Mississippi Children

When the northern US nightly frosts repainted crown aspen and larch yellow and blackberry becomes scarlet, fans of hunting woodcock flock to the forests of his state: it is a massive flight of birds, and there are fewer days to catch them in the places where they are were born. American woodcock is different from Eurasian not only in size, but and mating behavior. The span of the American woodcock is fleeting, but for Americans, it is not the end of the hunt. AT December and birds will in the southern states, including Louisiana. For Read more [...]
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In the USA, perhaps an earthquake in the Mississippi Delta

In the Mississippi Delta may not weaker Haitian earthquake, according to The Christian Science Monitor. As geologists warn, in the next 50 years may have strong tremors on a tectonic fault line of New Madrid, passing under the delta. In 1811-1812 years in this fault has one of the most powerful series of seismic shocks in the history of the United States, recalls journalist Suzy Parker. Then in Boston from shock rang the church bells, and the Mississippi near Memphis changed course and, according to some reports, even long flowing back. Predictions of scientists are particularly alarming, as Read more [...]
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Can Mississippi Haiti become an American?

In recent days, in the newspapers and television screens do not go reported the strongest earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere. In January kick underground elements hit Haiti, six weeks later even stronger jolted Chile. And here and there were killed or found themselves under the rubble of destroyed homes, thousands of people, countless homeless, the two countries have not been able to do without foreign aid. These disasters, so little time division involuntarily raise the question - who's next, and when? And it is clear that most cares close neighbors affected, including residents of the Read more [...]
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The American Mississippi tornado struck

On the western part of the Mississippi tornado struck. Official data on the destruction and casualties has not. According to witness statements, destroyed several buildings, at least 11 people taken to hospital. — Victims of tornadoes in the southern United States, Mississippi, steel, according to the latest data, at least 10 people. Among the victims - children. According to the State Governor Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency in 17 counties. Serious damage was caused in Yazoo City, which destroyed several buildings, including - the church. Tornadoes also touched upon the neighboring Read more [...]
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Photos of the destruction of deadly tornadoes in the United States

The couple stands beside the ruins of his home in Yazoo City, Mississippi. It is the city most affected by tornadoes April 25, 2010. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) In this Sunday, April 25, 2010, over the southern states was a deadly tornado. Tornado victims are already 10 people, including three children.Late on Sunday, April 25 electricians are trying to restore the electricity supply. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) Destroyed building company «Reeves Rubber Engineered Products» in Alabertvil, Alabama. Can not be recovered almost 100 buildings. (Dave Hyatt / AP) Morgan Hayden carries a Read more [...]
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Video about the consequences of a tornado in the United States, Mississippi

In the United States apart the rubble and count the damage from the devastating tornadoes in Mississippi zvestna about 10 dead and dozens wounded. Thousands of people were left homeless. The hurricane tore off roofs, felled trees and power transmission towers. In the state declared a state of emergency. In the affected areas destroyed hundreds of buildings, including the church and the funeral home. There is no electricity, roads are blocked, a lifeguard. To prevent looting, soldiers patrol the streets of the National Guard. Source: Channel Five Previous News: · In the American state of Read more [...]
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Large HAIL IN the U.S.

In the southern United States collapsed powerful storm with hail and gusty winds. Left without electricity more than 130 thousand houses. Apogolize affected the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. In Mississippi hail the size of a Golf ball was struck roofs and glass hire. In Alabama, a strong wind broke the crowns of trees and tearing off strips of the transmission.As reported by ITAR-TASS with reference to the South American media, in the state of Georgia and several deaths: one in an accident, the other up the tree fall on the car. Over Tennessee swept more than 2 tornado.Large hail Read more [...]
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At the mouth of the Mississippi river began mass Mor fish

From 5 to 15 thousand individuals came to the surface water of the Mississippi river. Experts tend to think that in America manifested consequences of the spread of the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. Recall that after the explosion on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon, April and August in the ocean poured out of order 4,9 million barrels of oil, which could not affect the ecology of the region. However, the rector of the parish of St. Bernard in Louisiana asks residents not to panic ahead of time. Despite detected at the mouth of the Mississippi oil clots, today taken the sample of water Read more [...]
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The cyclone storm in the United States killed more than 70 people

In Alabama in the United States as a result of severe storms and tornadoes on April 27, killing at least 25 people, according to Reuters with reference to the emergency personnel. CNN reported that on the same day, five people were killed in Mississippi and one — in Arkansas. The disaster also led to the disruption of all three reactors at a nuclear power plant «Browns Ferry» in Arkansas.According to the nuclear regulatory Commission and the U.S., wind gusts were cut off 11 power lines that led to disruption of the supply of the NPP. While the Ministry said that the Read more [...]
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Mississippi overflowed

Floods became torrential rains and melting snow. Water covered and other States of the country: Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. Some areas of the States declared a disaster area. Hence the authorities are evacuating the population. There are concerns that the water level will rise.Source: Channel PEAK, photoblog.msnbc.msn.com, msnbc.com, Associated Press In the United States continues strongest over the past 80 years floodIn the United States continues strongest over the past 80 years, the flood on the Mississippi river. Last Friday, representatives Read more [...]
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Photos of flooding areas in the Mississippi valley

