The techniques of movement in the mountains

Navigate through the mountains difficult and dangerous. You need to have good shoes, a tenacious protector, special equipment and climbing skills. In this review we will talk about the basic techniques of movement in the mountains. This issue we will consider from the standpoint of autonomous survival, ie – you are alone with the mountains. So, there are three basic types of movement in the mountains: the top, the pass or to the top of the mountain; down the slopes of the mountains; direct movement of the visor, the rock ledge.Climb. Difficulty lifting depends on the steepness of the slope Read more [...]
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Meals in the mountains

Survival in the mountains – difficult test. Transitions in the mountains take a lot of effort and energy. Forces need to fill, eat high-calorie food, in decent quantities. However, in the case of food in the mountains of things very hard. Flora and fauna of the mountains, not so rich. And on the highest mountain peaks and did nothing to profit. Today we talk about food in the mountains, when there is no food reserves and have to rely only on what is possible to find or catch. That get food, should move down from the tops of the mountains to the valleys. Here begins the small wooded areas Read more [...]
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Orienteering in the mountains

Only at first glance it may seem that navigate in the mountains just Behold top, that's the valley. Actually, Orienteering in the mountains extremely difficult. And even if the direction of motion, it seems obvious that the complexity of the mining conditions, unpredictable terrain, can complicate the way repeatedly, knock directions, to stall when neither backward nor forward. So, for orienteering in the mountains should be approached with the utmost seriousness. On the hill you can work your way to the valley, it is not difficult. The compass, the stars or the sun, you can define the desired Read more [...]
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Danger in the mountains

Mountains – perhaps, one of the most attractive places for tourists and they tend to the thousands of snowy summits around the world. However, this the most dangerous regions of the Earth. Hundreds of tourists every year get into trouble on the slopes. In this article we will talk about the dangers of people in the mountains. How to behave when lost, how to stay alive. Mountains dangerous primarily because of its difficult terrain. There is always a risk to fall in a hole, fall off a cliff into the abyss, to stumble on the rocks covered with snow. So «to catch a Raven» in the Read more [...]
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Avalanche Seli Rockfalls

Today we talk about the dangers peculiar to mountain. Traveler in the mountains lurks a series of dangerous and deadly phenomena: avalanche, mudflows, rockfall. It is clear that fell under one of these kinds of elements – too late to do anything. We can only pray to God and «glue fins»… But it is possible to predict avalanches, rock falls, and avoid dangerous areas. About these precautions will be discussed. Avalanche. Moving on snow-covered mountain slopes, always be wary of the southern areas of the quarter. Here the snow is most susceptible to the sun. It melts, ryhleet Read more [...]
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How Can I Get the Nearly Out of the Nation’s Newest Internal Memorial?

At most 500,000 demesne, Harmonium Mountains-Desert Peaks Home Repository is the largest internal repository created during Chairwoman Obama's meter in position.     Exposure: Bob Taper, Authority of State Direction/FlickrA:Cinque barbarian lot ranges. Hundreds of miles of trails. Nada crowds. That's what awaits visitors at the nation's newest Naitonal Repository in New Mexico.Harmonium Mountains-Desert Peaks consists of 4 branch patches of the Chihuahuan Desolate encompassing Las Cruces in southerly New Mexico. All-inclusive a half-million demesne of commonwealth, the ar was given Read more [...]
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SoCal Could Misplace Two-Thirds of Snowpack

Southerly Californians could see their mountains misplace capable two-thirds of their coke by 2100, according to a new survey from the University of California Los Angeles. According to the field, funded in function by the metropolis of L.A., the mountains in the Los Angeles neighborhood could suffer approximately 30 to 40 pct of their bamboozle by 2050 and around 66 percentage by the end of the hundred."Clime commute has suit inevitable, and we're expiration to mislay a hearty total of snowfall by mid-century," aforesaid UCLA investigator Alex Dormitory. "But our choices issue. Read more [...]
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New Zealander Attempts to Hiking Northwards Korean Compass

