Crafty Wolverine

By passing a small hut, which stood on the river Rassoshina two kilometers, two and a half above its confluence with the Left familiar Wolverine comes once a week, plus or minus two days. Wolverine impression of being clumsy, but it is better than any predator moves on deep snow and deftly climbs trees. It was a very large male. Next he looked like a bear, and front right leg left quite bearish toed footprint.Habitat beast was great. I I met him on the tracks 15 kilometers downstream river from the cabin and in 20–25 — above. Read more [...]
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In the Tambov region begins the season of hunting for fur animals

Autumn and winter hunting season in the Tambov region begins November 1st. Until the end of January in the Tambov region hunting for hare, hare, fox, marten and other fur-bearing species.As the head of the protection, control and regulate the use of wildlife Region Alexander Kireev, hunting will be open in all hunting grounds, except reserves, green spaces and areas of reproduction. The list of areas where hunting is limited, can be found at oblohotupravleniya or get advice in the areas hunters. He also noted that the region has set the standards of production hare – no more than one animal Read more [...]
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New rules for application, registration and issuance of permissions for bagging game resources

From 17 June 2015 shall come into force new rules for application, registration and issuance of permissions for bagging game resourcesThe order of Ministry of Russia from 29.08.2014 N 379 "About approval of the procedure for registration and issuance of permissions for bagging game resources, application procedures and statements required for issuance of such permits, and approval forms permission forms for extraction of ungulates, bears, fur-bearing animals, birds" (Registered in Ministry of justice of Russia 13.11.2014 N 34694)In this regard, the approved forms:the authorization form Read more [...]
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Nile Monitor

... Exit to the terrace of the hotel, and I can see the bottom of the continental shelf is enormous, and spotted "something" like a crocodile ...Near Mombasa (Kenya), on the shores of the Indian Ocean stretches reserve "Shimba Hills" where live roan antelope. I had the good fortune to be there. And now we are going first along the ocean and then the mountains and savannas, and by glimpses of wonderful views and landscapes. Entrance to the reserve "Shimba Hills" (Lion Mountain, once there was a lot of lions, but today, unfortunately, no). On a high hill begin to descend.But not for the trail or Read more [...]
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France — woodcocks for Christmas

In memory of slightly faded memories of autumn hunts vysypkah. We can only wait for spring to meet again with woodcock. Many hunters on the red game always wondered, what about the things with the hunting of woodcock wintering in Europe?The French believe that the hunting of woodcock - one of the most poetic. It is no accident the classics of French literature devoted their works to the bird. Ranked Among the four Western European states — Italy, France, Spain and Greece — shoot almost 80% of the pan-European production of forest waders. The most reliably tracked mining Read more [...]
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Travel Becker and his wife into the interior Africa

We left Sophie in the day was the last proliven, and pokochevav, located on the right bank of the Atbara in the seven-hour distance from Setite. I had three horses, purchased from hunters. All three were Abyssinian — superior animals, though small in stature. I called them Gazelle, Tetelo and Agar…And Tetelo Agar perfectly studied hunting, remarkably beautiful gazelle was still ignorant of this case.Two arrived we a place I I received an invitation to go to hunt for hippo that had the audacity to threaten local residents. This old fool lived in river, two Read more [...]
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Mystery of caress

Hydraulic works pumping station on the shore of the reservoir intended to supply industrial water to the power plant. Water, in turn, regularly clean the filters on the grid. All debris - branches, algae, fish - to sift. And now the biggest party perch was thrown in the snow. Very soon it draws a lot of crows around and forty Freestuff take away the prey. But the main hunter of fresh frozen fry appeared to caress. This smallest predator lived in the territory of the pumping station, but never never caught my eye. The presence of affection for a few years, said only a trace. But Read more [...]
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ANTI bear hunting and harvesting of marine animals

Hunting Department of Agriculture of Russia has considered an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation DA Medvedev to ban commercial fishing and hunting for five species - brown and Himalayan bears, harp seals aged under one year, Baikal seal, beluga whale.According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Deputy. Director of the Department of hunting Andrei Sitsky, the drafters of the treatment, placed on the Internet, leading to a series of text unverified figures, which are made on the basis of purely emotional conclusions on the need to ban fishing.Thus, Read more [...]
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And the dream of childhood …

I fall asleep. Dreams, as my father and his friend Sergei uncle went on a boat in a general meadows. A small boat moored swell passes from side to side. The grass can be seen a large iron anchor chain from which stretches to the bow of the boat. In the yard the night. Photo Pierre Bona / FLICKR.COM It smells of hay. I I sit by fire and I look at burning firewood. Smoke rises bluish streaks dissolves somewhere among the countless stars.Adults left in the tent, and I do not sleep. I'm interested in everything. On East begins to dawn. First Read more [...]
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Apply hands on furs

July 24 this year was held in Krasnoyarsk organized by the Russian Fur Union "International scientific conference on industrial production, procurement and sale of commercial fur." The long-awaited and badly needed Russian loggers, traders and furs the meeting was marked by hunting inspectors «pleasant» surprise. A few days before this event, and some participants had directly while he became aware of the Order of the President of the Russian Federation № Pr-1554 dated July 3, the Government of the Russian Federation together with the executive Read more [...]
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Hello, the black market!

