Who, finally, put things in the forest?

Hunting dismantling increasingly moving from local skirmishes to a higher level. The highlight of the year was the scandal around the name of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region Vladimir Bulanov.Vladimir Bulanov The machinations of the disaffectedBack in March of this year in Nizhny Novgorod media reported that in the forestry near the village of Chernukha in Arzamas district, local hunters E. Makarov and E. [were beaten by the Deputy and his friends. Saying that they really cared about the forest, planted 30 ha of forest and cropland oats came to feed Read more [...]
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Take that, Grandma, and St. George’s Day!

The long-awaited opening of the summer-autumn hunting. Vouchers purchased cartridges cooked holiday decorated, everything is done. But it was not there! Our summer. We heat. We again fires. In general, opening postponed to September. Photos Official U.S. Air Force / FLICKR.COM What to this time the holiday is over, no one is care. I agree dry. Furnishings fire hazard, do not I argue. I agree that there is among our hunting fraternity are some who can come to the muskeg, kindle the fire, and there arrange booze. But because it was possible to make a Read more [...]
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«Fish» money

Part 2.16 Money is not the only act as agents for the purchase of fishing gear, but also can tell a lot about the most interesting as a fishing and on the object of desire of every person with a fishing rod. In other words, the fish ...There among the banknotes with images of sea inhabitants such, which are associated with entertaining and sometimes simply amazing stories. For example, Bon Seychelles 100 rupees 1979 on her figure immortalized variety krylatok (Mosca Cockerel) – Dendrochirus brachypterus – well-known to fans of aquaristic and it was night diving, as Read more [...]
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Who is the person to a simple hunter?

Photo: fotolia.comFrom the very title of the article « Ivanovo region: a simple face-to-hunters» hunting in the Russian newspaper in №6 of 2012, blowing cynicism. What a place before it was rotated Ivanovo society of hunters hunters to the area for more than 110 years?Initially, the author accuses society of hunters in Ivanovo monopolizing 92% of hunting grounds, pertinent question: monopolization by whom? Are these 100 years, these hunting grounds used by hunters are not the field, did not they guarded them and increase wildlife. The system of control which existed: Hunter – Read more [...]
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South American money () analyst (it's not "the survivalist" with their classic "stockpile") gave some tips on preparing for the latest black era. Advice addressed to the Yankees, but I suppose some might intrigue someone else - for example, inhabitants of Ukraine:1. Do not assume that the pension will retain purchasing power (demographics, printing means, degradation of industrial base - they will devalue).2. Lower your living expenses.3. Establish communication with society thinking similarly, the single will be hard.4. Reduce its dependence on all bound up in money and debt Read more [...]
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How Gamey Can GoPro Go?

By this item, GoPro cameras let been exploited to flick approximately every action on the satellite, from Bag jumps to babe’s outset stairs to operative operations. Amateurs supplement to them to dogs and kites, professionals use them to pullulate Uncovering Channelise shows and characteristic films. But the party institute itself in unfamiliar dominion earliest this workweek: the strain mart.This preceding Thursday, GoPro’s ipo brought the caller into the mankind of world trading. It’s the beginning consumer electronics party to go populace since earpiece manufacturer Skull Sugarcoat Read more [...]
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Common Companies Get More Greenbacks

Do-gooders are unforced to put their money where their mouthpiece is, according to a new discipline from the Neilsen World-wide Study on Incorporated Societal Duty.The story constitute that, generally, citizenry round the humanity bequeath pay more for products made by socially creditworthy companies. Yearly, Interbrand rates the topper worldwide greenness brands. In 2014, companies such as Adidas and Nike located in the top 50."Tod, the head is not whether consumers upkeep approximately societal brownie, but which ones, how practically, and how to prayer to them," Nic Read more [...]
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How to Get Your Despatch Funded

    Pic: Jens Ottoson/Shutterstock.comThe topper expeditions are the resultant of mass future at thou schemes they were told were unimaginable. Spell the end finish has an authoritative quad in dreams, somewhat practically every junket has one really veridical vault that can't be pink-slipped: money. Expeditions price money, frequently lots of money, and you pauperism to be naturalistic in decree to get your workforce on decent of it to win.Whitewater outing lensman Darin McQuiod has had sponsors assistant broadcast him to Africa, India, Japan, and Europe in the by cinque days. Read more [...]
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Cash Menses

A ruined habitation in Mantoloking, New T-shirt.    Exposure: Jeremy M. LangeFor days the syllabus has allowed Americans to be in flood-prone areas by subsidizing their indemnity rates. More: Consume by the Seaboard With Dr. Destine Geologist Orrin Pilkey takes David Gessner on a turn of wipeout. IT TOOK Ternary months for Intercourse to toss a eyeshade aimed at serving E Sea-coast residents match the hob of Arenaceous, and it leave takings leastways eighter multiplication that yearn to expend it. Dissimilar many emergency-spending bills—which get pissed up with outside viands, Read more [...]
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What to do if a crisis breaks out

Compare the current situation with the financial storm of 2008 and draw conclusions.The knowledge - force. Not only. Under current conditions, knowledge - is primarily money. Who is the one who can predict how events will unfold in the coming months will be nice to make money. Or at least not lose their belongings. As you know, the story develops in a spiral. A crisis in the economy very much resemble each other, playing a similar scenario. Conclusion - knowing the algorithm, you can do financially literate. But first let's deal with what is happening now.Where this is going?Problems in the Read more [...]
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TOZ 106.Neplohoe weapons or bullshit?

