Heavy Mountain

Model snowmobile Lynx 69 Yeti Alpine 1200 4-TEC was created with a clear eye to it have shown increased interest in the technical staff of ski resorts and rescue services. Model snowmobile Lynx 69 Yeti Alpine 1200 4-TEC was created to clear sight to a It took particular interest in the technical staff, and ski resorts rescue services. But surely such a «tractor» zapadet many hunters and ordinary users snowmobile equipment status who do not put any crazy extreme, but the ride up steep slopes, deep snow for fun, but with maximum safety — is always Read more [...]
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Exciting arms of Nepal, or mountain hunting in Dhorpatan

Photo: Konstantin Popov Nepal. Something fascinating and alluring there this word. AT thoughts there is an image of Chomolungma, or as it is called Nepalese Sagarmatha — the highest in the world's giant snow-covered mountain tops on the conquest of the dream of thousands of the most experienced climbers.It was Nepal somewhere is a mystical kingdom of Shambhala, to that the powers that sought the secret passage. A yet it — the birthplace of the Buddha, a place of pilgrimage for millions of believers.But Mountain Read more [...]
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How can we shuffling two dormant bags go one?

Aspen MF     Exposure: courtesy, Westerly MountaineeringAspen MFA:I wouldn't fix on the estimation of two dormancy bags, Landon. Why not one, that deeds as two? That would be a bag such as Westerly Mountaineering's semi-rectangular Aspen MF ($290; www.westernmountaineering.com). It's a full 25-degree bag that weighs sole one punt, 15 ounces. Unzip it and tie it to Westerly's Summertime Coupling ($60), which turns the Aspen into a comforter-style quiescence scheme. Sleeves in the Coupling hold your pads in post. The temporary paygrade girdle fundamentally the like?tied when the Aspen Read more [...]
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The eradication of illiteracy in the midst of novice climbers and beginners mountain tourists, also in the midst of "dummies" ))In the pictures below you can find out about different equipment, technical details, types of mountain terrain and almost everything else. http://vk.com/album-30159529_183658595#vyzyvayuschegothe mountaineering school in the cards ... 13Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Can a semi-rectangular bag dungeon me ardent plenty in the Colorado Rockies?

Lacewood MF Dormancy Bag     Picture: courtesy, Westerly MountaineeringWesterly Mountaineering Lacewood MF Quiescency BagPlatan MF Dormancy BagA:We ilk mass who enter confessional fashion hither. Anything else you aid to contribution? But what you say makes arrant sensation. I?m a knees-up side-sleeper, and that doesn?t constantly ferment wellspring in mummies, either.So you?re looking roughly a 20-degree bag? That should get you done the berm seasons in the Rockies. One possibleness is the Big Agnes Roxy Ann +15 ($200; bigagnes.com). It?s a women?s-specific pile bag rated to 15 Read more [...]
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Which mateable zero-degree bags are ignitor sufficiency for packing?

Antelope MF Dormancy Bag     Pic: courtesy, Westerly MountaineeringWesterly Mountaineering Antelope MF Dormancy BagAntelope MF Quiescency BagA:Really, many quiescence bags are mateable?you but buy one with a remaining zip, and the former with a rectify zip. But not all bags are mateable, because on around bags the zip doesn?t go clear to the groundwork of the bag.One reward of zipping bags unitedly is that you really can escape with a barge bag due to the profit from reciprocal personify passion. My testimonial is to get a duad of Westerly Mountaineering Antelope MF bags. These down-filled Read more [...]
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Do tramp boots made with cloth uppers pass sufficiency ankle reenforcement?

Acme Trek Rush     Pic: courtesy, KaylandKayland Acme Trek FlushPeak Trek BangA:It?s sure on-key that tod?s boots progressively are ?hybrids"?contribution leather, contribution framework. Largely, that creates a more well-fixed charge, as textile doesn?t demand any housebreaking catamenia. Cloth likewise is barge, and, swell, cheaper than leather. So you almost ofttimes see it in sub-$150 boots. Too, allow the opinion that fabrics don?t damp as lots as leather ended clip. So spell such a rush may smell softer at beginning, it?s apt to hold moderately advantageously.That aforementioned, Read more [...]
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Is it a bad theme to trek in pliant mountaineering boots?