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31.10.2013 № 978 "On approving the list of the most valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources belonging to the species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and (or) protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation" (hereinafter - the List) contains 7 really rare and endangered mammals. It Altai argali (Ovis ammon ammon); Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica); Polar bear (Ursus maritimus); Leopard (Panthera pardus); The bison (Bison bonasus), the saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) and Snow Leopard (Uncia Read more [...]
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I consider it necessary to offer!

Armory forums available "Action Programme ohotdepartamenta Ministry of Natural Resources on the development strategy of hunting Russian Federation until 2030", approved by the Russian government.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev After reading this, most likely, «project»I, frankly, did not understand, but whether the author of the project is going to change anything? If you are going, then, in my opinion, it is necessary to determine what went wrong with the enactment of the Law «On the hunt…» and subsequent regulations. Program the need to find ways Read more [...]
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It’s time to wake RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz

Conceptual verbiage around the rules of substitution gosuchetov all sorts of methods and methodological guidelines lasted almost 20 years, and they do not have no end. In my opinion, it's time to finish tread water.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev Article TS Aramileva «Debriefing by an adult» («HORN» № 5, 2015) raises a number of questions.The first question. What disassembly grown-up, and from whom? Since when do we have «Tsentrohotkontrol» was the Government of the Russian Federation, determining the order of the accounts?Article 14 number 52-FZ Read more [...]
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About quotas and their implementation

     Short message "horn-inform" in the "horn" number 4 for 2007 it says that in the autumn-winter season 2006 in the Pskov region in the production quota of 400 107 head to shoot moose, allowed for the production of 700 deer produced only 85, and from 1066 boar allowed to catch, shoot 146. When production quota of 100 bears mined only 8 animals! Why?     Head of hunting supervision in the Pskov region, Sergei Ivanov explains the poor performance on the shooting of wild ungulates (DKZH) and bear the prevailing weather conditions. "All this (ie nedostrel - EK) will lead to an increase in Read more [...]
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Extraction of wolves in the Vologda region

Photo E.V.Kopchenko The territory of the Vologda region of hunting grounds is more than 14.2 million hectares, more than 80% of it is covered with forests of various categories.The systematic purposeful work of civil servants of the Department for the protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna of the Vologda region and specialists of budgetary institutions «Oblohotdirektsii» Regulatory wolf numbers allow to restrain growth of the predator at a safe level for the natural environment. Already this year it was produced 76 individuals.On the organization Read more [...]
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Crafty digits

Article OnePhoto: Andrew Fedichkin The people as a truism, rooted opinion that “figures — stubborn”, what “against figures do not trample”. However, life dictates that we must treat them very biased. Whether it's the size of the figures of inflation in the country, the percentage increase in wages and pensions, increasing utility tariffs, and so on. D.The well-known postulate “Science begins with measurement” It provides no end digital guile in the hunting industry. This digital indicators census of hunting animals (OJ), their density Read more [...]
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When to stop the persecution of the hunt?

With a shudder in my soul is now necessary to open the new issue of the newspaper "horn". Hunters in our country - the outcasts, the most oppressed people power. Information about the new persecutions and harassment occurs more often. That's 39 minutes on the number of reported new antiohotnichey campaign. At this time, a "crusade" beginning of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.Photo: Sergey Gulyaev Question about bans hunting always will give rise to debate. Dog rummaged here's where. Ecologists ignore hunting as a means to control populations of game animals. Read more [...]
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What is SCM, and how to …

It is no secret that for a number of subjects of the Russian Federation harmonization limits the production of game animals with the authorized federal authority (Ministry of Russia) in 2014 was a challenge. In the absence of orders of the Ministry of Environment clearly established procedure for harmonization limits the regions got out as best they could, but would not disrupt the timing of hunting and hunting itself as such.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Limits and quotas are the cornerstone of the hunting activities. They affect the interests of all: the authorized state body, hunting Read more [...]
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Instead limits — regulations

The situation of "disunity and vacillation" (E. Tselyhova, "horn" number 14, 2015), which turned out to be a winter route accounting, - a direct consequence of inconsistencies licensing-limit system with civil and obschefaunisticheskim legislation.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna In our Kirov region, as in other forest regions, SCM is conducted primarily to determine the number of elk. The number needed to determine the limit for legal entities forms of permits for hunting resources for the subsequent issuance of such permits to hunters.I believe the correct permission to call the production Read more [...]
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Passion for the «paper» elk

It's no secret that the moose in hunting in our country is one of the key species. Why? Of course, not because of the significant volumes of its production or availability for some hypothetical ordinary hunter. Just into the moose is the bedrock of the welfare of the average "poor" hunting users.Photo Adrian Kolotilina What is not moose, trade him after depopulation omnivorous responsive to biotechnological boar? Is that the right of access to the empty land, bathhouse with a standard set of entertainment, air or vouchers rabbits and ducks, which nobody throws. It is no wonder Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).