Hello comrades. My lack of firearms greatly saddened. But there is nothing I can not do, it is necessary to wait a couple godkov.No be possible even when there is a problem, the name of her money. On average, to buy used / gun should have 15,000 rubles. But on the internet I came across a curious instance, his name TOZ 106, a similarity with edges trehlineyki nicknamed "Death to the chairman"Weapons are not for hunting (of course you can hunt but gemorroyno) and for self-defense. Length 530 mm this miracle in a difficult position (do not shoot), 810 mm in the unfolded. 20th consumes ammo caliber. Capacity Read more [...]
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Celebration of life Nikolai Volkov

     Adventurers, if not turn the course of history, then, in any case, it is left in its trail.     Nikolai Stepanovich Volkov was unabashedly beautiful. His noble face, large clear eyes, a high forehead, and especially plump sensual mouth under luxurious scented mustache confused many women. Outwardly, he was like a painter or a poet of some fashionable modernist trend end HIH- the early twentieth century and could decorate a secular salons in both capitals.     However, tracing the life and deeds of an adventurer Volkov, can not say that it was Read more [...]
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Location moolah?

    Questions Who is to blame? and What to do? in our country were topical at all times, but no less lively always resolve the issue "Where did these people money?" As if the opportunity to earn money by honest labor has been questioned.     Here are some case occurred in 1919 in Serebryanskoye factory.     Commandant Nizhny Tagil and Goroblagodatsky districts     Citizen Ovchinnikov Timothy Vasilyevich     BxN ° 2251 PETITION     I have the honor humbly ask me to return confiscated from me at own Read more [...]
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Mint State. places, are made of money. By order of the Senate of 18 June 1725 ECAT. was told to do from red pure copper ruble, fifths, and UAH polupoltinnye board quadrangular square money 10 rubles. of pounds. December 1, 1725 paid courtyard, built on the ter. s yes, gave the first production. Until Feb. 1727, when the company was BP. closed, there was a square made of money in the amount of 43,058 rubles. 75 kopecks. In 1735-51 MD manufactured and sent to Moscow nickels mugs billet, but 1736-41 and 1747-51 was nachekaneno and approx. 2 million rubles. coins and polushkas denezhek. In 1751, MD Read more [...]
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Classification of PPE. The complex of protective measures essential to ensure the population PPE and practical training proper use of these funds under the enemy's use of weapons of mass destruction. PPE intended for the protection of the population from entering the organism on the skin and clothes of radioactive, toxic substances and bacterial agents. Personal protective equipment includes. 1 Respiratory protection. 2 Skin protection. 3 Medical remedies.The former include filtering and isolating masks, respirators and dust protection cloth masks (PTM - 1) and cotton-gauze bandage; the second Read more [...]
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Stone Money

Stone MoneyDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)216 km 226 kmStone Money stands on the right bank of the river Chusovoi 226 kilometers from the village of Sloboda, before the village Kyn. In fact, it is a continuation of the stone giant.From the stone begins brute Money (Red). Origin of the name and the stone-busting explained shallow at this point Tchusovaya River. Barki often sat stranded. In order to remove Read more [...]
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As I was a millionaire

    There was a case once talking with a friend about a young man business, about the ability of capitalists "do Money". It was then that I uttered the phrase:     Why about Americans interpret, I myself was a millionaire.     Well, Uncle Vanya, you give! When it was where! And I'm told that's a history.     Walked Year of 1919. In the ruins lay the city, froze industry products not, Money devalued by the day.     Our family lived in the village Elatma in Ryazan edges. Lived a wealthy life. And I decided I, a nine-year Read more [...]
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COSSACKS Belomestny

COSSACKS Belomestny Representat. servitors on the device. In 1630 -nach. XVIII century. living in the border village and jails and carried military service with whitewash arable land (not lined with taxes and duties). Instead of bread and money wages KB received from the Treasury weapons, gunpowder, lead, sometimes the money to buy a horse. KB staffed from freestyle itinerant people. Subordinate clerks settlements and Slobodchikov. In 1689 was approved by the head office of CB living on r.Iseti. After the I-th revision (1724) KB were put into a poll salary and gradually disappeared among preim. Read more [...]
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The history of the Soviet notes

    The funds historical and revolutionary museum store settlement marks the RSFSR, not like any of the existed before 1918. Their small denominations a little more postage stamps swap 1917 performed in strict graphic manner, without lush curls and different symbolic figures. Bill on the emblem of the Russian Federation and the moon hammer against a rising sun, surrounded by wreath of ears. Appeal "Workers of the countries, unite!" in different languages looks unusual for banknotes, from ancient century served as a vehicle and a symbol of savings and oppression.     Read more [...]
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City Demidov on sourdough

     Residents of Nizhny Tagil can not tolerate dairy products     50 years ago, lived Tagil Poles, Italians and Germans. The city is born the cult of personality Demidovs.     So, as of now, Nizhny Tagil was thanks family Demidov Soviet camps and metallurgical plants. Owes its birth to the All-Russian need in a metal Tagil was sad shelter tens of thousands of repressed and still remains a city-factory, which was built rather than for life, and for the accomplishment of labor feats. Factory character     Nikita Demidov created in Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).