Speed ​​flight shotgun shells

This hunter did not want to reach the effectiveness of the shot shot at long range. Lack of information is sometimes pushes some shooters on the wrong path - the increase in the mass of the propellant (gunpowder) to achieve greater flight speed shot (and hence the range and clarity, according to them). This way is wrong.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Long-distance shot, due to the effects of aerodynamic factors dissipates, and at a distance of 35 meters and a speed difference between the more and less than the mass of gunpowder is insignificant. In addition, you should always bear in Read more [...]
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Mysterious boost pressure

Whenever it comes to equipping ammunition, mentioned boost pressure. But what it is, no one, in my opinion not really explained.Photo: Shutterstock Whenever it comes to equipping ammunition, mentioned boost pressure. But what it is, no one, in my opinion reallyMy cherished little book, which I led at the time when the information was tight, there is a record: «Pressure forcing 25–40 kg / cm2» . The number 25 sits in the head as permissible, and explaining the value at an acceptable result imperfect primers. No later than yesterday «naryl» Internet Read more [...]
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Flying Intercontinental ballistic missiles above the ground.

In the midst of a multitude of video with the launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, there are a few rollers and their "landing". For example, this video shows a test of Russian Intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles at the Kura test site.Naturally, these warheads nuclear charge, otherwise it would start a Third world war, and, with high probability, the last thing we saw in life.Flight of ICBM warheads on Kura Test Range 0:41Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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bunker RVSN (15foto)

If BP is ... really B, then all of any P. Well, if not B, then it may still wait. Hello everyone. Standing in the parking lot in Poland, do nothing, internet haljavnyj catches here and decided to issue otchetik about outing in an abandoned part of the SRF. I have to say part of pictures shot fotikom, but, as always at the wrong time, the battery has. Other pictures were taken before, but on the phone. There is an abandoned military base with a tank. Once part of the missile troops. Poplar stood there before. Or what their counterparts (P12). But in order .... In the night from 11 to 12 May 1960 Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk meteorite may be a missile or a UFO?

If official media fed viewers video shot many years ago where everyone knows burning a hole in Turkmenistan and call it - a place of Chelyabinsk meteorite fall, we, as an informal media, consider it our duty to publish the questions that concern people are brainwashed TV. And, it was - what sank near Chelyabinsk? When looking through the video filmed eyewitnesses, and then read the official statements, there is an overwhelming response between what you see and what you are trying to present as the only true opinion. Let's start with the fact that the appearance of the meteorite, and suddenly Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists: DPRK satellite not valid

U.S. researchers said they could not fix the signal from the satellite, which orbited the DPRK last week. A number of countries have recognized that North Korea failed to launch a satellite, which, according to the North Korean side, broadcasting patriotic songs. However, representatives of the U.S. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics could not fix the signals of songs, according to Agence France Presse. According to the researchers, the satellite does not work. North Korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile with a satellite from the Baikonur "Shohei" in the western Read more [...]
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U.S. to blow up the moon that would intimidate the USSR

United States in the midst of the Cold War, planned to organize a nuclear explosion on the moon, to intimidate the Soviet Union. Secret project NASA, worn innocuous title "Study of possible exploration missions to the Moon" and "Project A119", scheduled to be implemented by 1959. The missile with a small nuclear device had to start from an unnamed place and reach the moon. In a collision with the surface of the device satellite was an explosion. Initially, the authors of the project wanted to use for his own purposes the hydrogen bomb, but it was abandoned because of too Read more [...]
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U.S. threatened the DPRK hard measures if they continue to missile and nuclear programs

U.S. take very tough action if North Korea does not curtail missile and nuclear programs. This was stated by the outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "In regard to North Korea, we have made clear the North Koreans and all in the region, that if North Korea will continue to missile and nuclear programs, we regard it as a threat to the United States and will have to take very tough action" - said Clinton in an interview with ABC television, quoted by online media. Earlier, North Korea announced that it no longer considers itself bound by the inter-Korean "declaration on Read more [...]
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U.S. increasing the capacity for global first strike in Russia and China

Because of the fiscal cliff U.S. could cut their defense spending. But it would be incorrect to assume that such a reduction would weaken the United States militarily. In fact, the U.S. has provided more funds for the development of the "Prompt Global Strike", the system is capable of applying precise strikes non-nuclear weapons anywhere in the world for 1 hour. The number of such weapons in the U.S. arsenal will continue to grow, while according to the Russian Defense Ministry in 2015 will be at the disposal of Washington from 1500 to 1800 cruise missiles, sea or air, intended for Read more [...]
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Events around the Iron Dome …

Israel is convinced that technological superiority over its enemies - a matter of life and death. Therefore, making significant efforts in this direction. When certain achievements proudly declares them.So, in these days of Israel celebrates a tactical missile defense system "Iron Dome", which became the main character of reports on the progress of operations in Gaza, according to Israel's well-proven. Not limited to, verbal praise, the state of Israel even issued a medal in honor of the "Iron Dome." The media have the information that the Corporation "Coins and Read more [...]
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The United States is determined to finally destroy Russia

