What layering organisation workings scoop for summertime in the Rockies and points n?

Monsoon Crownwork     Exposure: courtesy, MECMEC Monsoon CrownMonsoon CrownworkA:Interesting overclothes gainsay, Oleo. And a fun activate!Your outflank brave power good be in Alaska. The distinctive convention up thither is that May is moderately dry and crystallise, fifty-fifty passably barmy. Devour ?s" hither, May and former June can sometimes look same belatedly overwinter in the mountains. You sustain an splendid prospect of track into leastways around snow in Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Rockies. But it can likewise be real rather fond that clock of the class. So you Read more [...]
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Southeast Asia at the mercy of the monsoon

Monsoon-2010 Southeast Asia 11-17.10.2010 @ NASA image by Jesse Allen Monsoon-2010 was more active than its predecessor in 2009. For a long period, more than a week, he pours rain South of Indochina, Vietnam, and Thailand. So, the day before, only for the past day, here resulted more than 100 mm heavenly moisture. In the coming days monsoon will not reduce their activity, and, hence, the rains will continue, which in turn causes flooding, leading to the victims. Source: Meteoroloji, NASA Read more [...]
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Thousands Fly Landslip in Nepal

In Nepal, more 150 citizenry are absent and a xii are confirmed beat later a landslip approximate the settlement of Ramche interred rough 180 homes and created an earthen dam crosswise the Sunkoshi River. Among the victims were employees of Nepal’s democratic adventure-tour manipulator The Finish Refuge.The outfitter’s director posted to Facebook Saturday dark: “This a photograph of where our riverbank foot was and had been for 20 age. We deliver missed friends, faculty, and class. Hoping that the dam won’t flare-up and movement major scathe downriver. Implore for approximately Read more [...]
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Whirlpool of the Arabian Sea

One of the strangest ocean currents - swirling clockwise great vortex that occurs each summer off the coast of Somalia and the sea surface temperature changes, affecting the monsoon, carrying life-giving water to Asia.A hundred years the sailors know that the Great vortex occurs simultaneously with the monsoon season in early June and disappears in September - about a month after the winds subside. Recall monsoons are among the most powerful air currents in the world (48 km / h).A new study suggests that the Great whirlwind still closely associated with the monsoon than thought, but across Read more [...]
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In Thailand raging destructive monsoon

on 6 June. In Thailand raging destructive monsoon: in the sea - storm, province of the country suffer from landslides and floods, the government is asking residents and tourists to be ready to evacuate. In the near future the situation will not improve in Thai meteorological service forecast of deteriorating weather conditions, transfers from Phuket correspondent of \"New Region\".According to the warning of the local Meteorological Department, from floods and landslides may suffer 8 provinces of Thailand: Udonthani (Uttaradit, Sukhothai (Sukhothai), Petchaburi (Phetchabun), Chanthaburi, Read more [...]
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Is there a \»European monsoon\»?

on 9 June. The British also like us, believe that summer is supposed to be Sunny and warm, and strong wind and rains is completely useless. But in recent days the Newspapers were full of headlines: \"Britain has been hit \"European monsoon!\": hurricane force winds, rainfall up to 4 inches, 40-foot waves of the sea! If Atlantic cyclones affect Scotland is more, wherever you went, but on the eve of the deep active Atlantic cyclone swept through Wales and England. Storm winds and heavy rains were observed in the British Isles everywhere. Precipitation totaled seats 50-60 mm per day, and Trawscoed, Read more [...]
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With the warming of the monsoon over India will become less

7 November. Studies show that the frequency of summer monsoon in India, which are so important to irrigate the fields and pastures of the country in the next two centuries will be sharply reduced. This change in precipitation will be fatal for the Indian economy, according to researchers from Potsdam University in Germany. The reduction in the number of monsoon possible due to the global increase in temperature and change in the spring force of the currents in the Pacific ocean, known as the \"Pacific tramp\" (Pacific Walker). This period usually brings high atmospheric pressure in the Western Read more [...]
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Seismologists: terrible earthquake can shake the UK at any time

Leading seismologist countries argue that terrible earthquake can shake the UK at any time, resulting in many deaths and injuries, writes the Telegraph.Dr. Roger Monsoon bases its predictions on the historical background, where he found that earthquakes recur at certain periods.The last two earthquakes have been recorded in 1382 , and 1580. Monsoon believes that it is time for the third earthquake.Source: ReporterUA Read more [...]
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In Sri Lanka during the storm killed 40 people

