Statistics region

The space-time statistics of observations change shape and physical fields of the Earth (IFFZ) is not uniform, as it is composed of different types (physical nature) of the data that can not be reduced to a single frame of reference coordinates and gravity. Thus, maps of recent vertical crustal movements (SVDZK) reflect the data on the relative displacements of short profiles, rather than absolute figures raise or lower the microplates. As long as the height anomalies occasionally not detected SVDZK card can not be brought into a single system of reference heights and therefore do not represent Read more [...]
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What’s the trump practice equipment for a dormitory?

Continually adding change to your preparation programme is the better way to cipher in your dormitory passim the twelvemonth without acquiring blase. A few unproblematic education tools, comparable ValSlides, resistor bands, and approximately manakin of underground?either a music egg or dumbbells?leave helper hold your grooming smart. Topper of all, you can storage it bushed your loo and takings it with you on route trips.1. ValSlides are enceinte for up mobility, constancy and durability, but they're particularly utile for lour torso movements same lunges. Another tip: Use them to pee your push-ups Read more [...]
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Scientists have released a new humanoid robot

Nine months later, Boden developed a humanoid with a fundamentally new types of limb movements. As a rule, the best solution is not a humanoid robot, as "non-human" forms provide a much better performance of tasks. But scientists at the University of Zurich has created a fundamentally new type of humanoid robot Roboy, which will help people in everyday tasks. The main feature is its new robot system movements. Management system Roboy created by analogy with human limbs - the robot is controlled by motorized tendon, eliminating him from the traditional robot sharp ratcheting. Read more [...]
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Scientists Make Scamp Incarnation

Genuine avatars get started to look more quick than evening James Cameron mightiness suffer expected.In an experimentation we’d preferably not envisage, scientists exploited reckoner fries to tie-in two monkeys unitedly, allowing one hierarch’s head to command the early’s eubstance.  Although it power audio grisly, the researchers trust their sour—part divine by Cameron’s megahit Incarnation—leave helper patients with brass or spinal palsy.To manage this mind-control exploit, the squad planted a chip in the “passe-partout” potter’s head Read more [...]
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Monkeys are like people tend to keep up, scientists have found

People have been known to unconsciously adjust their movements under the people nearby - go for a walk in the foot or clap in rhythm during the concert.Monkeys as well as humans, tend to synchronize their movements with their neighbors and move them at the same pace, scientists have found out of the Institute for Brain Research Center of Japanese RIKEN. People have been known to unconsciously adjust their movements under the people nearby - go for a walk in the foot or clap in rhythm during the concert. The group, led by Dr. Naotaka Fujii (Naotaka Fujii) in experiments with Japanese macaques found Read more [...]
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Quiet Moves

Swim Suit More Fishlike Done Counterpoise Dolphins we're not. "Eventide the man's about effective swimmers read less than 10 pct of their muscularity immediately into progression. For the distinctive 30-plus masters natator it drops as low as 3 percentage," says Terrycloth Laughlin, creator of Totality Concentration, the nigh pop masters-swimming clinic in the land. "Nearly of the repose is consumed by wave-making and stressful not to sump." Displacement: Your flailing ain't middling. Worsened, you're loss nowhere, and not truehearted. Therefore, construction exponent and survival Read more [...]
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Near Definition

Menstruum FACTS (3) Figure of hours linear (or tantamount practice) per hebdomad men pauperization in edict to attain a 30 percentage depress chance of impotencyKnead Near forms get the like destination: to step-up lineage catamenia, thence relaxation blotto muscles and joints, which speeds your soundbox's recuperation from strong-arm focus. Favourable members of the USPS Pro Cycling team invite a deep-tissue knead abaft every competitor during airstream harden, but Dave Bolch, a knead healer for the squad, advises massages year-around: "Go erstwhile every month if you can. You'll quieten Read more [...]
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Individual modalities to combat fatigue-5

Let us for example to three biomechanical principles that are important for any production. The first of them says that the constant movement always better and more economical intermittent. For example, if a worker is greased rack galoshes number of individual movements, these movements are physiologically more costly than motion in one continuous stroke. Disadvantage continuous movements depends on the beginning and end of each movement require increased nervous stimulation to overcome the forces of inertia, maintaining the same reach speeds cheaper than renewal and inhibition of its time (M. Read more [...]
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Partial damage to the thigh muscles