When the United States threatened to deploy a missile defense system in Poland and Russia countered the threat to step back, preparing for the deployment of missile complexes "Iskander" in Kaliningrad. "Iskander" missile system is very unusual with equally unusual mission, would be a very intractable enemy, and Russia now seems to behave as a country that has enemies. All intelligence activities based to check the working hypothesis - much like any other research. In this case, the political hypothesis is that not only Israel, but the key groups that reflect differences in Read more [...]
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North Korea claims deriving its satellite into orbit

Central News Agency of North Korea reported that the long-range missile launch was successful, the second version of the satellite "Kvanmenson-3" launched by rocket "Ynha-3", the satellite entered the preset orbit. " Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday at 09:51 (04:51 Moscow time) North Korea launched a long-range missile from the Baikonur, located in the northwest of the country. Although before the rocket launch was postponed due to technical problems, but in the end it took place in accordance with the previously scheduled, reports "Interfax". Read more [...]
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North Korea launched the rocket and put into orbit an object

U.S. and Russia did not see the threat in a rocket launched by North Korea on Dec. 12 from the Baikonur Shohei. The Russian system of early warning (EWS) has fixed its starting, "Interfax" reports. According to the EWS, the rocket flew south of the Korean Peninsula direction and pose no threat to Russia.The Defense Ministry said that define the missile (it is a ballistic or space) "will be available only after a careful analysis of information from the Russian space control system."The command of the aerospace defense of North America USA (NORAD), also has admitted that Read more [...]
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Japan’s defense minister ordered to prepare to destroy North Korea’s missile

Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto instructed the National Self-Defense Forces to prepare for the eventual destruction of the rocket, the launch of which the DPRK announced earlier on Saturday.The decision was taken today at an emergency cabinet meeting in Japan."Plans for North Korea to launch missile regrettable", - said the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda, ITAR-TASS reported.Earlier today, the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda instructed the Ministry of Defence and other responsible agencies to monitor information about the preparation of the DPRK to launch satellite, Read more [...]
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U.S. to help Israel defend itself by funding the Iron Dome

"Israel has destroyed hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip due to US-sponsored missile defense system that intercepts short-range missiles," - writes The Washington Times. In the "Iron Dome" uses cameras and radars which detect a missile launch and determine the flight path at a distance of about 73 km. This information is then transmitted to the system Launch Control, which determines whether the projectile is a threat to the populated territory of Israel, author of the article describes the mechanism of action of Israeli defense. In an emergency, the system launches a Read more [...]
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Spiral over Australia, 4 June 2010

One fell out of our field of vision this event. Interesting atmospheric phenomenon observed over Australia June 4, 2010. And in December 2009 Norwegians seen such Screw-helix. Also, similar to the phenomenon observed spiral in China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tomsk on Yekaterinburg. Explanation of those "rocket flew", to say the least, seem strained.Moving object was seen in the sky before sunrise on Saturday in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. Wavell Heights noticed an object from Mount Coot-tha about 5:50 am AEST. ABC News Online has received dozens of letters, photos and Read more [...]
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Report by the President of Russia, President of America. Part 2

From the beginning, the B'nai B'rith was intended to take full control in HYDRATED all cash flows of the planet. And, it can be said to deal with it. Bank of America and Europe, including Switzerland and offshore areas, belong to members of the Masonic Order. (Movement of Soviet foreign exchange assets, they should take special care.) Consequently, the CIA to receive information about the personal accounts and other assets of unscrupulous government officials of all countries. And the CIA is the Western leaders decide with which of them useful to work and how. With China and its leaders Read more [...]
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Coral, Rose, Tulip and other

Preparation for testing in 1961 was conducted in secrecy. In his memoirs, the chief test site at the time, Lieutenant General HS. Kudryavtsev recognized - even he did not know when it will start "experiments", and what capacity will be explosions. He was in the dark until such time as he NI Pavlov "secret" told him that "the number of explosions will be counted not one, but ten, and power charges will be higher than it was at the U.S. trials in the Pacific Ocean." Powerful and well-honed organization on full power in the summer of 1961. Severomorsk of the New Read more [...]
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Worthy response of U.S. missile defense in Eastern Europe

Any territory in geopolitics has its purpose, and each area has a history of defining the geopolitical "content". Is no exception and Byelorussia, which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the former Soviet occupation of eastern Europe by Americans has become paramount strategic importance milking security not only Russia, but also the entire Eurasian continent. However, the individual political ambitions of politicians and interest clans often harm fraternal peoples: the preference is often given to political interests. Unenviable fate befell those people who betrayed Russia Read more [...]
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Variants of the Third World: India vs Pakistan

August 15, 1947 on the world map, two new states: India and Pakistan. Formed from the former British colony on communal grounds, they divided the Hindus and Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. Muslims were happy to get their own independent state, but the government of the Indian state newborn could not come to terms with the fact that large areas of the north-west and north-east are out of his control. In British India, there were more than six hundred large and small principalities. Formally, after the British left all these states become independent, but in fact they had to become part of Read more [...]
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