Thai Marines fought off the attack of Islamists to their base

Thai marines repelled February 13 night attack Islamists to their base in the southern part of the country, reports the Associated Press. As a result of the battle, which lasted more than an hour, at least 16 attackers were killed, dozens were injured. Defenders of the base of more than a hundred people were injured, but no one died.According to the command of the armed forces of Thailand, made a raid on the base at least 30 people. They were all dressed in uniforms and body armor, and well armed: on the battlefield were grenades and assault rifles with laser sights.Repulse the attack relatively Read more [...]
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Mali international donors contributed $ 455 million for military action

On Tuesday, the Mali international donors pledged U.S. $ 455.5 million to support the military operation against the militants, which is deployed in the West African country, media reported referring to the African Union Commissioner for peace and security Ramtane Lamamara. "I am pleased to report that the total amount of donations reached 455.5 million dollars," - said Lamamara after the meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Agence France Presse. According to the newspaper VIEW, before the African Union said that the Government Read more [...]
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Hamas militants attacked an Israeli vehicle and shot down a helicopter

On Sunday, the Islamic militants of Hamas rocket hit the Israeli navy ship in the Bay of Gaza, the same helicopter was shot down, the Iranian satellite channel "Al-Alam". Israeli military command of this information has not been confirmed. During the Israeli raid on the block Hi-Nasr killed a family of 11 people, including five children. Three more children were victims of point missile strikes on Al Breydzhu and Beit Hanoun, and three died in hospital from his injuries. Only in the evening, 29 Palestinians were killed, according to ITAR-TASS. "Brigades İzzeddin al-Qassam" Read more [...]
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The international community does not support Israel

The escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants caused a wide resonance in the international community. The most influential members of the UN called on Israeli forces and militants from the Gaza Strip to show restraint. Exception is the U.S., which supported Israel in their intention to launch a military operation, the correspondent Marina Portnaya RT. International response was not long in coming. The most influential members of the UN called on Israeli forces and Gaza militants to exercise restraint. Exception is the U.S., which supported Israel in their intention Read more [...]
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Chechnya. Ninety-ninth year

Before leaving on a business trip to Chechnya in November 1999, Alexander Kulikov had considerable operational experience and the title of "Lieutenant Colonel". But, like many of my colleagues, of each task in its "hot spots", he was one of the soldiers of the long protracted war. Together with subordinates shared all that is prepared soldiers to war: cold, fire, sudden attacks, went on the road, where waiting in the wings mounted gunmen mines and bombs. Alexander Kulikov was born in 1951 in a Cossack family in the village Eremizino-Borisov coach of the Krasnodar region. Read more [...]
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In the course of the morning, finding the enemy was not found. Only the total number of confirmed gang - 25-30 people, the presence of dead and wounded, as well as the Arab fighters, as indicated by fragments of notebook sheet Arab-Russian phrasebook. As might be expected, trimming Sheard Mokhk no significant results failed. K15 Time November 11 reconnaissance were evacuated by helicopter to LDPE. A report on the results of the command of the operation reported 7.10 militants and destroying the car "Niva", the capture of two RPG-26 and optical sight PS0-1, selected scouts in place Read more [...]
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Consolidated unit

By that time Sheard Mokhk convoy approached the consolidated unit, detained in the temporary deployment for the same reason as the second wave of helicopters. The column was moving at a speed ahead of her sappers defused the two along the way landmines. Another, radio controlled, "spirits," managed to blow up, but no one was seriously hurt. Profit of the consolidated unit was allocated two reconnaissance as to prevent escape of the militants blockaded the area, they will certainly try to implement. As darkness fell, the reconnaissance in two places blocked the gorge. Adventure-still Read more [...]
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And the ambush was …

Exit the flank ambush, one of patrols only momentarily ahead of militants. Scouts fired silent weapon, but one of the two fighters had time to give all of the machine. A forest fire roar exploded. The "spirits" lost their nerve. Not knowing where the scouts (open less than 20 meters), they were firing in all directions. Not getting involved in the firefight near the scouts moved to a safe distance from the fire of artillery, and the "gods of war" has already made the calculations for the shooting. Not giving "spirits," to recover, earned a heavy machine gun, Read more [...]
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After landing the second wave of groups had to make adjustments in an elaborate and coordinated plan of operation. For searching was involved RG number 102 and pasted from RG Watch № 101, who had by this time set the probable location area departed from Sheard Mokhk militants. The experience of the Chechen war and other armed conflicts showed malignancy pursuit of the enemy on the trail or on a parallel course. Therefore, when the searching intelligence used a special tactic. He allowed to pursue the retreating enemy, almost entirely avoiding such insidious tricks as booby-stretching and Read more [...]
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NOVEMBER 10, the fog in the area of operations delayed its start by two hours. After dropping the first two sets and three block area - to relay VHF radio a few kilometers from the site of the operation observers reported the detection of the enemy in the north-western outskirts of the village. It is in this part of the mountain village of the electronic reconnaissance zapelengovala radiotelephone Abu Jafar. Scouts have allowed militants to freely leave the town, as planned concept of operations. Combat helicopters Mi-24 military transport "eight" with a search-and-assault group on Read more [...]
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  Fire subgroup at night took the order of battle in the dry riverbed, setting in two directions mines M0N-50 and P-mined DDP "Hunting" peak height of 400 m to the north place ambushes. Place ambushes was chosen so as to minimize the probability of detection of the militants and their supporters among the local population. Surveillance of the approaches to the place of ambushes carried out a subgroup of security (two-thirds of its personnel) away from fire subgroup to 1000 m Around 13.00 the emergence of devices in a subgroup of fire fighters ambushed two subgroup provide yet gone Read more [...]
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Conditions and procedure for the ambush

