Who pulls the bottom of Russia?

While reading the newspaper, listening to and watching TV shows, more and more convinced that the government and ordinary people live on different planets. We do not hear and did not see each other. Get at least the Minister of Finance AG Siluanova. Taking care of filling the budget, he is like a mantra keeps repeating "it is necessary to increase the retirement age and to cancel part of the excessive benefits."Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The idea of ​​raising the retirement age is not new. More July 2, 1996 Assistant to the President for economic issues in the TV Read more [...]
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Our country wants to expand the number of military bases abroad and in talks with a number of countries, including Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore, told journalists on Wednesday in Moscow, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu."We plan to expand the number of military bases. Besides Vietnam and Cuba, we plan to expand the number at the expense of countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Singapore and other", - said the Minister.He stressed that negotiations are underway, and Our homeland is close to signing the documents.As the Minister said, the Read more [...]
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MUNICIPAL PUPPET THEATRE TALE (1992) opened in 1957 as Sverdl. region. Puppet Theatre (Novoural'sk). First cond. Baranov VI, the first ch. dir. Alekseev Max. Math. staging dir. POZDNIAKOV K. and thin. Tihovsky L. great magician, Sister Alenushka brother Ivan, a play by V.Goldfelda baby house, Toshka and giant. A new stage in the work of the team began performances Military Secret Gaidar, Humpbacked Horse N.Ershova Adamek of insects I.Skupy, Chipollino Dzh.Rodari staged Honored. Art. Taj. SSR dir. Harkevicha B. With the advent of the theater Honored. slave. Culture Minister Korkodinova V. appeared Read more [...]
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Ice crossings on the rivers of Russia under special control

4 February at the national centre for management of crisis situations, Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation under the direction of Minister Vladimir Puchkov held an open conference call on ensuring safety during operation ice crossings and in places of mass gathering of people on the ice. The meeting summed up the work of the Ministry in January. The main theme of the meeting was the issue of organization and covers the forces of the Ministry of emergency situations of the ice river crossings. The head of the State Inspectorate for small vessels EMERCOM of Russia Vadim Seregin Read more [...]
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Flooding threatens two million Russians

Most severe in the past 40 years the winter, accompanied by heavy snowfalls, the Russians threatened unprecedented floods. According to experts, in the inundation zone may be about two million people. In this regard, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered officials to take swift action to prevent emergencies and to help people who still get in trouble. The Prime Minister also called on to make sure that the Grand Ustjug not flooded residence of Santa Claus. "It is well known that the outgoing winter was in Russia one of the most severe in the past 40 years, and as a result - in many Read more [...]
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Climate change affects the entire planet

Climate change affects the entire planet, so the study of this problem requires active international cooperation. This was stated by Prime Minister Putin. The Prime Minister began his working trip to Siberia and the Far East with a visit to the base of Russian-German expedition \"Lena-2010\" on the island Samoylovskoye in the North of Yakutia. There he traveled by helicopter from Krasnoyarsk village of Khatanga and within one and a half hours could, with the bird's eye to appreciate the scale and beauty of Siberian nature. During the meeting with the scientists over a Cup of tea Putin said Read more [...]
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In Nova Scotia found half a million dead fry

Salmon Minister of fisheries of Nova Scotia sterling Belive reported that about 500 thousand salmon fry that were bred on the farm, were found dead in the river Barnes. According to the Minister, it is unclear if the accident maslovaty to mass death of fish. The accident occurred on August 18, when in a ditch near the river poured the contents of the tank truck with 38 thousand litres of recycled engine oil. In the accident the oil caught fire, part of it fell into the river. In an accident killed two drivers. Minister Belive stated that the relationship of an accident with death of the fish, Read more [...]
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What should Mace flew where necessary.

The site of the Russian Defense Ministry news start "Bulava" missile illustrated image "Trident-2", then "corrected" to "blueness" Online month of August ends gag worthy (or scandal, as anyone) from the site of the Russian Defense Ministry. Bloggers found on the official website reported the news about missile launch "Bulava" August 27, 2011 is illustrated with photographs of similar U.S. missile launch "Trident-2" December 4, 1989 One of the bloggers, Yevgeny Shestakov, wrote an open letter to the Minister of Defence with the following words: "Mr. Minister courageous! Although it is not the Read more [...]
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Natural disasters have led to a decline in GDP of Vietnam

September 23, 2013. In accordance with these Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MARD), the country is lost every year, 1.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) due to damage to equipment resulting from various natural disasters. Minister Cao Duc Phat has made a statement at the seminar on cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, dedicated to the prevention of natural disasters and management, held on Friday. In the message with reference to the Minister reported that according to statistics, in recent years, the frequency of natural disasters has increased and continues to increase. Read more [...]
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The interior Ministry has added ban on gun new Fri

New details have become known proposals of the Ministry of interior to strengthen the law "On weapons", directed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to "Izvestia", the Department proposes to further expand the capacity of the police to seize guns and cancellation of permits, prohibit personal guards to use personal weapon, also sell citizens integral part of the barrels and ammunition without a special license.As previously reported by Izvestia, on Wednesday, November 7, managing the licensing service of the Ministry of internal Affairs Leonid Vedenov sent to the Read more [...]
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Climate change has led to a growth of abnormal weather events in China