Scarpa Elevation GTX Mountaineering Thrill     Pic: courtesy, REIScarpa Crest GTX Mountaineering BangScarpa Acme GTX Mountaineering KickA:Surely for the mountaineering function of this misstep the Koflach Arctis Expe ($350) would be a dear prime. They?re a fond, pliant mountaineering rush that?s hone in insensate conditions and proficient ice/snowfall. Asolo?s AFS 8000s ($440) would sour wellspring, too.As for the trekking dower, fountainhead, I don?t recognise. Moldable boots sustain seed a foresightful way in late days, but they?re stillness not the well-nigh comfy matter to assume Read more [...]
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What boots should I vesture for snowshoeing?

A:By wintertime boots, I adopt you beggarly the kinda insulated "oak" boots similar the Sorel Reindeer ($100). If so, these aren't about blotto sufficiency. Roughly cross-country ski boots power exercise, but likely but the heavier ones. Anyways, Nordic boots get turn quite unearthly in late eld, now given to be super-light groomed-trail boots to fit purpose-made telemark skis. No in-betweeners, so.Concluded the geezerhood, I've ground that a duad of jackanapes shaping mountaineering boots ferment topper, something alike the Koflach Degre ($255; www.koflachusa.com). They're lovesome, Read more [...]
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What is the about various hike charge?

A:Wow, that's a improbable gild. But, as I've aforesaid earlier, masses victimised to buy one duet of boots and use them for around everything, from packing to ice mounting to unmistakably backbreaking rock'n'roll climb. We scarce called them "mountaineering boots" and that was that. This, yet, is an era of specialism. My own paraphernalia cupboard has large packing boots (two pairs), shaping flock boots (spark and giant), all sorts of day hikers, igniter packing boots, rock'n'roll place, and more. ButBthere is a eject thither that leave plow roughly everything on your like lean. It's Read more [...]
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Moldable boots proven to be overmuch for Rainier. What should I vesture alternatively?

Technical GV GTX Mountaineering Kick     Picture: courtesy, AsoloAsolo Good GV GTX Mountaineering ChargeSkilful GV GTX Mountaineering ChargeA:Yuck. I detest shaping boots on Rainier, too. So what was the pip function, Dayton?those last two miles on the way pile when you were hot, worn-out, footsore, and thigh-sore, yet able-bodied to see the oh-so-seemingly-close Shangri-la Gild? That?s the parting I detest, I testament separate you that.Thither are so many really dear choices these years. Genuinely, for what you are talk some, Scarpa?s Dodging ($225) is ok. These are a enceinte Read more [...]
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What are the trump options are for eye auspices for a mountaineering form.

A:Hey, that sounds similar around mountaineering class! My advice: Expend the money on prescription glacier specs. I imply, truly, how practically is this stumble costing? In the outline of things, stipendiary the excess scraping for the rightfield spectacles leave be footling. The alternate is to vesture contacts, but those can case problems in the coldness, dry, highschool weather you'll skirmish. And you Leave demand glacier spectacles. Yes, goggles too -- but for when it's airy and snow-clad. When the sun is out, glacier specs are the hatful.So hither's what you do: A Bowlder, Colorado fellowship Read more [...]
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Testament a bivy dungeon me tender and protect my bag?

Apache Sup MF     Pic: courtesy, Westerly MountaineeringWesterly Mountaineering’s Apache Crack MFApache Superintendent MFA:Let me get this straightaway. You bought a 32-degree bag (the Deal Hardwear Apparition 32?$245; www.mountainhardwear.com?is rated to 32 degrees, weighs one lbf., fin ounces, and has devour filling), so now began winning stairs to add to its caloric qualities? I?ll dismiss the save-the-lining hypothesis; it?s on-key that you demand to hold a bag?s liner scavenge, but tiring yearn underclothing and the periodic laundering takes maintenance of that. To Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank plastic lining for mountaineering boots?

