Flooding in India claimed thousands of lives

July 17, 2013. In India, the floods around 6,000 people are still missing. Indian authorities believe that the majority of people are still surpluses in this mournful list, appear to have died. According to the official statistics, in the current floods in India, killing about 800 people. Recall that the heavy rains during the period from June 14 to 17 resulted in severe river flooding, landslides and floods Rescue services have speculated that the number of victims of the disaster may be increased by 10 times. It is worth noting that the country continues rescue operations. Local authorities Read more [...]
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Almost 6,000 people are still missing after the floods in India

July 23, 2013. On Monday, the Indian authorities released figures on the number of people who are still missing after the massive floods in the north of the country. This number is 5 748 people. According to the chief minister of the state of Uttarakhand Vijay Bahuguna, families of people reported missing, may be eligible for financial assistance from the state. In addition to compensation from the federal government, the state government will pay each family that lost people, 150 thousand rupees (2.5 thousand dollars), according to Reuters.With more than 4.6 thousand of those that were Read more [...]
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Passengers on the Neva were taken illegally

This weekend 8 and 9 June 2013 in St. Petersburg on the Neva River employees Northwest Transport Prosecutor's Office together with the police ATS truck have inspected for compliance with the laws on the safety of navigation.  As a result of the inspection revealed the illegal passenger traffic on domestic aqua (water) transport. So, the ship "Passion" is not passed in the Russian River Register of the yearly examinations, but owner was carrying on board more than 20 passengers for hire. With all of this License to embody this kind of activity on the ship was missing. Also on this ship were missing Read more [...]
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Landslide in Norway

Two people were killed and two were missing in a landslide in central Norway. The landslide came down on a Sunday evening, when a group of eight tourists make a mountain hike. Due to poor cell phone reception, the rescue operation was not started on time. Survivors reported this to the police only on Monday night. Search and rescue operation is carried out in the vicinity of the mountain in the municipality of Dzhemtfzhelltiend Vevsn in search of the two missing tourists. One of the four survivors were seriously injured. Police said that a series of landslides and avalanches has been registered Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the typhoon in the Philippines has reached 20 people

The number of victims of the typhoon that struck the Philippines has risen to 20, 60 people remain unaccounted for, according to Agence France-Presse on Wednesday with reference to representatives of the local authorities. Typhoon "Conson" struck Tuesday night on the main island of the archipelago of Luzon. Previously reported eight dead and 11 missing. At least 12 people were killed by falling trees and walls, most of the rest were drowned. Among the 57 missing fishermen, according to the National Center disaster. The army said that three people were missing after water flooded their home Read more [...]
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China. The consequences of landslides

The number of victims of landslides in China increased up to 300 peopleIn Northwest China's strongest heavy rains have already caused landslides. They destroyed hundreds of homes, the number of people killed over 300 people in the lists of missing more than a thousand. Now rescuers are looking for people under the rubble of buildings. The authorities have been evacuated from the affected areas. The number of victims of landslides in China is increasing with each passing hourAccording to the latest data - 127 killed, more than two thousand missing. To rescue the mounted forces of the Read more [...]
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In Vietnam in a landslide missing 7 people

In Northern Vietnam in a landslide missing 7 people, reports the Associated Press, citing local emergency services. Employee emergency services Pam Quoc hung reported that more than 100 soldiers have been mobilized to search for the missing, among them 2 children buried under 10 feet of mud and stones. The incident occurred on August 22, in the province of Yen Bai. The weather was quite Sunny, but in the previous days in the province were small rains. People were engaged in the Assembly of grain, when the landslide occurred. Authorities are responsible for the establishment of the causes of the Read more [...]
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Due to the floods in South Korea for more than 11 thousand people were left homeless

SEOUL, September 22. The capital of South Korea was hit by the strongest rainfall, the correspondent of \"Rosbalt\". On the eve of the three-day celebration of mid-autumn streets of Seoul, subway and buildings were flooded by torrential rains. According to local management against natural disasters, floods, two fishermen are missing and 11800 people were left without a roof over your head. At the same time in the southern province of Guangdong China fell more 548,5 mm of rainfall, as a result of Typhoon \"Fnapi\" and torrential rains killed more than 20 people and about 34 are missing. Economic Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region the number of victims of the floods has risen to 13 people, 12 are missing

Photo courtesy of the press service of the southern regional center of EMERCOM of RussiaWe are searching for the missing. The death toll in the Tuapse district of the Krasnodar territory as a result of flooding has increased to 13 people, passes «Interfax». About the Agency the night on Sunday said a source in law enforcement bodies of the Tuapse district. «Have installed two more dead — this is a man who has already been identified, born in 1966, in the village Goat, and a woman, presumably 25-30 years, from locality Red, her identity is determined», — Read more [...]
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The river washed away the bus in Vietnam, the number of victims of the floods has reached 86

At least 20 people are reported missing after the bus is washed away by the flow of water from emerging from the banks of the river in the Vietnamese province of Hatin reported Monday to the associated Press, citing local authorities. According to authorities, the incident occurred on Monday. The bus was heading from the province Daknong in the country's capital city of Hanoi. As noted by the representative of the government of the province of Hatin Nguyen Hien Luong (Nguyen Hien Luong), the driver of the vehicle and another 16 passengers were able to independently get out of the bus. In the Read more [...]
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The search for the missing during a Typhoon going on Taiwan

The devastating Typhoon \»mega\» attacked Taiwan and China this weekend. Now rescuers are searching for people missing.

