Do not rush the dog put to sleep!

author photo For the first time I met with a sore more than 10 years ago – young, healthy, working dog yagdterer became very itchy in the area of ​​the left thigh, appeared baldness. Then this place became gnawing teeth, there was a feeling that her torments unbearable itching.Attempts to protect the affected area with the help of bandages and the collar did not help (even in a sling with a fine mesh of brass morning was gnawing a hole). Trips to veterinarians in their own region and in neighboring towns have given nothing but lull the Board dog.A variety of suspected Read more [...]
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In November, the ducks

Warm weather did not let me rest. It can not be that all the ducks flew to the south! Mallard must certainly linger. And on November 10th, I went to my favorite lake Verestovo.Photo shutterbusterbob / At huntsman Viacheslav remained on the banks of lightweight aluminum boat. I decided that I will not swim away, Settle somewhere nearby on the island. It is written, — done. Arriving at the beach, lake, I do not know. It has spread like spring. Bushes in the water, and coastal reeds and sedges perished, and his eyes opened a huge expanse of water. I found a secluded Read more [...]
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Morning legashatnika

Photo by Kirill Karasev Suddenly, Firebolt wings and fly out of the grass poultry. We do not believe your eyes, but this snipe! Unfortunately distance such that it is not possible to shoot and we nervously watching as the five birds go in the opposite direction. The dog on edge and before I have time to recover, he rip off three more birds.So the alarm is set to 4 in the morning, things are almost assembled, there were 3 hours of sleep, and it should be used to the maximum. I wake up, can not sleep, I look at the clock 3.59 And Service gets its pleasant song.Quick Collection, a Read more [...]
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Gloomy morning

With the release of that year something happened, but do not worry. I was just fifteen years, or twenty younger and have time to hunt at night and dawn, and at weekends. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova In the yard last day of August. Yellowing in antonovka gardens, flushed shtrifel almost dried branches potato leaves, reddening tomatoes greenhouse, Rowan bonfires, light birch gilding…Only here then with in the morning, half the sky was covered, pressed down to and darkening the land seemingly uncomfortable veil. For the average person the morning seemed Read more [...]
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Brave sandpiper

Rain, began banging loudly on the roof of the tent, made me wake up. Turn on the flashlight, I looked at the clock. The arrows of the dial shows two o'clock in the morning. Before the start of the morning hunting with decoy was little more than an hour. Only now does it take place - a morning hunt? In a bad mood, I I tossed in tent I am waiting for the birth of dawn, hoping for that the rain will stop soon. What is really there to sleep!First light, but no rain He appeased. Suddenly my decoy in We went into the basket passionate sediment. Read more [...]
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In pursuit of the spring

The first one of us broke the team and Andrew Cherkashin ran Chaplyginsky District in the Lipetsk region in the morning on April 4.Photo by the author According to him, last year's snow on the place of hunting was knee-deep, and to travel to the place of accommodation, had to hire a grader. Three days spent in the snowy trenches, nor to no avail. Goose was not. So it was decided to return home April 7. Our team, taking into account the bitter experience with the departure in no hurry. Settle all problems at work and at home, we have planned to leave on April 10.Upon arrival in Read more [...]
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The last days of October

October already being gilded former fresh green foliage of summer, and sometimes a little sprinkling her purple-red, fiery red strokes. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Increasingly, gusty wind blew leaves on the feeble, tearing and dropping them on the ground to cool down, as if trying to hide her from the impending cold.From the beginning of the hunting season had no luck. First opening postponed for a month, then the work has fallen, as the ninth wave. And now in October, more – his last days…The grounds at the outset of the season on «opening» Duck was a little, Read more [...]
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Where Anapa good bite?

Under the melodious sound of the wheels of the train and the contemplation of spaces in the fast train links Moscow — Anapa with our friend Nikolavna mood improves with each passing hour. All Moscow, home, work and other everyday problems like melted in an atmosphere of happiness and expectations of the meeting with the South and the smell of the salty sea air, but the main thing — in anticipation of fishing.Fishing for us and compulsory favorite activity in moments of relaxation and communicate with nature. A then the whole sea our disposal, Read more [...]
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The importance of personal hygiene

Even if you are Into the Wild, struggling on the brink of survival with the nature around dirt, bad weather – do not neglect such a ritual as guidance personal care. And how it would not seem absurd to brush your teeth or wash, if you can be a few hours perish – it is still worth doing! After all, the importance of traditional morning procedures, significantly higher than many believe. At first, purity – is health. Agree, shame will get sick from unsanitary conditions, or even die from some bacillus, very sad when your life is constantly threatened by the mass of a much more serious Read more [...]
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Celtic Harp & hang Drum Melting snowflakes on her hand4:0025 Mar 2014 at 8:02|I like563 commentsNicholas Malinov Good morning survivors25 Mar at 8:03|5Diana Harashina Sorry but can't help but share, apparently broken rock concert was the last straw Read more [...]
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Photos. With his grandson on the Crimean mountains

Hi all colleagues! As promised, I tell about week backpacking trip on the Crimean woods with his six year old grandson Vova. Immediately warn you: a lot of pictures, still a week in march. But little text.The first day. Morning train to Simferopol, then - train to Bakhchisarai, and there - already on foot. We went into the Khan's palace.After the palace got to Assumption Monastery, but did not go to the temple, because view our church for not much: in shorts - indecent. Wanted to visit the "cave" the city of Calais, but when we learned that you have to pay an entrance fee of 50 hryvnia, changed Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, more than 30 fishermen were missing due to Typhoon morning