June 11, 2013. Tropical storm, one of those that occur annually off the coast of Sri Lanka's monsoon season, claimed a total of 40 human lives, the Agency \"RIA Novosti\" with reference to lankenau newspaper \"daily mirror\". The strongest monsoon rains were caught off the fishing boats in the waters of the Indian ocean near the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Among the dead are 38 fishermen. The bodies of two were found by the rescue service on the beach. In the search attended naval military and air force of the Republic. Warnings of impending severe storm last Friday, it was announced Read more [...]
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In India, lightning killed 32 people

Thunderous Monsoon period collects victims in north-east India: over the past three days in Bihar lightning killed 32 and wounded 17 people."Very often a shock for" spear "get farmers working in the field," - said on Monday an official department of disaster management staff.Agricultural Bihar - One of the most populous in India. The state government has announced that the family of each victim of a lightning strike is highlighted assistance of 100,000 rupees (a little over two thousand dollars).Monsoon season of "lightning deaths' in Bihar last from June to September.Source: Read more [...]
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Suitable vessels

Europeans were able to learn and conquer the world, because they came up with for this ocean ship. Ships, walked the seas were never designed for such long-distance travel, to swim in the open sea. The ratio of width to length was their order of 1 to 3 or at most 1 to 4. These ships were very "paunchy" and slow. They could not withstand the severe storms, tsunamis, could not swim against rapid currents. They are not allowed to sail swim at an angle to the wind. They were tied to the prevailing currents and winds. Arabs "catch monsoon"And with this monsoon sailed from Arabia Read more [...]
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The death toll from landslides in Bangladesh more than 70

June 27. At least 76 people were killed in Bangladesh by strong monsoon rains and landslides caused by them, according to local television stations. Previously reported 51 killed. According to media reports, the most difficult situation in the south-east. Thus, only in Bandarban district killed 32 people, including several children. Authorities fear that the death toll could rise. At present, the areas affected by the disaster are conducted search and rescue operations, involving members of the Armed Forces. Which began last week, torrential rains paralyzed normal life in parts of south-eastern Read more [...]
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Photographic floods in India left more than 1 million people homeless

Hindu holy dry cloth on the banks of the river Ganges on the background of monsoon clouds in Allahabad, June 28, 2012. The monsoon rains, which usually go to India from June to September are crucial for Indian farmers whose crops feed hundreds of millions of people. (AP / Rajesh Kumar Singh) The floods resulting from heavy monsoon rains in north-eastern India have been flooded more than two thousand villages. One of the largest rivers in Asia, the Brahmaputra burst its banks. Around one million people forced from their flooded homes. According to authorities, the victims of the elements Read more [...]
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Is there a European monsoon?

June 9. The British also like us to believe that the summer has to be warm and sunny, and the wind and rain - completely useless. But in recent days blossomed newspaper headlines: "Britain is subjected to an impact of the" European monsoon! ": Hurricane force winds, rain, up to 4 inches, 40-foot waves on the sea! If Atlantic cyclones hurt Scotland - it is, all right, but on the eve of a deep active Atlantic cyclone tore through Wales and England. Storm winds and heavy rains occurred throughout the British Isles. Total precipitation was 50-60 mm in some places for a day, and in Read more [...]
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In Thailand, the devastating monsoon storms

June 6. In Thailand, a raging destructive monsoon in the sea - a storm of provinces affected by landslides and floods, the government asked residents and tourists to be prepared for evacuation. In the near future the situation will not improve - Thai Meteorological Services forecast deteriorating weather conditions, transfers from Phuket correspondent of "New Region".According to the Prevention of the local Meteorological Department, floods and landslides may be affected eight provinces in Thailand: Udantani (Uttaradit), Sukhothai (Sukhothai), Petchaburi (Phetchabun), Chanthaburi, Read more [...]
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Southeast Asia during the monsoon power

Monsoon-2010 in South-East Asia 11-17.10.2010 @ NASA image by Jesse Allen

That's the day before, but over the past day, there resulted 100 mm heavenly moisture.

In the next day the monsoon will not reduce its activity, and thus the rain will continue, which in turn triggers floods, resulting in casualties.

Source: Meteonovosti, NASA

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