Object ambush: Watch head of two people walking militant groups numbering 12-15 people. Detachment task was to destroy the group or pack caravan militants engaged movement in an area controlled gangs. The ambush was conducted by yourself. Time of year, terrain and operational characteristics of the combat situation: autumn. Mountain-desert rugged terrain. Altitude 1200-2000 m elevation up to 400 m peaks with the release of the rock (basalt). Elevation slopes are slopes 20-40 °, and in some places more (steep). The area is dotted with numerous dry river beds and gullies. Coulee in ambushes Read more [...]
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Inspection adjacent to the base area

If parts of the militants managed to move away from the base, the base commander, after examining GTB organize inspection of the area around the base on the route (direction) departing fighters. Conductive Capture group, usually the home of the enemy is not intended as a basis for examining the surrounding area where the enemy can hide (the wounded were evacuated from the base) or killed during the withdrawal (died of wounds) militants. Actions reconnaissance patrol, inspect the area around the base, covered by a subgroup or the whole software GTB. When combing GTB builds the array triangle (behind Read more [...]
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Capture of prisoners

Repeated attempts blocked in the shelter (in the building) rebels to negotiate with blocking their scouts rarely lead to a positive result - winning time, assessed the situation (power hitters and their arrangement) and regroup, they are making a breakthrough (09/13/2001, two militants after twenty-minute "negotiations" attempted to break through - the shelter is destroyed), or by delaying the time, waiting outside (12.11.2000 g - Wait ...). If you block an opponent in the shelter willing to surrender to the federal forces, he was in a rigid form determines the order of delivery. Negotiations Read more [...]
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Inspection cover

The inspection is carried out after the destruction of shelter or captured fighters are in it. Before we proceed to the inspection cover, wait until the dust settles inside and driven away the smoke. If the inside of the shelter have pockets of fire, from conducting inspections should be avoided because of the risk of undermining the ammunition inside. Getting into the shelter, the scouts are usually two pairs, covering each other. The first couple of scouts is to examine for the presence of militants hiding, moving inside the room, not touching any objects. For each detected inside the shelter Read more [...]
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Inspection database

To inspect the base distinguished subgroup screening, which includes a part of the scouts, armed with silent weapons, and field engineers. By inspection database (results of fire damage enemy) GTB finally begin making sure that all the militants dead. Initially performed a cursory inspection of the territory of the entire database on every seen fighter to make test shots - only silent weapons. From now on, any group of nebesshumnogo fire weapons can only be opened by resists or tries to hide militants. After a quick inspection of the base, making sure that the enemy is destroyed, it is inspected Read more [...]
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Capturing GTB IAF base

During the forces GTB Capture IAF when the main forces of the enemy killed, but some militants continued to resist from the shelter (bunker, bunkers, caves) or took refuge there, they destroyed the actions of assault subgroups. Assault subgroup secretly (the climb, throw or short dashes) under the cover of the other subgroups extends to the object (shelter, bunkers, caves) and takes his starting position for the assault. The starting position for the assault involved a minimum safe distance from the object. Take their places, the scouts assault subgroups were preparing to storm his gun (attached Read more [...]
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RPG-7 (RPG-7D), RPG-18, RPG-22, RPG-26

Grenade RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades and RPG-18, -22, -26 in the attack on the base IAF used to defeat the militants who are in shelters, field type, in huts and tents, as well as unsheltered manpower and fire weapons . Ammunition with a thermobaric warhead (TBG-7), in addition, can be destroyed fortifications militants. To engage unsheltered manpower and fire weapons are most effective for grenade RPG-7 with a fragmentation warhead OG-7. Anti cumulative grenades RPG-18, -22, -26 and grenade launcher PG-7 (PG-7V, PG-7VM, 7VS PG-, PG-and PG-7VL 7VR) have poorly defined fragmentation effect, Read more [...]
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The timing of the attack on the base

The attack on the base is chosen so that at the time of the attack fire, too underwent the largest possible number of persons on the basis of the militants. This takes into account the degree of readiness of the enemy (the presence in it of weapons and equipment, occupation, the majority of the personnel, structure and weapons of outposts, etc.), time of day and weather (visibility), and other factors. The most appropriate moment for an attack on a base militants are committing collective namaz (prayers) at a certain time of day, conducting group of theoretical studies (interviews) to perform Read more [...]
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Assessment of the enemy and terrain

In assessing the enemy base commander GTB provides: - From the gang (the total number of fighters) and weapons (especially the number of machine guns and RPGs, the presence of support weapons (mortars, CSA, etc.) - the ratio of assets; - The nature of the bulk of the militants (execution of chores, recreation, exercise of prayer, theoretical or practical training, etc.), the presence of militant outfit and personal weapons, and weapons of escort - the degree of readiness of IAF; - The availability of mine-explosive facilities on the outskirts of the base (predicting their presence in the absence Read more [...]
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