A one-time cop hopes to be the commencement mortal in forward-looking remembering to hiking the Korean peninsula's 870-mile chain, the Baekdudaegan, which runs from Northwards Korea's edge with Chinaware south Korean seashore. According to an clause in the New York Multiplication, Roger Sheepman, from New Zealand, is the commencement outlander to tramp in the distant mountains of Northward Korea since the partitioning of Northerly and Southward Korea. The 47-year-old plans to comeback to N Korea in Grand in hopes that the two countries bequeath let him hybridizing the dmz.Mr. Sheepman's dream draws Read more [...]
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Exit Alone: Why Every Raise Necessarily to Research Lone

I am drive northerly, cresting the eminent ridgepole that separates Santa Fe from the repose of northerly New Mexico. At the top, I bbl refine the farseeing mound retiring the Opera, toward the crenated sandstone ridgepole supra Pojoaque that from this length and therein former spark looks ilk a cock's cockscomb, crenellated then tap it's about red. I am sliding out of the mountains and into the desolate. I'm departure dwelling, only. When I devil the behind, I'll be departed.All month I've been unsatisfied and itchiness for my old jeopardize liveliness, when my hubby and I would wad consecutive Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Big Stone River

"Leaking immeasurable depth of stone rivers, of which the solid droplets are larger quantity of blocks" - so poetically described this phenomenon of nature PPAnosov. Stone River (local name - placers) is not unique to TAGANAY, Urenga, other ranges of Southern Urala.Oni are linearly elongated clusters of boulders and gravel, which moved from the slopes of the mountains in the intermountain ravniny.S top of the mountains placer really resemble the real river. Their education refers to the era of the last ice. At this time, the glaciers in the Southern Urals covered only the tops of the ridges, the Read more [...]
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Dry Ridge Mountains (Dry Mountains)

Map of Dry Ridge Mountains:View Dry Ridge Mountains. in a larger map Dry Ridge Mountains (Chelyabinsk region). Stretches from SW to NE, is a watershed pp Lemeza (lion. Tributary. Shem) and Neil (lion. Tributary. CATA) in NW. The SE almost papallelno Ridge Dry Ridge Mountains lies bunks. Coupled with the southern spurs and are associated with dry mountain ridges Bairamgul and Small Kareda length of the ridge is about 45 km. The large width of the ridge 10 km. The central ridge is a plateau, wooded height of 1000 m., With small tops, meadows and stone placers. The highest points from north to south: Read more [...]
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Arkady Fedorov A.

Arkady Fedorov A. (Dates of life unknown.), Architect. He graduated from the Institute of Civil. Engineers in St. Petersburg. (1902). In 1909-14 the mountains. architect. Chelyaba. Max. significant construction: the building stock Inns (1911) and the passage Yausheva (1912) in Troitsk, bargaining. home Yausheva (1911), VALEYEVA (1912) and Staheeva (1913) in Chelyaba. Since 1914, the mountains. architect. ECAT. Under his hands. was completed page. building new seating yard (1915) and the beginning. page. mining buildings and teachers' in-tov (1915). The author of the project of restructuring the Read more [...]
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The Ural Mountains

    In the surroundings of our city ​​towering green peaks of the Ural Mountains. These are: Fox, High, Naked Stone, Long, Yudin, Gorbunova, Palen, Fir, Bear Stone. From a distance the peaks seem to be covered wooded arrays, but in fact most of them crowned with rocky buttes, towering over the tops trees. In the intermountain hollows carry their water mountain streams: Prikazchitsa, Chaschiha, Baranci, Viya, Loeb, flowing into the river Tagil.     In the south-west, 40 kilometers from the city, the mountains are Funny, their height vertices reaches 700 meters and Read more [...]
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Ural Mugudzhar

