Somewhere gone Borka

Not just another game manager complained about the disappearance of the wild boar ... In the old days the whole country was declared a new program - the food. In our area, it was a success, though not everywhere.Failed to build pigsties and cowsheds near Dorofeevskih Filippovka and quarries. How long until you rotted, littered with construction materials imported for the estate gamekeeper Suslov IA They relieved hunters when they learned that the hunting grounds of the IGU "Dynamo" will not be violated mooing cows and grunting pigs. Crushed stone road is constructed for this purpose, among other Read more [...]
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Lunar calendar for July fishing

July - the beauty of the summer, his hope Seredka, green feast, the month of fragrant berries, honey grass, generous sweet tooth, wild, and lush color. I called him and scarlet month for bright red berries ripen. But when "ripe" fish, so it can be confidently catch?Not to dry gear and fishing paddle recommends lunar calendar, but - to rely on the average catch in the first two days of July. With Methodius Sparrowhawk (3) deteriorate further biting.Nevertheless, there are five special days - 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 - which I want to say a few folk separately notable words.July 6 - Lipno Globeflowers. Read more [...]
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     This is the most optimistic month of the year. Spawn most of underwater inhabitants. For this fishing occurs, perhaps, the main period of careful preparation for fishing in the spring and summer. Diverse fishing conditions and is at this time is usually excellent. But there are bad days. When to go fishing "happiness and rank?" This can tell the lunar calendar fishermen. Leaf through it.Despite the fact that the April 1 throughout the day comic jokes and deceptions, I would say in all seriousness that in this fun day, and in the first five days of April long enough for any tired, you can Read more [...]
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The moon is the closest and the natural satellite of the Earth... For it is no mystery that it is very very affects all life on our planets its phases, associated with the Tides, how fish is caught, how to grow plants, sing Lee bird hunt us "live" or "to hide under the pillow with his head".. all life on Earth is very susceptible to the influence of the moon.. It's unadulterated Physics... Man consists of 70 % water... In new moon, when the influence of the moon and its gravity is weaker, we (well, not only us , but all Living things" in the truest sense of the word heavier... Read more [...]
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The approaching new moon marked by a series of earthquakes

As we approach the time of the new moon, which will fall on Saturday, February 13, the world marked increase in the number of earthquakes. According to RBC with reference to the Associated Press, an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale occurred on the night of 8 to 9 February in southern Mexico near the city of Oaxaca. Tremors were recorded in 55 km to the north of Puerto Angel, and in the capital, Mexico City. Earthquakes also occurred in Kamchatka and Chukotka, in China and in the Shirak region of Armenia. Source: R&D.CNews Read more [...]
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SAVIN, arheoastronomichesky monument

SAVIN, arheoastronomichesky monument sanctuary Eneolithic (Ser. second floor. III millennium BC.). Coorg. region., Belozersky district, 3.5 km to the southwest from the village. Zyuzino. Open and Inst. M.P.Vohmentsevym Potemkin TM Located in the floodplain. Tobol (pr. Shore), on the shore of outcrops. On Naib. sublime north-west. h. mane found construction of two adjacent rings ext. 14-16 m in diameter, resembling vosmerkoobraznuyu figure formed by wide moats. 0.9-1.8 m, depth 0.6-0.8 m. Inside the first round, which is located northeast., Are two koridoroobraznyh passage strictly from the west. Read more [...]
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Code of Laws on felling!

Wood - a superior material. For millennia, it has granted people warm and tools, protection and beauty (thanks to the work of the great masters - woodcarvers).... Wood - very lively material. Even after it is felled tree still lives ("works", in the language of specialists on wood). Depending on the tree species, time of year and - as you will see later - the time it Povalko - dries quickly or slowly, remains soft or becomes solid, remains heavy or becomes easy gets scratched or remains intact, bent or remains steady, rot or It worms infest etc.Principally for felling no "good" or "bad" Read more [...]
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The scientists compared the seismic processes on the Earth and on the moon

In science it is considered that the main cause of earthquakes serve its own tectonic processes of the Earth and monotrate mainly due to tidal forces, i.e. the influence of the gravitational field of our planet. However, these provisions may soon be revised. According to the Director of the Institute of marine Geology and Geophysics Feb RAS corresponding member Boris Levin and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Elena Samarovo (tsunami laboratory of the Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshov RAS), seismic processes both celestial bodies are common causes. The paper was published in the journal Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Determination of the compass on the moon

The phase of the moon, time of its observation can be found side light. If the crescent moon to make at the line of thinking and get shaped as letters "P", the young moon grows. If the Moon is shaped as letters read as "C", then the Moon is flawed and is on the wane. When the moon rises, it moves to the left of the sun, under the full moon - against the sun when aging - the right of the Sun.Phases of the MoonAround the Moon (First quarter) is (in standard time) in the south in 19 hours. In the west, in 1:00. Full Moon (see the whole disk) 1 hour to the south, at Read more [...]
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For tourist: Downhill skiing on the moon

Orienteering on the moon
For approximate orientation need to know, that summer in the first quarter of the moon in 20 hours is in the south, at 2 o'clock — in the west, in the last quarter at 2am — in the east, 8:00 am — in the south. NIGHT MODE under the full moon parties are defined in the same horizon as the sun and the clock, while the moon for the sun.

