The exhibition «Hunting and fishing in Russia» in Moscow

31 International Exhibition «Hunting and fishing in Russia» will be held in Moscow on February 15-19, 2012 in the Exhibition Centre in halls 69 and 75. Topic:• equipment for hunting and fishing• hunting and fishing tourism• camping equipment and food• hunting, collection weapon and accessories• Remedies• shooting ranges and equipment for them• Special vehicles for fishing and hunting, engines, instruments and navigation• Public fishing, hunting and tourist organizations and associations• garden and farm• protection and development Read more [...]
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In Moscow, a record number of wintering mallards

As usual, the third Sunday of January in Moscow hosted a citywide records of wintering waterfowl. Photos of Natalia Bondareva This year it took place in the 31 th time. This traditional event was attended by so many observers that call their exact number is not possible. Idea, born in the early 1980s, has gained wide popularity. In contrast to the past few years, on this day the weather was mild in winter: in different parts of the –3 to 0°. Several left without ice thaws more water than in the previous winter, the birds were more active than in the freezing weather. Read more [...]
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Moscow Society of Hunt

From age to ageParticipation of Alexander II in the hunt hosted by the Moscow hunting society, positive impact on the formation and development of the Company, as represented proof that built it not for empty fun individual, and there has been a serious public-benefit purposes, or the emperor would not have had it so personal attention.It was the first time the participation of the monarch in the hunt conducted by the NGO. Since then opinion «white stone» in relation to the Moscow Society of hunting varies strongly in favor of the latter. Candidates wishing to become members of the Read more [...]
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Competition in the compact-sporting «Cup of the Moscow City Duma»

May 1 the majority of Muscovites went to the countryside to rest, but the most persistent headed to Moscow on the Sporting Club Sporting competitions-compact "Cup of the Moscow City Duma"All athletes arrived at the stand  in a positive frame of mind and competitions were held in almost homely atmosphere. The weather was good and not at random that did not stop the athletes mood.But all this peaceful atmosphere concealed beneath a rather serious fight strong athletes. So, the competition was attended by Lemeshko Andrei Kondrashov Vladislav Sergey Alexandrov and others.Although, as noted, many Read more [...]
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Cup of Russia on the 3-d archery

"HORN" Number 46Ilya ANTONYUK The tournament was attended by more than 70 archers from 12 regions of the country, including twice world champion in archery Albina Loginova. Traditionally, the competition consisted of two rounds starting at 20 «beasts» each.The 3-D shooting – This type of archery, where archers shoot at targets, having the form of live animals, a life-size, in terms of the natural landscape.Tee  were set up using all the features of the local topography, the second round was much larger than the first. The shooting was carried up Read more [...]
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Ornithologists have discovered in Moscow twenty new capital for the birds

Ornithologists have discovered nightjar and black redstart including twenty new species of birds, which are now live on the territory of Moscow, told RIA Novosti director of the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University Mikhail Kalyakin.Ornithologists have conducted a census of all the bird "the population" the city from 2006 to 2011 in the framework of the project "Atlas birds Moscow"."List of birds added two dozen new species, which is quite difficult to do. In Moscow, a lot of bird watchers. We are not out of the blue started. We originally had a list of 210 birds Read more [...]
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In the forest park in Moscow began the account of the population of animals and birds

Scientists want to know which of living creatures is a company man in the 11-million city. Correspondent «Evening Moscow» went to zoologists believe beavers and water rats in the park «Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo». We count well.In the park we go to ptitsevedom, chief specialist of the Office of protected areas in the Northwest District Ivan Zhmaylovym — the man who calls himself the Master of the forest ecology, and his colleague Vsevolod Kuramshin. We go on the fresh snow newly-fallen snow, and it's very annoying environmentalists. «When the newly-fallen snow — Read more [...]
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In the parks of Moscow will install 17 sculptures Moose

So capital ecologists want to attract the attention of the citizens in environmental issues.The sculptures in full size moose appeared in the capital's parks. 17 sculptures of wild animals cost the city nearly two million rubles.Sculptures moose installed in four parks of the capital: wildlife refuges “Dolinina Setun River” and “Sparrow Hills”, Landscape reserve “Troparevsky” and natural-historical park “Moskvoretsky”.From eco-friendly materials made whole herd of animals- This is done so that people understand – they are in a conservation area Read more [...]
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Meeting on spring hunting in the Moscow region

March 13 Mosoblohotupravlenii held a meeting dedicated to the spring hunting periods in the Moscow region. Meeting was chaired by the head of the DD Vachug. He reminded the audience that, in accordance with the approved parameters of the governor hunting, spring hunting in the Moscow region should open the third Saturday of April, that is, 19.04. The meeting convened by the users of hunting grounds that due to the early and warm spring and rapid snow melting offered to open the hunt earlier deadlines.The meeting was attended by representatives of major users of hunting grounds Podmoskovya- MOOiR, Read more [...]
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At the request of the prosecutor’s office of Moscow region approved the list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel

The prosecutor's office of Moscow region audited compliance with the requirements of Art. 13 of the Federal Law of 13.12.1996 № 150-FZ «On Weapons» in terms of the adoption of the executive authorities of the Moscow region regulations, establishing a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms with a rifled barrel.In accordance with the amended Federal Law «On Weapons» changes in the executive authorities of the Russian Federation should establish a list of professions, occupations which give the right to purchase a hunting firearms Read more [...]
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Since December in Moscow, hunting began to issue tickets on the new schedule