Source: NTDRussian

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About 135 people who depended missing in Indonesia, live

© AFP/ ABROR RIZKI / PRESIDENSBY.INFO Indonesian authorities on Saturday said that about 135 people were considered to be missing in the aftermath of the Tuesday night on the archipelago of Mentawai tsunami, survived, sheltered from the elements at higher elevations, according to the Agency France Presse. Giant waves hit several Islands of the archipelago of Mentawai located in 12 hours sailing from the West coast of the sixth largest island of the planet, into the night on Tuesday. The epicenter of the tsunami caused tremor's magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale and was located 78 km South-West Read more [...]
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Flooding in Colorado: more than 500 missing

September 15, 2013. More than 500 people unaccounted for in Colorado due to ongoing flooding, which has already claimed five lives, said on Sunday the us TV channel CNN. Given the scale of the disaster, the number of dead and missing will increase, according to authorities. «Assume that in the next few days we will continue to obtain information about missing persons and deaths», — pessimistic stated the Sheriff of one of the affected districts John Schultz.A few days in the U.S. state fell as rain, but usually falls for several months. President Barack Obama introduced Read more [...]
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Flooding in Colorado: have to look for the missing months

September 18, 2013. Search the dead and missing in the floods in Colorado can take weeks and even months. It is recognized by the state experiencing the strongest over the last few decades the flood. While officially declared dead 8 people, but the number of those with whom the police cannot be contacted, is close to one thousand; and there is almost no doubt that the number of victims could rise. Lloyd Mueller, rescuer: \"At any moment it can happen, anything. Our goal is not to clear the path to the houses. We try to look into the Windows and doors and check whether there is anyone who is Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, the tsunami killed 40 people, hundreds of people went missing

Already 40 people found dead in the massive tsunami that struck the Western Islands of Indonesia following the earthquake capacity of 7.5 points, Reuters reports. According to AP, the power of the tremor was 7.7 points, and the epicenter lies 20 km below the sea floor 78 km to the West of the island South Pagai.The earthquake occurred on Monday evening. Under attack ensuing tsunami hit the remote and sparsely populated island Mentawai. Hundreds of homes were washed away by the waves on the Islands Pagai and Shilabo. At least 380 people still unaccounted for. There is hope that some of them Read more [...]
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Floods in Asia: nearly 150 dead, tens of thousands homeless. Photo

Flooding in Vietnam © AFP Floods in Asia, caused by heavy rains have led to the deaths of nearly 150 people, left tens of thousands homeless. About October 7 reports Associated Press. According to Agence France-Presse, only in Vietnam floods resulted in the death of 49 people, and another 23 people are reported missing. In addition, due to the torrential rains have destroyed tens of thousands of homes. Another 97 people died in Indonesia, where heavy rains in the province of West Papua triggered landslides. 150 people were hospitalized with injuries, fractures and other injuries. Listed Read more [...]
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Victims of the floods in Indonesia are 12 people

12 people died in Indonesia as a result of flooding, the number of missing tens. Incessant heavy rains caused severe flooding and landslides in the Western part of Indonesia, according to ITAR-TASS. As a result of natural disaster has killed at least 12 people. Listed as missing dozens of local residents. The main blow fell on Aceh. According to Deputy Chairman of the national Agency for emergency situations Sutrisno, hundreds of people evacuated. In five villages destroyed homes, washed out roads.Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Victims of the landslide in the Philippines were 27 people

Manila, April 22. 27 people were killed, dozens missing as a result today the landslide on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. This was reported by representatives of law enforcement agencies, reports Euronews. The tragedy occurred early in the morning in the small town Pantukan, the population of which operates mainly at the gold mine. \"According to our estimates, the landslide fell on a house in which there were about 40-50 people, resting after a day of work\", - said the head of the local police. Meteorologists previously warned of the possibility of such consequences Read more [...]
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Philippines: now floods hit Palawan

on January 18. Puerto Princess city heavy rains, the probability of which previously scitools small, caused the flooding, the depth of water in which was waist-deep. These floods flooded low-lying areas of the province, is preparing to evacuate. The provincial government said on Monday morning that was affected by at least three municipalities in the Central part of Palawan: Narra, Aborlan and Roxas. The press Secretary of the Provincial Council for combating the effects of incidents reported that 500 families already posted in different evacuation centers. Bad weather conditions have created Read more [...]
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Flash floods hit Northern Turkey

on August 19. The torrential rain that began early Friday morning caused flooding in the Horde in the black sea region of Turkey. The Governor of Orha Despun reported that per square meter of land fell 90 kg of precipitation, that is about 9 inches. \"This is the worst disaster that struck our city over the last 50 years\", - said the Governor. Heavy rain began about 2 a.m. and lasted until dawn, which are the two local rivers, Aziziya, Saingilo, were overflowing. Streams of water flooded roads and streets in the old district of the city. In the centre of the city flooded, all the squares, Read more [...]
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