Rich and Ural forests and waters, but his main treasure mountains, more precisely, those in­mineral resources, which are hidden in them. Where the mountains and ore plants there and the city. From the mountains and began the glory of the Urals. How many mountains in the Urals? Such a list yet. But many, not one hundred and one thousand, and so much more. And almost every mountain has a name oronym, and the name of a monument to the language, history and spiritual culture, which should be protected, because the names of the mountains, as well as other geo­graphic names, can tell a lot about Read more [...]
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Uktusskie mountains. River Patrushikha. Elizabethan pond

Uktusskie mountains are very famous even beyond the Urals: it held the All-Union and international ski competition, there is a series of ski jump (40, 80, 100), including the artificial turf for the summer training in the winter time work Resorts sports associations "Labor", "Dynamo", "Labor reserves"SKA. From the top Uktusskih Mountains offer beautiful views of the Sverdlovsk village Uktus and Nizhneisetsky pond. Historically, it is also interesting placeIt is here, on the river Patrushikha (in the old days was called Uktuskoy) flowing at the foot of the mountains, Read more [...]
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Tyulyukskie Lake (Tyulyukskoe swamp)

On the banks of the lake-marsh system mossy wall worth taiga. Deaf and rugged. Well, of  the darkest swamp water here and there stick dry trees. Fallen trees and littered with many places with open water. True Berendeevo kingdom! Home of Baba Yaga. In a human spirit here just does not smell. What or over in the extended chain of lakes and wetlands is not observed. But it is, although not much, but is. After all, limited to 3 sides of the mountain wall water as you fill the basin, is obliged to flow westward to the only place where there is vyhod.Eto Tyulyuk source of the river, which many Read more [...]
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Rocks Mambet

It is located in a semicircle concave rock wall affects sight of any who floated down the Zilim.  Weaving meters plummet. And somewhere up there, high, high domes of pines and sky. And if you climb the sacred tropochke top, you can see the opposite  a narrow ribbon across the bottom of the river. And as the eye can see frozen waves of mountains. It's very good to sit and see. Slowly reflecting on the transience of life and the endless beauty of the world around us. How to reach Mambet? Very simply. From a line-Sterlitamak Ufa, in the village of Tolbazy need to turn towards the village Read more [...]
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Shimane Ilya Ivanovich

Shimane Ilya Ivanovich (1850?), ECAT. 1st merchant guilds and societies. figure. Born in a family of merchants, and from a young age doing flour milling business. In 1884 organized the ECAT. One of the first U. steam mills, products sold to swarm in the plural. s-dy and the city region. AS participated in the activities of the rural and mountains. government. In 1884-94 he held the post of the mountains. ECAT head. With his active support of the first built in the phone line, set up an in-Indemnity (1885), organized by the cobbled streets, a one-day census of the mountains. us. (1887), etc. At Read more [...]
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Pink rocks (Suratal, Kiziltas)

Pink mountains. Kiziltas, Suratal. Between the villages assy and Bestamak Inzer lays the semicircle and all over him, on the right Bank rises superior rock wall pink, covered in pine and fir. Pink mountains assigns one the salts of the 1-St of metals, presumably manganese. Although the rocks that compose the Pink mountains stromatolite limestone. These ancient rocks were folded stromatolite aquatic plants that lived here 2 billion years ago, in the Riphean sea that lapped at the place of the Ural mountains. I must say that all the rocks in this place have color from pale pink to purple. That Read more [...]
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The Riphean, stone, stone belt — Ural

All the familiar names, isn't it? A distant echo of legends, poetic image is now the most of them. However, every one of them - it is official. All are in solid folios, in the proceedings leading to their time of geographers. They all, each in the appropriate time, have been recognized in Europe for naming visible on our planet mountain country. Why for chains cambered ridges stretching portly rows from the Arctic ocean to the Urals deserts, entrenched here is their current name? Why it took place for centuries? The question is not idle. Naming is not an ordinary event. At all times the habitation Read more [...]
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