The number of extreme weather events in China in recent years has increased under the influence of global climate change, said on Friday at the ongoing Beijing «round table» Minister of water resources of China, Chen lei. According to the Xinhua news Agency, the Minister noted that it is becoming more noticeable suddenness, the anomalous and unpredictable droughts, increasingly in some areas of the country there are strong rains, extreme heat, devastating typhoons. Climate change leads, according to the Minister, to exacerbate water scarcity in Northern China and its abundance in Read more [...]
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Sudden flood in Grenada

on April 12. This morning Grenada (Grenada is an island country in the South-East of the Caribbean sea, - note. translator) experienced serious flooding. We have received numerous reports of flooded buildings, landslides, blocked roads, sunken boats and destroyed buildings. In Guava (Guava (Gouyave) is the third largest city in Grenada - note. translator) one house was destroyed by the river, abruptly withdrawn from the shores. The road from Waltham, Victoria County St. mark was blocked. In addition, it was flooded bridge Balthazar. Road connections between Guava and one of the districts of Read more [...]
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Australia. Flood

Source: Lead On liquidation of consequences of floods in Australia will take years On liquidation of consequences of floods in Australia will take months, if not years. Flooded territory that is larger than the area of France and Germany. The authorities are already counting caused by the disaster damage. Now we are talking about three billion U.S. dollars. However, the peak of the floods, according to meteorologists, not yet passed, so that the figure could rise. The flood, according to the latest data, claimed the lives of 10 people. Suffered more than 200 thousand people. In 22 communities Read more [...]
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Siberia for the first time overtook the far East by the number of earthquakes

on 2 April. Siberia this year has become a national leader in the number of earthquakes for the first time ahead for this indicator, the far East, said on Tuesday the Minister of emergency situations Minister Sergei Shoigu. «Quite seriously increased seismic activity in the country. Tonight another seysmosovete on the territory of Tuva, a magnitude of 4.2», — said Shoigu during the teleconference. He stressed that this year the Siberian Federal district for the first time ahead of the seismic activity of the far Eastern Federal district. So, according to the Minister, Read more [...]
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Australian Prime Minister warned that the end of the world is near, commemorated the demons and zombies

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has joined the debate about the impending end of the world, recorded a video message to the nation. In it, she confirmed fears that the coming apocalypse, but assured the Australians that will protect them from any, even the most unlikely threat. "My dear surviving Australians - beginning his speech Gillard. - Regardless of whether the end comes from bloodthirsty zombies, demons - the devil incarnate or total triumph of K-Pop (Korean pop music.. - Ed.), You need to know one thing - I will fight for you until the end. " Standing on a background Read more [...]
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Dengue fever struck thousands of people in Peru

Outbreak of dengue fever swept 17 regions of Peru, the disease continues to spread. Most vulnerable to the epidemic were areas near the city of Pucallpa. Here, the number of cases in the thousands. On Monday visited the hospital in the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. They spoke about what measures the Government was taking to help the victims. [Juan Jimenez Major, Prime Minister of Peru] "One hundred and twenty doctors arrived from different parts of Lima and to help regional authorities in this work. We opened two field hospitals that will participate in emergency activities. Read more [...]
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Dmitry Medvedev: The number of fake doctors and candidates surpasses all possible limits

Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov signed 11 orders of deprivation of academic degrees of individuals protected dissertation council at Moscow State Pedagogical University. February 11 advisory council of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), the Ministry of Education and Science recommended deprive ten degrees, to forge their thesis. In particular, they talked about the things presented to the protection of the former director of Advanced Educational Research Center of Moscow State University Andrey Andrianov, the head of the council of the metropolitan area Zamoskvorechie Nonna Kharitonov, Read more [...]
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Funky apocalypse Russians calm …

MES has opened a hotline for funky apocalypse Russians. This statement was made by Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia Vladimir Puchkov in a candid interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Head of the rescue department is much more concerned with the real disasters - snow, tornadoes, floods and accidents - than fictional stories about the approaching end of the world, which supposedly is almost here.Vladimir Puchkov, Minister for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters: "I speak to you frankly. There are appropriate procedures for monitoring Read more [...]
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Minister of Education of Germany denied degree

Council of the Faculty of Philosophy of Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf invalidated thesis German Education Minister Annette Schavan and deprived her academic degree. According to the report, published on Tuesday, February 5, at the site of the university, the decision was taken at a meeting of the council.Shawan extent of depriving its members voted 12, voted against two, one abstained.The Minister of Education has four weeks to appeal the decision of the council. She has previously rejected the charges against her of plagiarism, and stated that he would not leave his post.Thesis with Read more [...]
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Ireland acknowledged that slavery 10,000 women that the nuns were forced to work in the laundry

The Irish government officially acknowledged slavery in the last century more than 10 000 women: they fell to the monasteries, and then were forced to work for free in the so-called Magdalene Laundries. Victims unhappy apology authorities and require compensation. Ireland opened the curtain on one of the crimes of the church, revealing the activities of so-called Magdalene Laundries - a network of shelters and workers' homes, which for 70 years had been incarcerated for more than 10 thousand women. Guilt by the Government of the country, officially recognized slavery. On Tuesday night, the Read more [...]
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