Nuptse mountaineering thrill     Photograph: courtesy, La SportivaLa Sportiva Nuptse bootsNuptse mountaineering rushA:Good, generally, you yield the lining that comes with boot. And I wouldn?t urge doing anything differently. Putt a Stain X lining in a Steel Y charge could lede to about good fit issues, perhaps fifty-fifty flexible the detachment by squeeze your base or creating voids where wet and frigidity air could be treed.That aforementioned, well-nigh liners sustain about combining of closed- and open-cell fizz made of polythene or a stuff called Alveolit. The democratic Koflach Read more [...]
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Are my hike boots climber compatible?

G10 crampons     Exposure: courtesy, GrivelGrivel G10 cramponsG10 cramponsA:REI?s Life II boots (now called the Heart III and merchandising for $189 at rei.com) are a amercement duo of all-round tramp boots. Whether you wish to trounce on roughly crampons and issue them climb depends much on where you signify to go. For coke or glacier locomotion capable a 35-degree pitch they?re mulct. But for drawn-out meter on c, or a raise such as Climb Rainier, they equitable don?t let the heave to micturate you actual well-heeled.But they?ll sure issue crampons. Heck, chase runners can yield Read more [...]
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What temperature dormancy bag do I demand for a summertime in the Rockies?

Alpinlite Superintendent Dormant Bag     Picture: courtesy, Westerly MountaineeringWesterly Mountaineering Alpinlite Crack Quiescence BagAlpinlite Crack Dormant BagA:That testament be a big trip-up. The Colorado Train stretches about 500 miles from Denver to Durango. It winds done the Bouldery Mountains in Colorado, traversing six wild areas and octonary mount ranges at high of capable 13,334 feet. In fact, almost of the clock you?ll be 10,000 feet or higher. That agency nights can be parky, particularly if you?re hush on the tag afterward mid-August.That aforesaid, it won?t be gelid. Read more [...]
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Westerly Mountaineering

Summerlite     Picture: Score WiensThe Summerlite vanishes into a stuffsack too runty to oblige a few hoagies I've eaten. Yet it's not claustrophobic alike around ultralights. Designers achieved the exploit by dressing a filmy 20-denier nylon casing with 850-fill fine-tune and sliver dorsum everything else—exclude warmness. It proven itself a selection summer-plus bag on near-freezing nights in the Puget Strait lowlands. 32°F, 1.2 lbs; www.westernmountaineering.comIncentive: A uncut zip—unheard of on a bag this spark.Bummer: The hoodlum drawcord hangs in your Read more [...]
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Climbing tab

Hello! This is my first article, so please do not throw much slippers. This article is devoted homemade Climbing Snorkeling which can be useful in an emergency, in the absence of factory analogues Climbing tab, need to secure insurance in rock fractures. Consists of a steel carbine (№ 10) with coupling, steel cable (4mm), cable clamps (6s), nuts (chosen on the basis of personal preference, I took 36) and duct tape (although you can use PVC hose, but purely for aesthetic beauty).As you can see the design is rather primitive, but not looking at it is quite reliable and can withstand heavy loads, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Easel satchel

Easel satchel - carried to its logical end frame becomes a "machine." This term suggests the outer frame, which is fixed mounted system (straps and belt), and to which is attached one or bag, or can attach a wide variety of goods. We can say that heavy machine knapsack - this frame with straps, and everything else can be fitted to the base of their own taste.In the West, this type of backpacks from time to time called "Bergen type" , but not after the Norwegian town of Bergen and the Norwegian company by the name of Bergans Oslo. In the 30s, the company received a large Read more [...]
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Tourist note: shoes for mountain hikes

Shoes for mountain trekking made warming and certainly firmly locking leg. Such shoes armed sole VIBRAM, which increases plaque (popularly called simply - vibramy). In the soles have welts for fixing cats and snowshoes. The upper part of the shoe is made of materials Myagenkaya - Inverted leather, nubuck with additional cushioning welt around the perimeter of the shoe at the middle of the foot to protect against external influences.But modern technology has gone ahead, and now are widely used shoes made of synthetic materials, they benefit greatly by weight traits. Judge for yourself: a Read more [...]
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