August 13, 2013. At least 33 fisherman from Eastern Philippine province Catanduanes missing due to Typhoon «The morning». According to authorities, the sailors set out to sea on Saturday, ignoring the storm warnings. According to the national Committee for civil defense, due to the Typhoon in the province of Bicol region evacuated about a thousand people, in the ports of renewal of canceled flights vessels waiting more than eight thousand passengers, cancelled many flights. In some areas of the main Philippine island of Luzon broken power in several provinces canceled classes in schools. Read more [...]
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\»Morning\» reached China

August 15, 2013. Tours to the Islands near China's Guangdong province was canceled due to Typhoon \"morning\", which brought to the region by torrential rains and Gale-force winds. It's already 11 Typhoon, which falls this year on the territory of the PRC. When he reached China, the wind speed at its centre reached 150 kilometers per hour. This was the reason for falling trees and billboards, as well as high waves in the sea.All fishing boats Tuesday is forbidden to go into the sea and local residents urged to stay home. Meanwhile, on Thursday morning \"morning\" reached the southern province Read more [...]
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Nostalgia. Hike to oz.Pazarym 2005

Hi everyone! Today began erase computer and came across a folder with old photographs, and looked inspired memories, oh nostalgia) and so decided to share with you) It was mid-July 2005, the route turned about 180 miles and took 14 days. We walked without straining, no of course it was not easy but abuse is not committed when ustovali stayed relaxed, smoking and moved on) There were five Roman Shuvaev, Valery Ponomarev, Julian, our leader, organizer and a good man Oleg Popkov) Well, I of course)(It was a long time ago, so thoroughly route, the name of the chronology of events and places you can Read more [...]
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In Israel, the rain has gone

Totally unexpected, not only for the inhabitants of Ashdod and Ashkelon, but forecasters, on the South of Israel, the rain has gone. Heavy rain has passed over the coastal strip of Ashkelon on Thursday morning. «The piece» rain clouds went neighboring Ashdod, where the duration of amazing for this time of year is a phenomenon limited to five minutes. On the North of the country also observed precipitation. So the people of the prestigious village of Kfar Vradim told that they on Thursday morning it was raining. «I woke up from the noise of the rain. About half past five in the Read more [...]
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survival medicine

15 hours. The desire appears to work with the latest power no matter rested you or not. Starts 2nd peak performance.16 hours. Blood pressure and increase circulation. At this time, runners achieve good results. The training effect is particularly large, while in the morning it is smaller. Drugs that increase the acidity function differently. 17 hours. You can feel the increase in current strength, to breathe, as they say, full Breasts. "At full speed" work of the kidneys and bladder. Between 16 and 18 hours faster just grow hair and nails.18. Active pancreas. Liver tolerant to alcohol.19 hours. Read more [...]
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Winter access to the forest in April for the weekend.

Once we decided to go with a friend in the woods with a tent for the weekend to fit quite as snowball and spring, and it somehow comes very slowly. This I tried to start your beautiful photo report. Actually we wanted to go to close the season of winter fishing on Mozhaiskom reservoir. Up there with the summer we watched, where you can hide from people and nature to live on a bit near the water. In addition, it was necessary to place one kilometer to go through the field and 500 meters walk. So we checked out and two hours later were in place leaving the carriageway on the field. NATURALLY, no Read more [...]
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Station Berezniki goes underground

The movement of trains and cars in the city of Berezniki in the Perm region is closed and, most likely permanently. Failure of the soil near the station grows with each passing hour, the failed November 25 in the hopper railway car is not already visible. If on the first day of PE subsidence of rocks in the zone of carnallite workings had an area of 50 on 15 meters with a depth of 6 meters, the Sunday numbers increased: 52 33 meters with a depth of 15 meters.By Monday morning surveying measurements recorded that the original pit turned into a pit 70 50 meters and a depth of 20 meters. Railway Read more [...]
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Photos of earthquake in Pakistan

People came out from their houses in the southern coastal city of Karachi after the earthquake of 7.2 points, the epicentre of which was at a distance of 300 km in the South-Western part of Pakistan. An earthquake of 7.2 magnitude shook the South-Western Pakistan on Wednesday morning in a sparsely populated area near the state border with Iran and Afghanistan.Locals bask near the fire, sitting in fear near their homes and waiting for a new impetus, Quetta, Wednesday morning. The man suffered from earthquakes, provide first aid at a hospital in Quetta. Children eat dry mixture near their Read more [...]
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With a Good day ))Original:

25 September 2014 at 7:00|I like21512 27 commentsNikolay Isaykin Good morning to all )25 September at 7:00|4Alex Smolnikov Good25 September at 7:02|3Nicholas Malinov Good morning survivors25 September at 7:05|6Eugene Bessonov Good25 September at 7:13|2Alexey Yushkov Good morning Decided to keep in shape. All charging25 September at 7:14|4Alexander Nikandrov Good morning to All25 September at 7:16|Viktor Koval Good morning to all ) and I have now tea from Icelandic moss. Read more [...]
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