Currently, heavy downpours occur in the Mississippi valley States, Illinois, Kentucky, and Arkansas, reports local news The Kansas City Star on Tuesday, may 3. The water came from the banks of the Mississippi river, and that was the cause of the flooding.After a powerful tornado in the U.S. in the region of the Mississippi river cities and their surroundings are preparing for massive flooding in the country's history. The national weather service (National Weather Service) have notified residents about the flood. As reported by the employees of the meteorological service, the flooding has Read more [...]
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In the Philippines and in the United States are struggling with the effects of floods

Thousands of Americans evacuated from the region of the Mississippi river due to floodingmay 10.In the U.S., thousands of residents of the region Mississippi evacuated due to severe flooding. According to experts, on Tuesday, may 10, the water level in the river may reach a record for the last decade mark, exceeding the flood level at 4.3 meters. According to weather forecasts, in the coming weeks, the water level in the river will fall below flood, as heavy rains in the region will go back in a few days. The width of the Mississippi river near Memphis (Tennessee) reached five miles, which Read more [...]
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What are the consequences of America spill Mississippi?

Corps of engineers the U.S. military said that all dams are functioning properly. However, the danger lies in the fact that flooding can be so strong that it will overcome as a system of flood protection and dam, and will force Mississippi actually change your direction. Source: inoСМИ.Ru Read more [...]
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In the United States opened the dam on the Mississippi river to avoid flooding cities

Updated15/05/2011 American military began to play off of the water on the dam Morganza in Louisiana, in order to prevent a strong spill the Mississippi river and prevent flooding of large cities, said on the night of Sunday Reuters.According to Ken Holder (Ken Holder), a representative of the corps of engineers the U.S. army, which manages the dam, the water will gradually bled off from, and the whole process will be closely monitored.According to the Agency, after the opening of the dam flooded for a few weeks will be about eight thousand square miles in the basin of the river Atchafalaya, Read more [...]
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The Mississippi flood can cause US huge economic losses

on may 18.Severe flooding on the Mississippi river can cause US huge economic losses. As said Tuesday the representative of the port of South Louisiana Mitch Smith, closing the US Coast guard a significant portion of the river for commercial navigation will seriously damage the economy. Its size is possible only after will be known exactly how long the river will be closed for the passage of vessels, Smith added. Port of South Louisiana is exported about 60 percent of U.S. grain crops. Traditionally in the spring of the Mississippi river going dry-cargo vessels with corn, soybeans and other Read more [...]
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In the United States during the tornado killed 89 people

In the U.S. city of Joplin, Missouri during the devastating tornado killed 89 people. This was announced by mayor mark Rohr. The most damage a tornado struck the southern outskirts of the city, destroying more than 200 buildings. The number of injured is still unknown. In the affected areas continues the rubble. Several areas are still without electricity, telephones, and drinking water. The work of rescuers complicate fallen on the roadway trees, according to ITAR-TASS. The tornado was part of a major cyclone that lay on the night of 22 may Midwest of the USA. Several tornadoes were recorded Read more [...]
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Paper: Mississippi is Fattest Submit

With an pornographic fleshiness grade of 33.8 percentage, Mississippi is the fattest country in the commonwealth, according to a survey released this month. The 8th one-year "F as in Fat" reputation from the Confidence for America's Wellness and the Robert Woods Johnson Innovation institute that xii states now get corpulency rates terminated 30 pct, compared to upright one submit 4 age ago. Minorities were disproportionately unnatural, with blacks and Latinos distress the highest rates of fleshiness. The composition's authors urge that lawmakers contract activeness by restoring cuts to Read more [...]
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Man Stand-Up Paddling Mississippi

British venturer Dave Cornthwaite is stand-up paddling the duration of the Mississippi River, 2,400 miles from the river's root in Lake Itasca, Minnesota to its delta in Louisiana. Cornthwaite barely passed mi 500 later circumstance out on June 20. His dodder is the fourthly of 25 plotted trips in a propose he calls Outing Chiliad, in which he travels farsighted distances exploitation non-motorized transport. He's hoping to lift $1.59 gazillion for two British charities. Cornthwaite necessarily to concluded his Mississippi SUP inside 90-days—the length of his tourer visa. On his old ternary Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of natural disasters and their consequences. No. 30

Engler Jesse Wilson in Greenville, Mississippi fishing on the place where was the Parking. For the past week floodwaters from lake Ferguson flooded the surrounding area. It is expected that they will fall no earlier than mid-may. (Bill Johnson/The Delta Democrat-Times/Associated Press) Here are some images of recent natural disasters and their consequences. Pictures are clickable. Past photoabsorbed can be found at the following links: > twenty-ninth, > the twenty-eighth, > twenty-seventh, > twenty-sixth, > twenty-fifth, > the rest of the links in the review or through search.200-ton Read more [...]
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Dead fish on the banks of the Mississippi

The beach on the Mississippi is covered with dead fish. We found lots of sea turtles, dolphins, crabs, stingrays and fish, the water became very dangerous.

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