The Away Predictor: Trench Distance Refulgence

International cartridge, January 1996The Away Forecaster: Cryptic Place RefulgencyTone one in sterilizing a starship is to dab the decks, knobs, and blurry mirror die with detrition inebriant. Footstep two is to broil the send in a goliath oven until any living microbes say "gaaack." Do a commodity job or you'll reply to the objurgation feel of Master Kirk, and you recognise what he'd say: "What...rectify had pay chickenhearted pox Read more [...]
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Environmentalists have made the first census of microbes in a thundercloud

"When we started this research, we are just hoping to describe the types of bacteria that are found in a previously unexplored habitat - thunderstorm clouds. However, we have found traces of an active ecosystem in the atmosphere," - said the head of a group of scientists from the University of Ulrich Carlson of Aarhus (Denmark) .Europe Ecologie microbes found inside a thundercloud and held their first "census", which allowed scientists to declare clouds most extreme zone the presence of life on Earth, according to an article published in the journal PLoS One. "When we started Read more [...]
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Sexual health, women

Vulva in women already on their anatomy more than men are all kinds of dirt and therefore require more attentive to their relationship. First of all, very close to the sexual gap is the anus, from which it could be exposed to contamination. Around the clitoris has sebaceous glands that produce, as a man, smegma that can accumulate and decompose. About opening of the urethra and into the skin of the vestibule there are many glands that produce mucus. Accumulation of smegma, mucus, vaginal secretions and menstrual blood residue can contaminate the vulva women that promotes proliferation of microbes, Read more [...]
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Types of sepsis-1

Pages: 1 2 Pyosepticemia ("Rotten-gnoekrovie") - a little less heavy and slow onset form of sepsis. In this form of the disease blood serves mainly as a carrier of microorganisms from the local site of infection to distant organs and tissues, where they are deposited, causing the formation of metastatic abscesses. These ulcers in turn can serve as sources of further metastasis. Itself blood In this form of sepsis suffer less than septicemia. Pyosepticemia often occurs when a staph infection. With the formation of ulcers accompanied pyosepticemia intermittent fever. Entry into the Read more [...]
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A woman's genitals

A woman's genitals divided into external and internal. For external genital organs include the crotch, large and small labia, clitoris, and vestibule. Pubis is the lower part of the abdominal wall, covered with hairs cover. A mature, well-developed woman, the hair forms a triangle with a horizontal upper limit. Labia cover the vagina and the mouth of the urethra. Anatomically, they are two massive lengthwise folds of skin rich in fatty tissue, sebaceous and sweat glands. In the lower parts of the labia majora are special glands that produce mucus during sexual arousal. This is sort of Read more [...]
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Impending victory

Penicillin was opened by the influence that seen green mold fungus on staphylococci. In his presence, they died. It is only natural to assume that it will also be disastrous for streptococci and pneumococci and meningococci, - in short, for all of coccoid microorganisms. So it turned out. This is understandable. Related microbes have, and related properties, including properties lose their viability in the presence of penicillin. But what is surprising is that penicillin kills not only the representatives of the family cocci. For example, diphtheria, in fact, nothing to do with staphylococcus Read more [...]
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House with billions of inhabitants

On one of the streets of Moscow is a big house. He's no different from the other houses. Only the population of its features. Here, the rooms are untold billions of tenants. They settled on a set of shelves and tables, and numerous cabinets. Occupants live in colonies in their cones, tubes, in pots, cups. In this house, under the leadership of Stalin Prize winner Professor Zenaida Vissarionovna Yermolyeva study microbes. Everything that happens to them, that they can be opened - this is her area of the world to which she devoted her scientific career. Twenty years ago professor Yermolyeva Read more [...]
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Eighty years ago

Eighty years ago, came an exciting time in science. Opened a new field in medicine - microbiology, studying the role of microbes in the origin of disease. In all countries were debates among scholars. Some have argued that the doctrine of microbes as pathogens, is erroneous. Others, on the contrary, to recognize that the microbes are actually the cause of many human diseases and that, therefore, the work in this direction may lead to fruitful results in the fight for health. Student of the famous Professor Botkin Vyacheslav Avksentevich Manassein was a supporter of those who believed the perpetrators Read more [...]
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In the laboratory, the microbe

There are some very delicious and nutritious mushrooms - mushrooms. A team of scientists led by two observations on plots planted with mushroom spores. And it was soon discovered that in one section of mushrooms grow faster, slower than the other, although the arguments were of the same quality and the soil is the same. Business, oddly enough, was not in a grade dispute and as the soil, and that in one section of spores were sown thickly, and another rare. White as thick sowing gave faster growth. What's the reason? You can understand what is the connection between the number of dispute Read more [...]
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Asepsis - Way to deal with surgical infections, the foundation of which is the prevention of infection in the wound. This is achieved by the complete disinfection of all items that may come in contact with the wound. Destruction of microbes and their spores on a surgical operating underwear, tools, sutures and dressings, gloves, gowns and hand surgeons called sterilization. Sterilization is carried out in various ways: by steam under pressure - autoclave, dry heat roasting, boiling, burning, exposure to the antiseptic and antibiotic solution. Is widely used sterilization beams of radiation (gamma Read more [...]
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Over the last twenty years of enriched therapeutic arsenal powerful new biological agents - antibiotics, the use of which has opened a new era in the history of medicine. What does the word antibiotics and drugs which belong to them? Translated from the Greek "anti" means "against" and "bios" - "life", that is, antibiotics - are substances that act against life (meaning, of course - against microbial life). Already in the first decades after the discovery of microbes, it became known that they are not indifferent to each other. In the struggle for existence Read more [...]
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General information on infectious diseases in children-9

Infectious or contagious, disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Their main property is the ability to spread from person to person with a tendency to a high incidence in the population. Disease, or pathogenic micro-organisms, is the causative agent of infectious diseases, are a tiny creature, visible only through a microscope at very high magnification. World of microbes that live on our planet, it is extremely large and diverse. Among the vast kingdom of these tiny organisms are useful for many people: they contribute to soil fertility, cause fermentation and decay of dead organisms (and Read more [...]
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Agglutination - The phenomenon of adhesion suspended in saline microbes or parts of microbial cells, rickettsia, with the formation of red blood cells or small cereal grains precipitate. Distinguish between specific and non-specific agglutination. The specific  agglutination occurs with the participation of three components: agglutinogens (suspension cells), agglutinins (antibodies contained in the immune serum obtained after administration to an animal or human germs of this species), and salts (electrolytes) in an isotonic solution which is usually made response. Often immune sera agglutinate Read more [...]
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