In Australia, the powerful tornado left without electricity for more than five million homes

Three tornadoes swept across eastern Australia on Saturday. Wounding more than a dozen people, more than 5 thousand homes were without electricity as a result of failure of electricity cables.Tornado hit the town of Bargara, Burnett Heads, and Kunarr a few kilometers from Bundaberg on the west coast of the continent in Queensland on Saturday morning.Infrastructure of the city sustained heavy damage. In these and a number of neighboring towns in the morning was declared a storm warning. Several schools evacuated students, the Internet media.Recall that in December 2012, three people were killed Read more [...]
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More than 5000 homes in Australia were without electricity due to a tornado

Three tornadoes swept across eastern Australia on Saturday, injuring more than a dozen people, 5.6 thousand homes were without electricity as a result of failure of electricity cables, television reported ABC News.Tornado hit the town of Bargara, Burnett Heads, and Kunarr a few kilometers from Bundaberg on the west coast of the continent in the state of Queensland, with about 13.00 to 15.00 (7.00-9.00 MSK).It is reported that the infrastructure of the cities badly damaged. In these and a number of neighboring towns in the morning was declared a storm warning. Several schools evacuated students.Near Read more [...]
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The Nightmare Before Christmas: the U.S. hit 15 tornadoes

Night Christmas in the United States have fallen snow storms and 15 tornadoes, over some areas was freezing rain. As a result, more than 100,000 people were left without electricity, have killed and wounded. Emergency walked through the vast territory from Texas to Alabama, but they suffered most of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, reports the channel ABC. Several people were injured, Reuters reports two disaster victims, Associated Press - about three. Severed power lines, felled trees, damaged houses. In addition, a tornado caused many accidents: in the state of Oklahoma ran Read more [...]
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The death toll from typhoon Pablo has reached 420

Previously reported 331 dead and 380 missing. The total number of Filipinos who suffered from "Pablo", exceeded, according to the National Civil Defence, 5 million. Typhoon also damaged more than 7,000 houses were completely destroyed more than three thousand. In shelters and evacuation centers are over 275 thousand people lost their homes. In the three most affected provinces - East Davao City, Davao and southern Compostela Valley - emergency was declared. According to the administration of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), the Read more [...]
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The amount of pollution in the bay Pos’eta Primorye has almost doubled

Maritime scientists over the past five years have recorded almost double increase pollution of the Gulf Poset bordering the only Russian Far Eastern Marine Reserve, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Head of the Laboratory of Ecology and Toxicology, Pacific Research Fisheries Centre (TINRO - Center) Michael Simokon. "Since 2008, there is a tendency to an increase in the degree of water pollution Gulf Posiet. At mid-2012, the volume of waste water in the bay was more than a million tons a year, which is 267,000 tons more than in 2008. This amount of pollutants in the wastewater to the beginning Read more [...]
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Every day in 2012 marked a natural phenomenon in Russia

Over the past year, 469 times the Russian territory was exposed to severe weather, which brought considerable material damage. The average? of 1.3 cases per day. For comparison, last year such events observed in 1.5 times less. A statement of fact, which leads Roshydromet not accompanied by analytical material explaining the reasons for the sharp rise in the seemingly relatively quiet last year.Traditionally, the highest frequency of severe weather has resulted in heavy precipitation and fell on the summer season, when gaining momentum convection processes? Lift up well heated air.Prolonged Read more [...]
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In Canada, the snow left without electricity 40 000 buildings

In the Canadian province of Quebec, almost 40 thousand buildings were without electricity due to heavy overnight snowfall, leading to the broken wires.In Montreal, fell more than 15 cm of snow. Police say dozens of accidents on the roads and many kilometers of "traffic", reports the Internet media.As reported in the Montreal City Hall, more than 3 thousand municipal workers clearing the snow piles, which is impeding the parked cars on the streets.Recall that in the last few weeks of heavy snowfall was reported in some Eastern European countries, such as Slovenia and Croatia. As a result, Read more [...]
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In Japan, there is land subsidence due to earthquake

18/12/2012 The Ministry of the Environment of Japan said that during the last fiscal year that ended in March of this year, nearly six thousand square kilometers of land across the country have settled more than 2 inches, according to NHK.  This figure is almost a thousand times more than the previous fiscal year, which ended in March last year, and is a record high for the time from the beginning of data collection in 1978.Earth has settled more than 2 inches in about half of the 30 areas tested in 20 prefectures. This level is considered potentially dangerous to the stability of buildings.The Read more [...]
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A month after the hurricane in the United States without the light still sitting more than 30 million homes

12/06/2012In the north-eastern United States for over a month without electricity and heating are more than 30 million homes, according to television station CBS. As noted by RIA Novosti, only in New York and the surrounding area after Hurricane Sandy without electricity and heating are about six thousand private homes and 800 multi-family complexes. From the cold, they can be saved only by a gas stove. As it became known, despite the fact that most people have insurance, many of them still have not received compensation and trying to get a response from the authorities. Recall Sandy hurricane Read more [...]
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Google introduced a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon

For those wishing to enjoy the views of the Grand Canyon from home, Google has launched a new section on the service Google Maps, which shows the vast panorama of the canyon. Service covers more than 120 miles of roads and trails along the Grand Canyon in Colorado. To see the panorama you must select a place on the trail, then the user views with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. There are a total more than 9.5 thousand panoramas. The images were obtained using special systems with 15 lenses, mounted on their knapsacks of several members of the project. Google Maps serviceCategory: Technology Read more [...]
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Christmas did not save the U.S.

