Ural Geological Museum

Ural Geological Museum (At Ur. State. Mining and Geology. Acad.), Opened in Sverdl. in 1937 on the initiative of ur. geologists. First cond. P.E.Ershov. Muses. Regional. It is staffed departments: mineralogy, minerals, petrography, general and ist. geology. The funds of the muses. There are more than 40 thousand. exhibits reflecting the miner. wealth and geology W. More than 800 miner. types of Math. W., approx. 550 are presented in the music. Among them Naib. full systematic collection of ur. minerals. The advantage of it is the richest collections of gold and platinum placers and plentiful. Read more [...]
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Ural State Mining and Geological Academy. VVVakhrushev

Ural State Mining and Geological Academy. VVVakhrushev (Until 1993 Sverdl. Mining Institute), the first higher tehn. uch. institution W., established 03 (16) July 1914 The first rector prof. PP von Weymarn. Classes early. in 1917 In 1920-1925 Inst was part of Eq. State. University, 1925-1930 UPI. In 1930 from UPI stood Ur. Exploration and Ur. Mining Institute of coal and non-metallic minerals, to-rye in 1934 were merged into Sverdl. mountain. In Acad. function f-you: mining and fur., Geological, geophysical, open development minerals, underground mining minerals, Correspondence, f-you re-training Read more [...]
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Minerals of the Tyumen region

Field (Mineral) - a natural accumulation of minerals, which, in quantitative and qualitative terms may be the subject of commercial development at the present state of the art in the present economic conditions (mine industrial). Other clusters, which in their data could be developed only if the changed technical and economic conditions relate to non-industrial fields, differing in this respect from the occurrences. By the size of stocks it may be large, medium and small. By origin distinguish endogenous, exogenous and metamorphic deposits. Geological body - it is different in shape, size and mode Read more [...]
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Not find the treasure of stone

Mining and Geological Survey of Russia two years later, 300 years old: the decree of Peter I in 1700, was established by Order Rudokopnyh Affairs. For the history of our land is a significant date, and on the way to it, we shall often speak of geological discoveries on Tagil ground we can be proud. And today, on the eve of the professional holiday of the Day of Geologist Prospector, which is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in April, go to Nizhny Tagil Museum-Reserve, to become familiar with its geological collection.Of the richest collections of the Museum-Reserve of metallurgy Read more [...]
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Ilmen State Reserve mineralogical

At first, reserve and organize for the protection of specific mineralogical contrast Ilmen. But in 1935, received the status of an all-inclusive nature reserve. After all, not counting the minerals on Ilmen Reserve area is 30 lakes, including one of the most beautiful lake in South Ural - Large Kisegach. Diverse flora and fauna Ilmen. Wealth Ilmeny people learned a long time. Story conveys to us that in the late 18th Govek Cossack fortress Chebarkul Rods found in these lands beautiful stone, turned topaz. This was the beginning "topaz fever" Ilmen. In addition to local Mine mined beryl, aquamarine Read more [...]
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BERG-REGULATION legislative act of March 3, 1739 to reconfirm and complement the provisions of the Mining privileges 1719. equal right of search and development of ores and minerals granted in Russian. and subjects to foreigners. Affirms the right of hereditary property of Industrialists of the mountain s-dy. In the case of insolvency law ordered to leave the breeder's right to own part of the mining companies for the heirs, and the duty to pay out obtained with s-ing profit. Land acquisition for the page. Manuf. structures were instructed to do based on the needs of factory acts in excess of Read more [...]
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BERG-PRIVILEGE legislation on Dec 10. 1719 defines the policy rus. Prospect Island in the region. mining ind. Hand. prom. created Berg-board. Local authorities adm. authorities (governors, magistrates) excluded from control of rock fishing. Monarch as the supreme owner of mineral resources proclaimed the right of unimpeded freedom of mountain search and ores minerals on any lands gos Islands. Law guarantees the protection of hereditary ownership of developed mines and Manuf. facilities. For page. Mining s-ing instructed to make removal of 250 square meters. yards of land at the declared place Read more [...]
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\»And behold Minerva hits in verge Riphean\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\»

Unexpected communication M. C. University and Nizhny Tagil plants were discovered thanks to the exhibition "M. C. Lomonosov and his era: the 300-th anniversary of birth ", presented at the Russian state archive of ancient acts (RGADA). Among the exhibits of order N. A. Demidov Petersburg office from January 13, 1765 "About sending to Lomonosov sent from Nizhny Tagil plant's office ore samples (with description)that is necessary for works of Russian Mineralogy ". The document is available litter: "Mr. Lomonosov ore sent to the registry and plan on February 10, 1765 by the cast and his vysakarodny Read more [...]
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Californians scared meteor shower

November 7, 2013. In the sky above the southern districts of California in the USA in the night from Wednesday to Thursday was a meteor rain. Hot line of the TV channel \"al-bi-si\" were heated calls from viewers, who compared celestial phenomenon with a ball of fire, exploding stars and fireworks. According to one of the residents of the state, he saw firsthand how the meteorite breaks down into three parts. Of course, the Internet immediately a lot of pictures of the meteor shower. However, according to experts, many of them are nothing more than fakes, reports \"RIA Novosti\".The excitement Read more [...]
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Deep Space Industries shows how the drill asteroids

