Supets of moose

Good day, my friends. Soon lunch and I'm supposed to fool around a little bit 🙂 Today we do the simplest thing can be elk. It - supets. No soup, no soup. Simple supets. Do not let the name scare you, its simplicity. The simplicity also sometimes hidden shades of beauty that does not see and does not prochuvstvuesh in slozhnosochinёnnom and fine dining. So, take the meat of moose. Meats do not regret!Thyme, rosemary, onion unpeeled WHOLENot all the thyme and not the whole rosemary, that the photo !!! Without fanaticism!!!!!!!Sharp pepper (I grow on the windowsill)Root parsley. It should be a lot. Read more [...]
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Ivan Tsarevich and the game manager

Recently, a periodical about hunting and fishing, I read that the population of wild ungulates in Russia - this is not just objects of professional and amateur hunting, but also a strategic reserve of food. The stock may uberegshy country in dashing 90 by larger than experienced, shocks.After all, as was the the mid-90s, when the state abandoned on fend collective and farms stopped paying its members at least some wages? The cattle grown in farmsteads, after the slaughter went on market, bringing the owners of the money needed for life. A for meat for their own table Read more [...]
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That was a long time ago…

1969. My first expedition to Western Siberia. I'm twenty years old, I am a student of the Moscow Topographical Polytechnic. Detachment, consisting of 12 people, it is necessary to pass from the second class leveling Verhnembatsky village that is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River in the Turukhansk region, almost to the Gulf of Ob. Folk crept patchy and interesting. Time romantics desperate and dedicated people ...In the taiga brown bears — true masters. They are not scare expeditionary camp and they with curiously watching who appeared on their territory. Smaya Read more [...]
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With huskies for moose

I hunt in Yakutia began in 1970. In early October to establish a steady snow cover. A WEEK, Ivan, an avid LOSYATNIKOM, went hunting in the VALLEY OF KEY YSTYNAH. Highways LENA - PEACE KEY envelope top of this forty-first on the segment - forty-eight kilometers from the city.We turned off the road to the east of the old profile. A car with an effort overcame deep gullies and potholes. Hardly crossed the seaward right tributary Ystynaha overgrown bushes dwarf willow and birch. In the rare pine turned left at the old bypass road. Unload, before reaching the key a couple of kilometers.Near the road Read more [...]
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Delicacies from elk

Unleavened dough for future useFirst unleavened dough kneaded without soda (!), And then burnt dry baking soda mixed with the remaining flour and stir into the mixture in the still fairly soft dough piece. After the dough is fully will incorporate all the flour, knead the dough by hand to continue for another 5—7 minutes. The finished dough is placed in a sturdy plastic bag, inside oiled with vegetable oil. Such assays are well conserved (for 1 week in a cool place) and its quality during storage will continue to improve.TO «hunting liver» put on the table a simple familiar foods: Read more [...]
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Baked ham of moose

Everyone knows that the main problem in the preparation of an elk - elk that was not hard. The problem I have decided for myself this weekend. And I would like to share with you my discovery.Besides, I have another problem. I have a small freezer in the refrigerator. Total 145 liters. A possibility to have a separate freezer to store the game there as a small apartment. And output: At B E N I N A moose meat!Benefits:1) releases the freezer; 2) The meat can be stored for a long time in a normal refrigerator compartment3) the meat is tough!So, take the meat of mooseMine, cut into not thick, but the Read more [...]
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Discipline and Ethics battue hunting

The growing army of hunters and reducing habitat of animals (construction of houses, cottages, garden associations ...) negatively affect the number of the basic license types, primarily elk, deer, wild boar. To get to hunt members of the public hunting is becoming more and more difficult, the commercial shooting of "eat" the lion's share of licenses, hunters are more engaged in servicing VIP-persons and ohotkollektivu at best, have to make do on their own at one, sometimes even inexperienced Eger, and not in the best rounds. Animals under constant hunting pressure develop certain skills, how not Read more [...]
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Hunting for moose – a serious matter

Pens collective hunting, as well as other hunting ungulates, require careful preparation. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova You need to know his battle rifle bullet as other munitions, such as buckshot at collective hunt for security reasons do not apply. Zeroing or check combat spend cartridges that will be applied by the beast, and if possible in the temperature conditions upcoming hunt. In winter, does not target a rifle in a closed heat dashes.Shooting big game requires not only the skill of the hunting shooting, but the exposure and self-control. No fuss and not prematurely raises his Read more [...]
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Hunting for luckies

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Part one.Driven hunt for moose. It would seem that there is a complex? He came, put the number, the beast came out - fired, did not come out - a piece of meat you get in anyone. Host Party, if successful, receiving good money, is interested in the final result.  So it all and was "stagnant" time. Came the market got competition, so should be even better? Ahn, no. Something not getting lately on driven hunt. Remember how you had to stand for hours in the room, waiting for the pen. Moose something often went out without going through the line of shooters. Read more [...]
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Sheer luck

Photo by Ilya Antonyuk From mined in elk Sandovsky district of Tver region UAZ already drove into the woods and made his way by a barely noticeable tracks of forest roads. An obstacle in front of us turned out to be unfrozen creek that «loaf» I had to cope with a winch. Jurin also pumped in a military UAZ easily slipped these things obstacle. He was not sorry to scratch on the branches and stones and in case of breakage easily repaired in the home and cheaply, which is not said about foreign technology. FROM roar moving on snowy Read more [...]
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Punished for robbery