The bad weather, which in the past Christmas fell on the north-eastern and central U.S. states have killed at least 16 people. Local media reported that the majority of them were killed in major accident, but also because of falling trees. Snowstorms sometimes led to a power failure, and more than 200 thousand Americans were without electricity. Because of the rampant disaster canceled more than a thousand flights. The most difficult was the situation at the airports, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Ice storms and tornadoes struck the southern U.S., leaving without electricity more than 100 thousand

Bad weather covered in Christmas southern United States. Snowstorms left without power more than 100 thousand people in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Across the country, hundreds of flights canceled. Above the city Mobile / Alabama / tornado swept through. Tornado blew roofs of several houses, felled trees, snapped power lines. Three less powerful tornado recorded in Texas. Bad weather has caused several major accidents. Thus, in the state of Oklahoma accident involving 21 cars, including three trucks. Injured several people. According to weather Read more [...]
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In Kiev, after heavy snowfall declared emergency mode

Heavy precipitation lasted more than a day. Our city actually got in a big traffic jam. And those who are not able to go on the road, most likely, just not dug their cars. The weight of snow and strong winds could not stand two dozen trees. Some of them fell on cars and stalls. There are people injured. A near Kiev because of the weather more than 150 communities were left without electricity. Forecast for tomorrow is also unfavorable.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Sandy washed beaches in New Jersey, and the cemetery in Haiti

The width of the beaches of New Jersey declined by an average of 9,1-12,2 m after a devastating hurricane, while in some parts of the ocean washed away more than 45 meters of coastline. Haiti still can not recover from "Sandy"According to one of the study's authors Stuart Farrell, of the north-east coast of the U.S., who conducted the artificial expansion and strengthening of the beaches in recent years, suffered much less damage than those who relied solely on natural coastline. Authorities in New Jersey have already appealed to the federal government to allocate funds for beach Read more [...]
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The United States will be able to move away from the edge of the financial cliff

Despite the global crisis, has hit the global economy, the United States, contrary to the predictions of different experts, it seems, are not going to give up the role of global economic leader. On the contrary, according to recent data, the U.S. economy is showing signs of active recovery after experiencing its crisis. Thus, in the thirdquarter of 2012, GDP USA increased by 3.1% instead of the experts predicted 2.6% - 3%. Notable improvements are viewed in such sectors as real estate, at the time became the "cradle" of the crisis itself. In this regard, according to The Wall Street Read more [...]
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A fire in Australia has suffered the largest observatory country

Forest fire raging in the Australian state of New South Wales, has damaged the country's largest Observatory Siding Spring. However, its main telescope was saved from the fire. This official said the State Fire Service, Laura Ryan. On Sunday night, the fire crept close to the observatory, located 460 km north-west of Sydney. Struggled with the elements more than 60 firefighters, but their actions the strong dry wind. In Siding Spring found a total of 10 telescopes, including the most powerful in Australia. It operates international team of scientists - astronomers from Australia, Britain, Read more [...]
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In China, the burst reservoir. There are victims

One person was killed and 19 were due to frostbite happened today about 6:00 stormwater from the reservoir "Lyanfen" in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / Northwest China /. According to the district administration Midoun Urumqi, to 16 hours as a result of the above stormwater reservoir 20 people got frostbite, one of them died, houses more than 70 families and more than 20 factory premises were flooded. Now specify the exact number of land affected by the water element, and the economic damage from the accident.According to the deputy chairman of the People's Read more [...]
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Extra two hours of sleep can lead to diabetes and heart disease

Scientists say the health problems that can occur in a person sleeping more than eight hours a day. According to experts, excessive sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity and cardio system. Who among us does not like to lie in bed? It is believed that for normal rest one has to spend in the arms of Morpheus about eight hours, but they see different amounts of time dreaming. Someone poured in six hours, and someone is in bed by ten or more hours a day. Experts argue that fans spend a lot of time in a dream to be more attentive to their health, because, in their view, long sleep is causing serious Read more [...]
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Five surprising facts about the man

Human stomach may think. The number of neutrons in the gastrointestinal tract of a lot more than in the brains of some animals. This suggests that in the belly we have a second brain. Secondly, the body is covered with hair on having the same structure as in most other primates. Third, as part of the human DNA have viruses. By themselves, they do not breed, but they can be copied by introducing its DNA into the host cell. If the DNA of the virus enters the cell of sperm or ovum, is obtained from the seed virus DNA in each of their cells. Fourthly, the man partially blind. The structure of Read more [...]
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More than 20 failures of the soil in China

More than 20 failures appeared in Lyanyuuane (Lianyuan), China from September 2012 to the present time.

Category: Karst failures
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