Yacht «Standart»

July 3, 1914, Thursday. Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt. On the barrel to "raid Standard" stands in the retinue of 5 destroyers - "the Army", "Volunteer", "Moskvityanin", "Emir of Bukhara," "Finn" and the schooner "North Star" - the imperial yacht-beauty with 3 little folded out aft masts. In its form of restrained pride, but not arrogance; simplicity, grandeur and dignity. August family the other day, July 1, returned to her from the Crimea. Ordinary swimming, which from year to year being accomplished for 6 years to the mutual enjoyment and crowned passengers and crew. Yacht gorgeous and young, as Read more [...]
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Ural Mining SCHOOL

Ural Mining SCHOOL Special Account. Head. Office of the Mining Department, prepares professionals and lower Wed level for the mining ind. Regular. in 1853. Education in U.G.U. was a 4-year. Taken on a competitive boys 14-17 years old, graduated from env. mountain or mountains. uch-conductive, in DOS. children gornozavodskih slave. and employees. Until 1917 U.G.U. MY. 818 specialists. The program U.G.U. included the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, mining and Surveying Art Society, mineralogy, geognosy, mechanics, tehn. drawing. In DOS. training was paid, a small h. pupils of trained at Read more [...]
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Urals Stampings frames

This year, our city celebrates 300 years Tagil education, and the same age marks Nizhny Tagil-mining college. , Counting from the date of creation Nevyansk tsifirnoy School December 6, 1709. Its founder was Nikita Demidov founder of metallurgy in the Urals. The policy document "Memory Nikita Demidov," written by Andrew Vinius by decree of Peter I, Emperor commanded breeder build not only new plants on uninhabited areas, but also churches, schools and hospitals. And this task is performed by himself Nikita Demidov, and his descendants. Subsequently Nevyansk tsifirnaya school was transferred to Read more [...]
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Ural State Mining and Geological Academy. VVVakhrushev

Ural State Mining and Geological Academy. VVVakhrushev (Until 1993 Sverdl. Mining Institute), the first higher tehn. uch. institution W., established 03 (16) July 1914 The first rector prof. PP von Weymarn. Classes early. in 1917 In 1920-1925 Inst was part of Eq. State. University, 1925-1930 UPI. In 1930 from UPI stood Ur. Exploration and Ur. Mining Institute of coal and non-metallic minerals, to-rye in 1934 were merged into Sverdl. mountain. In Acad. function f-you: mining and fur., Geological, geophysical, open development minerals, underground mining minerals, Correspondence, f-you re-training Read more [...]
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URALRUDA Lv. Iron Ore Trust formed in 1932 and existed without changing titles., subordination, tasks and functions of up to 1957 In 1957, in connection with reor--tion control prom. and the creation of Sverdl. Economic Council was abolished, and in 1965 after the economic councils reor--tion re-established. Regular. objectives of the Trust were the mining and marketing of railroad. and manganese ores, non-metallic minerals; execution of P.-installation works, as well as providing design and estimate documentation and equipment projects under construction and financing. The structure of the trust Read more [...]
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URALALMAZ diamond mining company in Krasnovishersky district of Perm. region. Created in 1946 in the village. Kusye Chusovskoy-Alexander (now Gornozavodsky) district Perm.obl. based on DOS. in the late 1930s Teplogorsk diamond mine Uralzoloto trust. Moved by Visscher in 1962. The first diamond was found in the extraction of gold prospectors mine Holy Cross (now the village.) Fishing on the river. Koivu, a tributary Chusovoi in Perm. lips. Subsequently, the diamonds were found repeatedly in this district not passing with gold mining. In the late 30's formed Teplogorsk diamond expedition, which Read more [...]
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Tatischev Vasily Nikititch

Tatischev Vasily Nikititch (4/29/1686, from Pskov. 27.07. 1750, p. Boldin near Moscow), in Russian. State. , scientist. Rod. family mosk. the landed gentry. Graduated from Moscow. engineering and artillery school. Hands. breech the mining ind. W. and Siberia in 1720-1722 and 1734-1739. Creator obscheur. gornozavodskogo management (Siberian mining authorities). Under the arms. T. a lot of work to streamline mining laws: compiled mountain and s-dskoy statutes mandate shihtmeysteru (1735), for the Office of the Chief States. z-ing of the Board (1737). Promoted the active s-dskomu pages., Improving Read more [...]
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Pages Ural history