On December 1 of this year, operates a new timetable for issuing a hunting license. Recall: hunters, registered in Moscow, with the July 1, 2011 get tickets for a single sample in the federal departments of Environmental Control Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow.The validity of the old hunting permit extended for a year in connection with the adoption of the Federal Law of June 14, 2011 № 137-FZ «On Amendments to the Forest Code and Article 71 of the Federal Law «On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments to Certain Read more [...]
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For the history of the Moscow Society of Hunt

In the third issue of the "horn" of 2013 contains an article by Sergei Osokin "public association of hunters Russia," in which the author gives facts about the history of the Moscow Society of Hunt behalf of the Emperor Alexander II. Some of these facts are inaccurate.The first chairman of the Society was not SV Pensky, as the author writes, PA Talyzin staying in this position from the occurrence of the company before January 11, 1862. The second chairman was just SV Pensky rather than VI Butovo, according to S. Osokin, after it has presided yy NF Dudin and KN Petrov – they were all the chairmen Read more [...]
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Poynter called the king of hunting dogs and by right belongs to an aristocratic breed. Indeed, differing very subtle flair, quick, broad search, it immediately reacts to the smell of venison, stops in his tracks, in front of a beautiful sculpture in front of bird, stretched out in a straight line from nose to tip of tail. Poynter is very intelligent, easy to train, famous for the extraordinary friendliness and willingness to get along with all family members.In Moscow, the largest Russian Dog Training Centre, over the years it operates Moscow Pointer Club, a public organization, uniting in its Read more [...]
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Moscow Open regional competition

And here again hear passionate voices donoschivye hounds and hunting horns sound - it held the Moscow regional competition hounds of hare in the grounds Shakhovsky ROOiR. Events were held from 4 to 9 October 2014. Chairman of the organizing committee was appointed All-Russian expert category Gorsky VR October 1 MOOiR lots were drawn contestants.  Events served two expert commissions, which experts worked: Gorski VR, VS Pechagin, Kizin PN, MA Blinov, Khamitov EA, Korneev AVComplaints to the work of commissions from participants received. I would like to Read more [...]
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Moscow region. Lake near the town of Klin, station Yauza.Before lunch was clear. Bottom fishing rod plus the float - the long-range casting. Bait corn, but you can not feed. Nozzle maggot, corn, semolina. Carp bite at once - just drop your! In all too well.Before lunch - 40 kg (the largest to 1 kg). Then he drove the boat to feed the carp. Nibble abruptly stopped.Tul. Pond, d. Aleksandrovka.Weather excellent pud bit shallow. Float tackle, pearl barley, semolina, rolled oats. No bait.Carp is well caught more than 5 kg. The biggest 300 g. The depth of 40-50 cm catching.Moscow obl.Istrinskoe reservoir Read more [...]
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OPERATING RESULTS fishing control Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Moscow and the Moscow region during spring spawning 2007

At the fishing reservoirs in connection with the establishment of warm weather in the early spring to spawn in 2007 it began much earlier. Nevertheless, the staff of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for the fishing control of Moscow and the Moscow region at the appropriate level have undertaken activities to provide oversight. In accordance with the plan of joint actions for the protection of fish stocks involved law enforcement and other regulatory authorities. During this period, particularly in the important bodies of water was set clock duty as part of fishing control inspectors, police officers Read more [...]
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Secrets of Successful fishing on the channel it. Moscow

PART 2. Perch on float rod.Photo Anatoly Mailkova For me, the channel is practically the only decent place where I can catch bass in the fun is in the float rod. Other places or far, or not very comfortable. A lot of bass in the canal, it is active, but the crafty, and is very likely to capture a decent trophy. Perch in their bulk occupies the entire beachfront stall and lower curb. For hunting perch fry prefers to be near the top edge. This general. Actually perch channel distributed unevenly even in one, though the «equivalence» site. To predict accurately the place Read more [...]
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From the sea to the river Moscow Moscow

Photo Anatoly Mailkova So, let us move clockwise further and talk about the waters north-west direction near Moscow. There are also many lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers and streams where fans of fishing can always find a place to throw bait.Let's start with the Ivankovo ​​reservoir on the Volga River, which for more than 70 kilometers stretches along the north-western margin of the area. Among the more fishermen known as the Moscow Sea. Although it is located in the neighboring Tver region, near Moscow anglers, including the capital, often come here. Especially as convenient Read more [...]
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On the hunt for Moscow in 1882

Last year (in 1882 - Ed.), The spring was very early. Arrival game was also the earliest. The first to show, as always, the rooks, who arrived on March 13 and then March 16 starlings were seen, the 20th zatokovali wild grouse ...Photos from the archives of the editorial board Last year (1882 — Ed. ), The spring was very early. Arrival game was also the earliest. The first to show, as always, the rooks, who arrived on March 13 and then March 16 starlings were seen, the 20th zatokovali wild grouse ...Last year (1882 — Ed. ), The spring was very early. Arrival game was Read more [...]
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119-th Moscow inter-regional exhibition of dogs hunting breeds

May 26-27, 2012 in Moscow hosted the annual interregional exhibition of hunting dog breeds.Photo by the author Among the many canine events held in Moscow exhibition of hunting dogs, organized by the Moscow society of hunters and fishermen, is a significant event, which seems to livestock hunting dogs registered not only in MOOiR, «Dynamo», Military-hunting society, but also in the hunting societies surrounding area: Tambov, Ryazan, Tula, and others. The exhibition was held in the park «Nagatinskaya floodplain»Close to the metro «Kolomenskaya». Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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