SO the Evening survey.

21.12. the day of the winter Solstice Is the Solstice. Now the long night of the Year, after her light the day is becoming longer with each passing day.. carols on the nose ))As each spent a Day Survivalist ? ))Let's see who has joined our traditions , And completed the JOB - go down the hill, for the reunion, so to speak, with nature, with the Earth-Mother and "The Holy Spirit Survivalist" ;)At the moment, look who it ventured this year, who came up with something of their own , in the absence of snow, and who again shirk ) Saturday gradually over on Sunday, so all is not lost ;)( Read more [...]
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Special MISSION WILLIS [Special Ops Mission]

Retired special forces U.S. army UIL Willis has taught thousand fighter survival abilities, and he can survive in all criteria. But in this program it needs to win best special forces . Unsafe, unpredictable job forced to sweat even such solid walnut as the UIL. He will visit the sub-tropical jungle and even in the Arizona desert, he will release the hostage, and make a choice, whether to release the hidden package or to kill artillery. 6 series each including Surprises will await at every step. (2009) • 01 - Urban Terror Operation/Operation city of terrorist actThe task of Willis to seep in Read more [...]
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Bearing 450 Ingroup

Camelbak Mission 450 Camp     Picture: Courtesy of Camelbak

CamelBak’s jackanapes (one-pound) Mission 450 Camp keeps sloshing to a minimal and is good big decent for a full-day tantalise.

Mark: Camelbak$99
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UN helicopter was shot down by the Russians in South Sudan

"The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said.According to the embassy, a helicopter with a Russian crew was probably shot down during takeoff from the village Pibor, Jonglei State, located in east of the capital Juba. According to preliminary data, the downed Mi-8 belongs to "Nizhnevartovskavia." "The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said. Interviewee of the agency said that the Read more [...]
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U.S. launched the third time in orbit mysterious drone on a secret mission

12/12/2012 In the United States continue to put secret experiments with an unmanned spacecraft X-37B. Spaceplane was the third time sent into orbit - as before, the U.S. Air Force did not disclose the purpose of the mission.Launch X-37B took place on Tuesday, December 11, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, said NEWSru Israel. Capsule with minishattlom shuttle flew the rocket "Atlas-5", ITAR-TASS reported.As was the case with previous launches military drone X-37B, the purpose of this mission was not disclosed. Experts believe that the spaceplane could be developed Read more [...]
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In NASA denied rumors about the discovery of organics on Mars

NASA representatives refuted the evidence that Mars rover "Kyuriositi" allegedly found on the surface of Mars organic molecules. On November 29 according to Reuters.The agency reminded that "Kyuriositi" really, among other things, conducting studies of Martian soil for the possible presence of organic matter, but stressed that the "rumors and speculation about the breakthrough discovery" at this stage of the mission is to be untrue.The information in the media about the organics found on Mars, was popular after the interview of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of State’s visit Google’s top manager in the DPRK, not the right time

U.S. State Department critical of regarding the previously announced humanitarian mission to North Korea, with the participation of Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google, and former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson. According to the State Department, the position of which sounded department spokesman Victoria Nuland, the initiators of the mission chose "not a good time" for a visit to North Korea. V.Nuland pointed out that the tension in the region in recent weeks has grown substantially. The reason for this was the launch of the DPRK in December last year long-range missiles. Press Read more [...]
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NASA is planning a new mission to the moon

18.12.2012 Given the fact that yesterday ended Grail lunar mission of NASA, it is not surprising that the space agency is planning to send a new moon orbiter, which can help pave the way for future manned missions to the natural satellite of our planet. Before you send people to the moon, scientists want to collect as much information about the lunar dust that can cause significant damage to the lens of the optical devices and the health of astronauts. Therefore the next NASA mission called the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE). Tools spacecraft spectrometers operating in Read more [...]
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Jupiter's moon Europa attracts scientists stronger than Mars

American astronomers who are searching for life in the solar system, believe that Europe, one of the moons of Jupiter, the surface of the ocean where there is a much more attractive target for new expeditions than desert Mars, now riveted the attention of the U.S. government.Europe has become a tempting target for the search of life on it, because it has a fairly thin crust of ice, which is hidden under the ocean. Also in Europe contains chemicals-oxidants, say planetary scientists.At the request of NASA has been recently revised new mission to Europe in order to reduce the project cost, and the Read more [...]
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Does it make sense to run an asteroid in orbit around the moon?