     By the time of the 1861 reform reptile Urals, according to VI Lenin was "the main center of the mining industry" Russia, but by the mid 1390's, he has lost its former importance, remained a secondary area until the 1917 revolution. The book YA Buranova * covers the period 1861-1917 years in capitalist industrialization Urals in the form of joint-stock process. The basic stages of its composition and the movement of the share capital, History The emergence and development of all joint stock companies.     The paper uses new archival materials, in Read more [...]
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Pages of History Gumeshevskogo mine

Gumeshevsky copper mine, one of the oldest in the Urals, its history dates back to the Bronze Age and continued in the early Iron Age. From the middle of the II millennium BC. e. here developed a powerful oxidation zone of copper ore (35 to 30 m). Work continued intermittently for many centuries. Ancient mine workings did not elaborate more than 30 to 40 m. To maintain workings used wooden lining. In trapped mines were found the remains of the dead miners, copper and wooden tools picks, shovels, etc.., Drying carrying ore and leather gloves. In the I millennium BC. e. ore smelted far away from Read more [...]
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STARIKOV Nikolai Antonovich

STARIKOV Nikolai Antonovich (21.03 (02.04) .1897, s.Edrovo at Valdai. Novgorod province. 06.04.1961, Kiev), a scientist in the region. Mining Sciences, Acad. Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1951), Dr. Sci. Sciences, prof. (1939). He graduated from Leningrad. Mining Institute (1924). He worked in the mines of Krivoy Rog (1924-28), in Eq. State. project in-ones met. z-ing (1928-31). Studied the experience of the development of ore deposits in the United States. Participated in the justification page. Bakal and design, Vysokogorskogo, Goroblagodatsky, Lebyazhinsky etc.. Quarries. 1931-47 taught at Read more [...]
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Alloy traditions and modern technologies

     Annals of Nizhny Tagil is inextricably linked with the history of Vysokogorskogo mining and processing plant. In 1720, by decree of the Berg-board reaffirmed the right of Nikita Demidov to build a plant in Magnetic Mountain, which later became the name of the high wear. In 1721 started the development Vysokogorskogo field. And already in 1722 on Vyisky plant produced the first iron. This event was considered to be the founding date of Nizhny Tagil. Mining in the Urals     Mining industry in the Urals support, bringing fame and fortune throughout the region Read more [...]
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Peter Sobolewski (Stanislav) K.

Peter Sobolewski (Stanislav) K. (07 (19) .10. 1868 Byala, Siedlce lips. 04. 03.1949, Moscow), a scientist in the region. Mining Sciences, Dr. Sci. Sciences (1936). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from St. Petersburg. Mining Institute (1898). 1920-33 Professor. Lv. Mining Institute, Ural State University, UPI and Ur. Geological Institute. S. org-torus first W. Geophysical Laboratory., On the basis of a swarm originated Research Institute of Geophysics and geometry of bowels (UralNIG RI). From 1933 he worked in Moscow. Author of more than 80 Publ. geodesy, surveying, geophysics, Read more [...]
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Wigeon Ivan

Wigeon Ivan (1797 s.Verhnie Mulla, Perm. Lip. 27/10/1875, of St. Petersburg.), Architect. Son of a serf. In 1815 received a free pensioner in Acad. thin., but in 1818 was expelled from it as not received freestyle. In 1821, after receiving a tip freestyle Acad. awarded him the title hud.-arch. In 1822 S. appointed architect. Perm. Mining rule. In Perm, were built own house architect. (1823), two of the rotunda, uch-School Kids ministers office (1825-1829), civil house. Governor (1826), Theological Seminary (1826-1841) and others. S. participated in the design of the bell tower of the Cathedral. Read more [...]
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Monument Mining Urals