Most often these injuries recorded in the quadriceps, biceps and leading representatives of the thigh muscles in team sports and athletics sprinter. In hurdler, players and pyatibortsev observed as a rule, only partial adductor injury. Partial tears biceps uncoordinated movements occur during or at the time of breakthrough. In this case, muscle breaks in its transition to a tendon. On examination, visible swelling, bleeding on the back of the thigh to the lower third. Determined by palpation tenderness, active muscle tension significantly weakened the movement of the knee is limited because Read more [...]
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Sport - The kind of outdoor games, a variety of sports. Sports are diverse in content and effects on the body. As physical exercise, they have a number of features. Continuous change of gaming positions in the game forces participants to immediately react to the opponents and partners, making the necessary, most new movements. With this sports more than other exercise, in which pre-defined sequence of movements (like the gym) and they basically repeated (jogging, swimming, etc.), develop valuable qualities such as resourcefulness, determination, quick- unexpected context. The need to comply Read more [...]
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Spasm - Is abnormal muscle contractions associated with an increase in their tone. Spasm is a reflex reaction, depending on the state of the pyramidal system. Active mobility in spasm sharply limited, passive, is also difficult, and for passive limb movements observed increased resistance to having resilient character. For minor muscle movements hypertension can not capture, in which case it becomes more noticeable with sudden movements. The clinical manifestations of skeletal muscle spasm is to improve muscle tone, determined to touch the muscle tension and visually change their configuration. Read more [...]
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Sucking - Physiological act, which is based on complex congenital unconditioned alimentary reflex. The act of sucking as unconditioned reflex (see) in "pure form" takes place only in the first hours after birth, as soon there is a complication of nervous regulation (see the conditioned reflex). In embracing and compression newborn nipple of the breast involving the lips, transverse folds on them, tight roll along the maxillary processes, fatty lumps (lumps Binta) cheeks. When compressing the nipple or areola is relaxation of the sphincter ducts, elongation and flattening of the nipple. Read more [...]
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Modern research on the mechanism of dream-2

In 60-year-old man, a blind 30 years ago, there were no visual images of dreams, he did not have rapid eye movement during dreaming, and the blind with prescription blindness 3-15 years, who have kept the visual images are always observed rapid movements eyes in dreams. However, it is believed that many dreams with visual imagery can occur without visible movements of the eyeballs. Some authors believe that the rapid eye movements are influenced by certain neurophysiological conditions. Given certain changes electroencephalogram, which often precede movements century for a few seconds (according Read more [...]
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Relationship with the depth of sleep dreams-1

B. Andreev experimentally established that it is easier to get the effect of disinhibition of sleep stages in shallow than in deeper. This fact is well known. We want to emphasize its connection to the greater possibility of dreams in shallow stages of sleep. In his experiments, BV Andreev (1951) applied the aktograficheskuyu technique that enables continuous, around the clock to register the general movement of the subjects. At physiological assessment actogram we proceed from the premise that the more deep sleep associated with fewer movements, produced by some of the individual time sleep. Read more [...]
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Subcutaneous breaks hip adductors

This injury occurs when the sudden uncoordinated movements in gymnasts and acrobats. The main reason - a bad workout. Symptoms. At the time of the injury the victim hears a characteristic crack. Immediately visible swelling on the inside of the thigh and a sharp stinging pain in a local inner edge of the groin. Acutely painful hip abduction. On palpation can detect the end of the torn tendon in a tight formation, above which land depressions. Subsequently, there is an extensive haemorrhage, descending to the middle third of the thigh, and at the break more clearly noticeable retraction of Read more [...]
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Therapeutic physical training burns and frostbite

Burns. This damages the body, caused by exposure to heat, chemicals or radiation energy. If you get burned primarily affected skin. Depending on the depth of its damage are four degrees of burns: I degree - redness and swelling of the skin; II degree - numbness of the upper layers of the epidermis and the formation of bubbles filled with inflammatory fluid; III degree - the deeper layers of skin necrosis, partial or complete; IV degree - necrosis tissue under the skin. Burns I or II with a small area of destruction occurs predominantly as a local disease. If they capture 10.5 percent or more Read more [...]
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Therapeutic physical training in diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system

At diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves may appear the following violations: a) the reduction of involuntary innervation tension (tone) muscles b) violation of motor function (paralysis, paresis), c) numbness in the affected area, d) violation of the trophic nervous - muscular atrophy, e) the reduction or disappearance of reflexes and e) pain. These symptoms are characteristic flaccid paralysis, the severity of which depends on the location, extent and severity of damage. For example, with the defeat of the brachial plexus of the picture of a sluggish atrophic paralysis and anesthesia of Read more [...]
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Brief description of the standard treatment regimen

Under therapeutic regimens means a series of measures that eliminate the negative and increase the irritation with the body's resistance. Each treatment is determined by the content of the daily routine and the amount of physical activity the patient, ie the motor. Propulsion modes used in hospitals and hospitals are divided into: I - strict bed, II - bed, III - ward (polupostelny) and IV - free (general). In health centers, respectively: I - gentle, II - a tonic, or gently-coaching, and III - coaching. In a hospital setting strict bed mode - This position lying or half (on a stand), eating Read more [...]
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The classification exercise 2

Exercises in tensing the muscles used in the treatment of injuries, when limb is immobilized or she must be provided with relative peace without immobilization. These exercises promote circulation to damaged tissues, contributing to the regeneration of bone tissue and prevent muscle atrophy. Exercise in passive movements are used for paralysis, paresis and stiffness of the joints. They are performed by the health of his legs, and with the help of medical physical training instructor or with special devices - by moving individual body segments by gravity ("paradoxical" movement). These Read more [...]
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Classification of exercise-1

Exercises on the coordination of movements are considered as independent as dramatically impaired in some diseases and injuries coordination movements can not be restored with only general gymnastic exercises. Therefore, recovery coordination, accuracy, responsiveness and rhythmic hand movements are used to coordinate the exercise of fingers (superimposition of one finger to the other, the opposition and the fingers, etc.), doing up buttons, lacing shoes, drawing, modeling, shuffling fingers Rung ladders board, picking up matches, assembly and disassembly of childhood pyramids, etc. To restore Read more [...]
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