces stopped, but their assistance was not required. According Read more [...]
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After the Chelyabinsk meteorite on Earth can fly his brothers

August 25, 2013. It's about 20 cars. All of them «born» giant asteroid 2011 EO40 and move about on the same path, which fell into lake Chebarkul meteorite. On 24 August 2013 scientists reported Carlos and Raul de La Fuente Marcos, from the Complutense University in Madrid. According to them, about 40 thousand years ago due to the gravitational field and the temperature difference asteroid 2011 EO40 collapsed, creating a whole asteroid swarm, which constantly moves between the Earth, Mars and Venus. It is to this group of space objects and treated Chelyabinsky meteorite.Having Read more [...]
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Meteorite falls on the U.S. NASA staff advised Americans to pray.

Next three weeks will be critical for the United States, as in America may fall asteroid. Charles Bolden, NASA administrator Space Agency in the United States, reported that hangs over the country a real danger of collision with a meteorite. The coming weeks will show exactly what it is necessary to wait for the Americans, and how serious the threat is. Unknown meteorite was seen as a huge globe on March 22 over the eastern United States. This phenomenon was observed in 1000 witnesses, including service space agency. Since the span of the asteroid over the country AmericanMeteorSociety (American Read more [...]
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In Ireland a meteorite fell

Photo: Getty Images/ The Irish people have lost their legs in search of the fallen on the territory of the Republic of the meteorite. According to experts, the cost of the space invader is about one million euros. According to scientists, astronomers, meteorite, which the locals had seen in the sky last Wednesday (September 8), could fall somewhere on the island. After this message, many Irish people abandoned their case and postponed the plans, throwing himself on the search space of the body. Due to this desire to acquire a meteorite does not love for science. According to experts Read more [...]
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Large meteorite struck Tunisia

September 18, 2013. As reported by Radio Diamond FM, on 15 September, a large meteorite fell to earth in the South of Tunisia in desert and wilderness. During the fall recorded 3 loud explosion. This is also the edition of «Digital Tunisia». In place of the profit units of the National guard and military intelligence for the preliminary examination of the meteorite. «The inhabitants of the surrounding area, which witnessed the phenomena and feared the worst, given the scale of the explosions, calmed down after the arrival of the military and national guard. The details of Read more [...]
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An asteroid the size of the Chelyabinsk meteorite flew close to the Earth

on September 29, 2013. Celestial body about the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor was recorded in the night of September 29, near Land. It was held at a distance of about 11 thousand kilometers from the surface of our planet and, according to the research, it was an asteroid. To detect flew by the asteroid managed using special robotic system «Master» created at Moscow state University. \"It exists for fundamental research in the field of celestial bodies, but allows you to detect and objects, like the Chelyabinsk meteorite,\" said Professor of astronomy Department of the Moscow state Read more [...]
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Californians scared meteor shower

November 7, 2013. In the sky above the southern districts of California in the USA in the night from Wednesday to Thursday was a meteor rain. Hot line of the TV channel \"al-bi-si\" were heated calls from viewers, who compared celestial phenomenon with a ball of fire, exploding stars and fireworks. According to one of the residents of the state, he saw firsthand how the meteorite breaks down into three parts. Of course, the Internet immediately a lot of pictures of the meteor shower. However, according to experts, many of them are nothing more than fakes, reports \"RIA Novosti\".The excitement Read more [...]
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\»Tunguska meteorite\» was a fiery pillar

  Marshlands in the area of the Tunguska meteorite. Heavenly stones, comets and Nikola Tesla implicated in the horrific accident that occurred on 30 June 1908 in Siberia. Stanislav SMIRNOV, senior researcher, research Institute of precision instruments, member of the Russian geographical society.STALIN PRIZE FOR THE ANSWER This mystery for over a hundred years. 30 June (June 17, Art. Art.) 1908 in Siberia, in the basin of the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, North of the village of Vanavara, the event occurred on a global scale. Were flying fireballs, powerful air explosions that shake Read more [...]
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The meteorite crashed through the roof of a residential house in Brazil

on 9 July. The supposed meteorite crashed through the roof of a residential house in the South of Brazil. As RIA \"Novosti\" with reference to local media reports, the incident happened in the dark. It is noted that a resident of the capital of the southern Brazilian state of paraná, Curitiba, noticed a bright flash and a thin streak of light recertify the sky. After some time he heard a loud noise on the roof of his house. The next day the man was found in a house, the rocks of unknown origin and caused the Federal University of Parana. Currently, the alleged meteorite sent for astronomical Read more [...]
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The meteorite in the Crimea for a second turned dark night into day

November 22, 2013. The meteorite in the Crimea on November 21, lit the night sky of the Crimea bright flash. By the way, what is the brightness flying over the Crimea meteor burned up in the atmosphere, scientists have speculated that his weight was not less than 100 tons. In Crimea, a meteorite fell, beautifully illuminating the sky bright blue flash. It looked as if the dark night of the Crimea on the second was replaced by a bright light. A meteor lit up the sky around 3:50 a.m. on November 21. Bright heavenly body, apparently, consisted of iron. All that remained after that bright burning Read more [...]
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In the sky over Hungary flew meteorite

8 avgo the words of eyewitnesses, stories which were published on multiple sites, late in the evening of 5 August in the sky over Hungary was seen burning meteorite. Photo of the meteorite was made by the astronomer-Amateur from Nagykanizsa (Nagykanizsa). Hungarian portal, published a photo of the meteorite and the article, based on the evidence of witnesses, who observed its movement across the sky for 3-4 seconds. A few minutes later near lake Balaton was a loud explosion. An eyewitness, who put the photo of a heavenly body on the page Amateur astronomers Association Read more [...]
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On the Inca capital of a meteorite fell

Humans rarely think about the cosmic threat. Except that after watching another Hollywood masterpiece about the invasion of hostile aliens, one can wonder how the Earth and we are defenseless. But there are other real possibility of the death of our civilization, it is meteorites. Space objects in the form of rocks flying in space in many and even fall to the Earth under the influence of gravity, but usually burn up in the atmosphere of the planet. However, there is a terrible exception. In the media around the world have video of the burning of a falling meteor that flashed on the territory Read more [...]
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In the canadian city of Montreal was hit by a meteor

Read more [...]
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