Routh — fighters monkeys

This story could well be to start in the genre of fairy tales. For example, this: a long time ago in some kingdom-state, in the forest of giant trees lived little men ...As all the people standing in the «lowest rung» Development rout like to perform sacred dances after a successful hunt. They are hard to avoid contact with people to keep in secret secrets of the tribe. Particular care they hid their ability to hunt monkeys ...! AND the preservation of this secret closely followed Buyyar, the god of hunting, who helped the king of the tribe Read more [...]
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Poisonous Monkey can kill a man found in Borneo

Monkey, which goes out to hunt at night, and its bite is poisonous enough to kill a person can - was discovered by scientists in Borneo. Beware! Scientists warn that these primates can peddle unaware that under the guise of the form "Slow Lori" they sell "toxic killer." The new species, which is one of the types of "slow loris", produces venom from glands located on the elbows. Before the attack, the monkey gathering there poison in her mouth and then biting attack victims who die from the poison. Their bite is deadly to humans because it can cause anaphylactic Read more [...]
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Iran launched into space monkey

Iran launched a monkey into space, according to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the television channel Al-Alam TV. Earlier it was reported that the event was scheduled to begin in February 2013. According to Iranian TV channel, launched into space capsule with a monkey, called "Pishgam" landed safely. The state of "passenger" capsule is not specified.Launch the animals into space Iran is preparing to launch its astronauts, scheduled for 2021. The monkey Iranian scientists intend to study the work of the body in weightlessness.The fact that Iran is going to launch Read more [...]
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Whether the chimpanzees honesty?

Researchers believe that chimpanzees are peculiar beginnings honesty: at least, sharing a meal, the monkeys tend to distribute it evenly.To see if people are honest with their own kind, scientists use special psychological and economic test, the name of which translates as "game" Ultimatum "» (Ultimatum Game). The point of this game is that one person should be divided between them and some other player win. It can divide as you like, and the second player can either accept the division or reject. And if he believes that the division of dishonest, both lose everything. On average, Read more [...]
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150 years after the death of a female ape found peace in Mexico

Julia Pastrana was born with a hairy face and elongated jaw. She received the nickname of "female monkey", and it was shown in circuses around the world. "The most ugly woman", an indigenous Mexican Julia Pastrana life suffered from a rare genetic disease: she had a hairy face and acting like an ape's jaw. When she was 20 years old, the circus owner and her future husband Theodore Lent Huliyu took on tour in the U.S.. Performances of "female monkey" soon became a sensation, and she traveled to Europe and Russia. Julia Pastrana died in Moscow after the birth. Read more [...]
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