It all began on January 5 with a call logging foreman, who said that in the forest quarter, where they are working, a pack of wolves chasing a moose. In place of the departed chairman Kiknursky District society of hunters and anglers NA Peter and Paul and Huntsman II Zadvornov. When viewed from the quarterly glades hunters have found that a pack of three to five wolves really hunted for moose. After seeing the wolf tracks (and snow in the forest has been 35–40 cm), the hunters decided to set traps. But who will do it better than the most experienced specialist of wolf Ivan Ilyich Zadvornov. Read more [...]
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About corral elk

Each embarked on the number of hunting or senior ranger indicates its sector obstrela.Kazhdomu embarked on the number of hunting or senior ranger indicates his field of fire. Returned Check for the presence of the beast rangers, and all go to the place of hunting. Rifle line consisting of hunters with smooth-bore guns, are arranged either on their own or carry about (if available fare) in freight transport. With the advent of high-quality snowmobiles and ATVs it was very comfortable on the road impassable shooters hooked on them sleigh. This is a mobile and fast. Sometimes using Read more [...]
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The corral elk

Unfortunately, after the innovation department of hunting on the issuing of a hunting license, without checking prior knowledge ohotminimuma hunting almost any material you have to start with the rules of safety and conduct in the hunt.Photos Cameron Maddux / FLICKR.COM Collective driven hunt to impose participants rather stringent requirements and behavior discipline during hunting. Terms battue hunting is not sophisticated yet Only they do not provide strict performance Only success Production trophy, but and full security as the shooters at rooms Read more [...]
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Passion for the “paper” elk

It's no secret that the moose in hunting in our country is one of the key species. Why? Of course, not because of the significant volumes of its production or availability for some hypothetical ordinary hunter. Just into the moose is the bedrock of the welfare of the average "poor" hunting users.Photo Adrian Kolotilina What is not moose, trade him after depopulation omnivorous responsive to biotechnological boar? Is that the right of access to the empty land, bathhouse with a standard set of entertainment, air or vouchers rabbits and ducks, which nobody throws. It is no wonder Read more [...]
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End of season

The first moose on the extreme left room occupied by our friend AndreyCheck in Tver Region team now MOOiR closing driven hunt season 2010. Photo: Anton Nikolaikin. By closing the season driven hunt forumnye 2010, our team traveled to the Tver region. We traveled to the place of long and difficult, on Fridays from roads in Moscow are extremely tense.Our crew left Moscow for 18 hours and chose the route through the Dmitrov and Kimry in the Tver. What is the night unpeeled road of local importance in the territory of the Tver region, littered with snow and consisting of continuous Read more [...]
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Photo Tatiana Desyatov Chuck worked somewhere else in the paddock. Moose move in our direction. Here he stopped a hundred meters from the shooting line. Work dog was well heard. I looked in the direction of a neighbor, who had to go elk. But something sensed, the beast turned and ran to the edge of the trot. FROM THE EDITOR:70 years old experienced hunter and our author Dorian Grigorevichu BESHULE. At the same time, he noted, and another date – 10 years of cooperation with «HORN». His short, interesting and instructive stories always arouse interest among readers. Read more [...]
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The pre corral

Thank recently met with a huntsman Hunting Sonkovsky District Tver Oblast Vyacheslav, his namesake. He invited any hunting, which was ready to organize. New Year was on the nose. We have already missed the joint hunt. The soul yearning for the forest, and hands - on the rifle. Photo by the author We decided to go on a wild boar. Of course, battue hunting. We left on December 21 three cars. Will the circumstances of the first pair set off early in the morning, the second – after dinner, and a third – about nine in the evening. All were happy that finally the snow fell, Read more [...]
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That warmed up!

Twilight deepened, and the minute worse and worse was discernible distance. The contours of the trees merged into a dense black veil. In the sky one after the other stars are sown, and the muffled Stalking the night, the more they became. Studio breathing cold air, and I'm leaning shoulder to solitary birch standing, raising the collar jackets, already thinking about returning home. Around me was a small clearing, in some places overgrown willow veiled, rugged sides old, abandoned reclamation ditches. One of them that has been deeper, had long ago chosen beavers to build on her dam, distributing Read more [...]
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Guy, a reliable friend

I did not have dogs, but my friends were. I want to tell you about one of them, black-and-white Russian-European Laika Kobelkov Gaya, wherein fearlessness that not once helped and even saved his owner. From the archive of Anton Zhuravkova Once we went on a hunt in the Vologda region. Located in a village hut. The village is dying out. During our visit, and it was «dashing 90», Lived less than ten elderly. Livestock in the village was not, except for chickens and cats. Dogs winters ate wolves, dogs catch the poor even in their booths. Shelters host told us that once Read more [...]
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There are men, God is!

Finally, and my boss, Alexander Krivoshapov, bought a gun. Izhevka-vertikalka purchased them for ridiculous money in a thrift shop of confiscated militia - began his story Ilya Andrianovich.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin After zeroing the rifle was sent for finishing gunsmith. On the nose was New Year's Eve. And that's where some of December 15 Alexander at the end of the day suddenly called me to his office.– Ilya Andrianovich, – he said to me, – tomorrow we are with you to the meeting of the regional executive committee cause, the area plan for the wool does not fulfill. Read more [...]
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