Meteorologists predict frosts in Brazil

on 3 may. Meteorologists predict frosts in Brazil. Cause: the temperature anomaly of La niña in the Pacific Oceanis for bad weather may reduce harvest coffee bobovita can lead to a 40% rise in price and a new price record. Modern medicine removes ban on the use of large amounts of coffee sure this drink does not have the slightest relation to the increase in blood DAVLENIYa coffee, tasty and useful, Lanna Varsimashvili. Source: Channel PEAK Read more [...]
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Raging in the Atlantic hurricane Katia has increased up to 4-category 5-point scale

6 September. According to meteorologists, the maximum wind speed is 215 kilometers per hour. The epicentre of the disaster is located South of Bermuda. According to experts, the probability that a hurricane will reach land, not great. However, in any case, on the U.S. East coast affected by hurricane Irene, strike, strong winds, reports TASS. Eye of the hurricane, according to meteorologists from the National centre for monitoring hurricanes, located in Miami, is 725 miles South of Bermuda. The hurricane is moving at a speed of about 17 miles per hour in a North-westerly direction. According Read more [...]
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Exterior On-line Archives

Away cartridge, October 1995By Patrick ClintonAs a kid development up in Southward America, I'd becharm ants and put them to my ear. I could learn them scream! Was I delirious?Carlos Dingle Acqua, Los Angeles, CaliforniaDon't trouble, you heard something. And you don't bear to go clear binding to S America to discover it again. The far-famed evolutionary biologist and ant potency Edward O. Wilson calls it "the interesting medicine of the ants." Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of various storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day fly around the Earth. However, warns General Accounting Administration, USA, confusion reigning among military and meteorologists, could adversely affect the performance of various natural weather phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America led a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save the satellites under Read more [...]
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The Arctic oscillation (sic)

Cause snow and abnormally cold weather in December 2009 and early January 2010 meteorologists tend to believe the negative phase of the Arctic oscillation (AO). It is a periodic strengthening or weakening of the low and high atmospheric pressure in the Arctic and mid-latitudes. One of the consequences of the negative phase of the AC is cold and snowy weather in Eurasia and North America during the winter months. The index value AK in December, according to the American meteorologists, was the lowest in the last 60 years. Source: Gismeteo Comment: Global warming, El niño, testing seismic Read more [...]
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Of climate change, the most dangerous meteorologists consider more frequent cyclones

Because of climate change in Indonesia in 2012, has experienced more cyclones than it was a few years ago. Meteorologists believe that in the future this trend will intensify. Press secretary of the Agency for disaster mitigation Sutopo Purva Juvonen said: "Global warming leads to more intense formation of cumulonimbus clouds that trigger the formation of a larger number of cyclones." Mr Sutopo argues that natural disasters of 1200, borne by Indonesians annually, 36% are the sole responsibility of cyclones.Peak cyclogenesis Indonesian meteorologists expected in March-April. Other consequences Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane sandy

February 20, 2013. The ability of meteorologists predict a different storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day falling the Ground. However, warns the Main government accountability office the U.S., the confusion that prevails between the military and meteorologists, may adversely affect the efficiency of the forecasts of various natural phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America put into polar orbit two types of weather satellites: some are controlled by the state meteorological services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to save Read more [...]
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Cacti of Arizona covered with snow

February 21, 2013. Whenever the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico collides with cold air from Canada, many regions of the USA into the ground for the elements. Experts from the National meteorological services was afraid that persists snowstorm February 2, 2011, which killed dozens of people and injured thousands. This storm also not gone unnoticed. In Oklahoma, it was noted intense ice, triggered a series of car accidents. Heavy snowfalls were in Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri, specify meteorologists. In the Western parts of Kansas fell on ankle snow.The storm is moving from California to Read more [...]
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In Europe the summer will not come even with the arrival of June

Paris, France, 30 may 2013 © Stephane Mahe | Reuters June 1, 2013. Over the last few weeks of cold rain is the most common weather phenomenon in Europe. Thanks sedentary low pressure, it rains almost every day, sometimes strong, in the mountains with snow and the temperature is more in line with the April values. In Paris for the entire month of may there were only two days with temperatures above +20. In the British Isles spring has been the coldest since 1979.The river overflowed, the soil refuses to take excess moisture. German meteorologists say the highest level of waterlogging of the Read more [...]
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