Imagine a future space station, which allows astronauts to get energy from the sun and produce minerals from asteroids, then to use them to sustain life. As it turns out, is not just a dream but real plans of Deep Space Industries. It plans to start production of hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and nickel from space objects, to provide fuel and satellites in orbit to conduct building. Its first task - to 2015 went into orbit vehicle "Firefly." The device will land on one of the near-Earth asteroids, and within six months will be to conduct research and collect data. [Rick Tamlinson, Read more [...]
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Life on Mars: in the bowels of the planet found minerals

The minerals in the Martian subsoil to a depth of more than five kilometers have become one of the most serious evidence that the Red Planet could support life. This follows from a study published in Nature Geoscience in January 2013. Up to half of all life on Earth consists of simple organisms hiding in the rugged rocks below the surface. Recently, planetary scientists have suggested that the same may be true for Mars. Now this conjecture confirmed by the results of new studies, which show that the "ingredients" for life were present in the Martian subsurface strata for most of the Read more [...]
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Clay on Mars was much more than expected

22/12/2012 A new study by scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, shows that clay minerals, rocks, which are usually formed when the surface of the planet for a long time there is water, cover much more extensive area of the surface of Mars than previously thought. A research team led by Associate Professor James Ray said that the clay was still in the rock samples studied Mars rover Opportunity, when he landed in Eagle Crater in 2004, then in the study of soil samples rover found only acidic sulfates, and since then Rover has managed to drive 35.4 kilometers toward Endeavour Read more [...]
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Bastioned to Boom

MAJOR PLAYERS: Na, K, AND Savor THE Title: Always since Gatorade off University of Florida football into the retort brigade in 1967, athletes birth reaped the benefits of weewee with a lilliputian something redundant. Now, middling lots every sports swallow claims it testament meliorate your execution by replacement crucial electrolytes. The up-to-the-minute versions—enhanced waters similar Actuate—are marketed with claims that they hydrate with fewer calories. THE Accuracy: It's long-familiar that sweaty workout flushes both piddle and na from your organization, so to rehydrate, Read more [...]
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Bastioned to Expand

    Pic: Toilet ClarkFine, YOU'VE GOT your proportion of carbohydrates, protein, and fat dialed, and you range done six pocket-sized meals day-to-day to living your muscularity floor up and your metamorphosis hum. Squeamish exercise. But speculation what, bluejacket. Thither's more to a high-performance dieting than equitable the big exposure, and it involves a bevy of nutritionary bit players known as nutraceuticals. They footle in many innate foods but besides in those farseeing lists of ingredients base on the wrappers and labels of about every superpower drinking, get-up-and-go Read more [...]
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Vitamins 'economy' protein

Grasped all this, we can better understand the dietary laws of various religions that are clearly undervalued contemporary criticism. Hindus believe that the habit of eating meat is bad for a person, has a cruelty. Jewish strict prohibition against eating blood and meat of many animals have a deep foundation. At the dawn of history intuition told some ancient peoples, how important food in human behavior. Now we will try to clarify what are the major factors distinguish the diet, the underlying health of Hunza, from the diet that causes the disease, characteristic of the inhabitants of Calcutta Read more [...]
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Geological observations

Geology of interest to many tourists. In the campaign of their observations are of the nature of routing geological survey of the most interesting sites of mineral deposits, output and mineral springs, outcrops. However, this requires special geological training and practice. Tourists, students mainly collect samples for creating and updating school museums. Monitoring, sampling suited to provide on outcrops of loose rock and vegetation in the pits, on the steep banks of the river, the slopes of ravines. Slather providing tourists, conducting tours in the mountains. It is easier to look for Read more [...]
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2 male infertility

Observations during the mass starvation during the war showed that prolonged fasting is greatly disturbed spermatogenesis. Particularly affected by chronic hunger testicular function in puberty and adolescent boys. When malnutrition is also suppressed pituitary gonadotrophic function. The stimulating effect of gonadotropins on spermatogenesis in starvation always dropped. For normal activity of sex glands, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine glands are also important vitamins B, C, etc. Therefore, vitamin deficiency can cause temporary infertility, which is often observed, for example, in Read more [...]
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Dietary intake of older people-7

The elderly man the mineral content in the tissues varies differently. For example, the content of aluminum, titanium, cadmium, zinc, lead and sodium increased and the content of copper, molybdenum, chromium, manganese and potassium is reduced, which leads to changes in the activity of enzyme systems and metabolic disorders. Each of 55-60 studied now minerals inherent special role in the process of exchange, but the aging body's need for certain minerals found out enough. The levels of minerals in the diet of people surveyed are shown in Fig. 20. Among the macro is not set deficit phosphorus Read more [...]
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Avoiding a Bitter—and Costly—Pill

External     A wad of cotton and respective 12 lousy, big-enough-for-a-horse pills. These are the contents of near vitamin-and-mineral jars, and they're nearly e'er indistinguishable. But the labels-and the prices-can be as dissimilar as Ch‚teau Lafite and Nighttime Prepare. E.g., the Passe-partout Nutritionary Organization from haute supplement-maker Rainbow Lightness, which boasts that its Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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