     Found in Mednorudyanskom career Vysokogorskogo Mining historical values ​​will be saved     In board Mednorudyanskogo career VGOKa found bricklaying. Presumably this can be smelting furnace or steam dewatering machine Demidov times.     Nothing time Mednorudyanskom career in mining Martita is high in iron. However, the work will soon be completed and the leadership of the enterprise will be a question about the future of career. One solution may be technical reclamation. However, it will destroy the historical heritage Demidov pores. In Read more [...]
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From Sverdlovsk to the north. Leviha. Part 3

Starting field development(Continued. Starting in issues №2 (5), №3 (6))Mine construction, mining required new workers. Workers from the surrounding villages, many of which Levihe only worked, but lived with their families in other places, there is not enough, and these workers were "temporary." They did not bind to the new mine, temporary housing was mostly earthen huts. Circle taiga, on the former site of the railway station in 1927 killed three bears, or club, or stadium, the entire village one fourplex. It lived in the family P. Gorbunov intelligence chief, mining machinery, Read more [...]
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Ortina Mikhail Fedorovich

Ortina Mikhail Fedorovich (1880, Yelabuga 09.08.1958, Sverdlov.), A scientist in the region. enrichment minerals, Dr. Sci. Sciences (1942). He graduated from St. Petersburg. Technological Institute (1907). Worked for W. in Kata-Ivanovsky mountain env. and at the Theological mine. Since 1921 Prof.. USU, 1925 UPI Sverdl 1930-57. Mining Institute. Founder and scientific. hands. Inst Uralmekhanobr. Created a school dresser. Solved the problem of enrichment Kizelovsk coals. Awarded hordes. Lenin. Vol .: mechanical processing of metals. Sverdlovsk; M. 1937. Lit .: Filatov VV Fatherland benefits (75 Read more [...]
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Novokreschennykh Nikolai

Novokreschennykh Nikolai (24/11/1842, Yugovskoy zd Perm. Y. Perm. Lip. 03.17.1902, Perm) mining engineer, archaeologist, ethnographer, societies. figure. Rod. family non-shihtmeystera. He graduated from the St. Petersburg. Technological Institute (1863), 1864-1870 worked on ur. z-dah., 1874-1889 ran the s in rows and salt pans book. Abamelek-Lazarus, 1890-1898 headed Perm. Wole Commission, initiated the opening of scientific-industrial. muses., founder and past. Perm. lips. Scientific Archive Commission (1893-1898). 1896-1897 participation. excavations Glyadenovskogo kostischa. The author of Read more [...]
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Necessary note

    First name NP Kuznetsova, Chief Engineer Mining Division Nizhny Tagil district, I met on archival documents of 1917-1918, related to the history Mine III International (then San Donato). In "Bylyah Mountain High" read made by MF Bor description escape from the summer of 1919 "Technicians": "Head leaves all mines Engineer Kuznetsov, middle-aged, tall, thin, white, clothes he wears a well-tailored, "by bone". On the nose of his gleaming glasses gold framed".     After the defeat of Kolchak Many of those who fled returned to Read more [...]
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Murzinka with., located in the suburban district of Sverdl. region. 81 km from Nizhny Tagil. Regular. A.Buzheninovym in 1639. In 1668 there early. mining of precious stones. Residents. whole families from generation to generation is engaged in mining of gems and stone-cutting suit-tion. Especially famous dynasty seekers Zvereva. With their them. associated with the establishment. cum. muses. im. Acad. Fersman (1973). In muz.predstavleno rich coll. minerals (more than 1.5 thousand.). Us. 389 people. (01/01/1996). Lit .: Sintcov B. edge semiprecious // Science Urals, 1984 January 12. Author: Ligostaeva Read more [...]
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The Museum on the square

    On the pedestal, installed at the entrance in Nizhny Tagil local history Museum, rises layout "shipping coach" invented savvy Tagil mechanics Efim Czerepanovii and his son Myron in 1834.     Shipping stagecoach called the first steam locomotives in Russia, the birthplace of which was "iron capital" Ural Nizhny Tagil.     It developed metallurgical and mining production, which consisted of two large plants iron and copper, as well as from the richest mine of the famous mountains High, expanding, demanded for his time mining technique. Read more [...]
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