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Photo-fact. Rectangular Moon in Alaska

Any easily describe the moon. In spite of the phase, it is always round. But Alaska could see the Moon in the shape of a rectangle. Is it possible? March 19 was observed the largest in 18 years the full moon. Our companion was very low on the horizon, a fantastically large and red. Residents of the Delta of the river Colville in Northern Alaska were especially surprised by the Moon, as she met their eyes square. The inhabitants of our planet was waiting for this day the worst, but it turned out that this unusual phenomenon — this is the most common phenomenon in the world. And Read more [...]
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March 19, earthlings will see the \»super full moon\»

on March 19, the inhabitants of the Earth will witness the so-called \"super full moon\", according to RBC. The moon will approach our planet at the closest distance, since 1992 - 356,5 thousand km. Some scientists have already stated that the event astrophysics and photographers waited 19 years, threatened by natural disasters. In anticipation of the \"super full moon\" appeared on the Internet a lot of alarming predictions, according to which it can cause serious changes in earth's climate, what will cause earthquakes and volcanic activity, writes \"Native newspaper. Recall that the previous Read more [...]
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With the Moon something wrong?

April 7, long island, new York. The author asks, can anyone explain this? It seems that the Moon is full naklonene in the wrong direction.April 14, Bavaria, Germany. The author of the video says that the recording was made in Germany. Also notes that the Moon had never been such. And in his opinion it looks like the Earth's axis is tilted, which may be the cause of the changes of the of December 2010. Luna bent down by 90° for 8 hours. Comment: On videoamerican you can find many videos with different position of the moon, as not corresponding to the calendar of lunar phases Read more [...]
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Unusual astronomical phenomenon in the far East

photo: Andrew No Unusual astronomical phenomenon was observed by the inhabitants of the capital of Primorye night before. Bright star hung directly above a thin Crescent moon. As reported by RIA \"Vostok-Media\" witness, celebrity, next to the sky for the Moon was unusually bright and voluminous. \"Looked now in the window - and there near the Crescent star. First time I see such,\" he wrote last night surprised a resident of Vladivostok in LJ city. Note that some residents of Vladivostok even hastened to call this phenomenon a \"sign from above\". However, in Ussuriysk astrophysical Observatory Read more [...]
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Strange Legions

    Foreign Composition of Shangri-la By Our Contributors Sebastian Junger, whose 1997 bestseller The Perfective Ramp began as a floor in International's October 1994 issuance, turns to unfeigned law-breaking in A End in Belmont (W.W. Norton, $24), the history of a 1963 Boston Throttler–care mutilate in Massachusetts—and the uncomfortably conclusion connexion 'tween the orca and Junger's own kinfolk. Interim, Exterior managing editor Katie Arnold and writers Sara Corbett and Dimity McDowell lend essays around Labs, weimaraners, and the odd hyaena to Charwoman's Read more [...]
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The moon consists of particles of earth matter

on March 27. The moon is comprised almost entirely of the same material from which made the Earth at the dawn of the solar system. This is the conclusion of American astrophysics from the University of Chicago, media reported. A group of scientists examined the composition of the earth's rocks, meteorites, chondrites and fragments extracted from the bowels of the moon. The researchers studied the presence of 2 rare types of titanium isotopes: light titanium-47 and \"heavy\" titanium-50. The ratio of these elements in any part of the earth's surface where the titanium atoms remains the same. Read more [...]
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SUPERLINE on the night of 6 may outshine Starfall

on 3 may. The full moon on the night of 6 may be unusual — The moon will be close to the minimum distance to the Ground and will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter because of what this day is also known as the \"super full moon\" — day the largest in the year of the moon. In the night next Saturday, the natural satellite of the Earth will be the point of perigee — closest to the Earth. In 03.34 GMT (07.34 MSK) distance to the moon will be 356 953 thousand kilometers, which is approximately 16 thousand kilometers closer than usual.Each year, the \"super full Read more [...]
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Mysteries of the Moon — the facts, anomalies, secret satellite

Last night two moons "Grail" at the speed 6000km h with an interval of 20 seconds, hit the moon. The impact site was near the North Pole in the lunar crater Goldschmidt. And on September 11, has launched a NASA secret mini-shuttle, the aims and objectives of which are not known.What is the purpose of NASA sends two braidsnomic unit at high speed into a single point of the lunar surface? The official version - the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the lunar regolith.Two satellites "Grail" were relatively small (with washing machine), but with the weight and Read more [...]
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Song of the Stars

It is highly, highly someone spilled milk, and writing? Milky way, and along on it, along between her pearly fields Month floats like a white cake, and in the moon, on the moon, on the blue boulder Lunar people look eye reduces, as over the moon, over the moon, blue ball , globe, very nice rises and sets.
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Online library LitRes began fighting with piracy eReader

Online library "LitRes" began fighting with the application for reading e-books on iOS and Android, allowing users to download pirated works with resources. This was reported on February 2 "Habrahabr" application author CoolReader Vadim Lopatin.According to Lopatin, he received from the administration, "Litres" requirement removed from your application links to pirated resources. In addition, the developer required to build in CoolReader «black list» Directory OPDS, blocking users to be able to manually add the application pirate sources.Lopatin threatened to remove Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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