The seminar, held under the auspices of the Institute of Space Research Keck (USA), has been given a rough estimate of the capture capabilities of the organization flying near Earth asteroid with a further placing it in orbit around the moon and further exploitation of its resources to other uses.Estimates are as follows: sending robotic missions such cost can be compared to ($ 2.6 billion), sending Curiosity ($ 2,5 billion) to Mars. For this is proposed, as is the case with Curiosity, use the rocket Atlas V (her first step, we recall, are equipped with engines made in Russia). Following the Read more [...]
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In our galaxy 17 billion Earth-like planets

01/08/2013 Kepler mission scientists say that in our galaxy there are about 17 billion Earth-like planets. Recently, we have read the results of the study of our galaxy orbiting telescope "Kepler." Scientists have told us that our galaxy is a total of 100 billion planets. Now scientists say that the total weight of the planets that inhabit our galaxy the Milky Way about 17 billion occupy solid planets that are similar in size to our own planet Earth. According to the results of the mission "Kepler" and supporting techniques, such as "computer modeling", experts Read more [...]
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Probes Ebb and Flow broke the surface of the Moon

The space agency NASA reported that the two probes, spent a year studying the gravitational field and internal structure of the Moon in the project GREYL, left the lunar orbit after appropriate engineering team and fell to the surface of the satellite. "Ebb" and "Flow", as it was planned, down to the moon's crater Goldschmidt. Specialists pitched probes at the north pole satellite to eliminate even the slightest possibility of their falling into the ground with a "historical" value - for example, near the landing ships "Apollo." Crash site named in Read more [...]
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Shot of the Day: Land near the lunar crater

17/12/2012 Forty years ago, a man took his last steps on the moon and took one last look at the Earth from the Moon's orbit. Photo provided below, was made U.S. astronaut Ronald Evans (Ronald Evans) during the lunar mission "Apollo 17." Of course, since then have been made and more photos of the Earth from space, but not a man to the moon's surface and lunar orbit. The amazing picture was taken in December 1972.At present mission "Apollo 17" is the last manned mission to the moon landing and the last people on the surface. The mission involved Eugene Cernan, Read more [...]
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An expedition to Mars in jeopardy — Curiosity broke

Experts from NASA reported that technical problems rover Curiosity question the feasibility of continuing research mission to the Red Planet. The problem, according to the chief engineer of the machine, Rob Manning, is in electronics - allegedly drill at work and refuse to bring down the entire rover. "Rectify the situation can be had for a couple of months to send Curiosity from the station in Florida, but by the time of the fault detection to change anything it was too late," - said Manning. Note that previously heard of NASA reports that drill lander failed due disinfection procedures Read more [...]
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Scientists are looking forward to the next sensation from Mars

The third of December at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, NASA scientists plan to announce that on Mars found traces of organic matter. This was stated by one of the members of the mission, warning, however, that all of the studies have not been completed, the final position of NASA is not formed. Recall sensation from Mars waiting after earlier in the week supervisor mission rover geologist John Grottsinger slip the press that the rover «Curiosity» stumbled on a discovery of such magnitude that it gets into the history books. In this case, it was found that the mobile Read more [...]
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The Fourth World War and the Russian

Fifteen years ago, the Berlin Wall ended the Cold War Third World. Its geopolitical results are known. There were no signs of new global tectonic shifts in the early 90's. Yes, monstrous and cruel civil war continued in Yugoslavia, somewhere in central Africa about a million tall, slender people were massacred by their neighbors, small and stocky. Overall, however, the process of disintegration of the bipolar structure of the world seemed manageable. The era of the "end of history" and "sustainable global development." But gradually the wreckage bipolar system were Read more [...]
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Divine Light Mission

Sect "Divine Light Mission "Was founded Indian Prem Nagar in the year I960. A few years later, dying, he bequeathed to his son, Maharaj Ji, continued the family religious enterprise. Despite his nine years, the boy went to work. Latter-day "prophet," and the people who stood for him, we decided not to limit the territory of Hindustan and moved over the ocean - to California. In 1971. Maharaj Ji made a triumphal tour of the United States, speaking mainly to the young people who took it, with delight. He toured with sermons on Australia and South Africa. In 1972, Maharaj Read more [...]
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Take its rightful place global coordinator

Russia's entire historical experience of hard evidence (and a negative experience hard times of the 1990s confirms this) that effectively achieve utilitarian goals possible in our country only by highlighting important task quite ambitious. This Megazadachey so extreme project for Russia in the long term, in favor of its civilization program, the implementation of its mission. Now, at this moment in history, when a relative victory in the fight for the foreign policy and economic sovereignty of Russia has entered the stage of presentation and approval of its civilization program. Attached Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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