Evacuation in Los Angeles due to flooding

Residents located in the foothills of settlements near Los Angeles (California) preparing for a new weathering bad weather. The National Weather Service predicts the United States on Wednesday and Thursday downpours and flooding of many residential areas. Authorities ordered the evacuation of the inhabitants of 541 homes in paragraphs La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Acton and two canyons north of Los Angeles. Police officers bypass house to house, warning residents of impending danger. Those who voluntarily decided to stay, sign papers absolving the government from liability for the consequences Read more [...]
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In Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan by the mudslide destroyed several bridges

In Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan by the mudslide destroyed several bridges. This reports the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations CU.

According to her, the result of heavy rains and landslides have damaged bridges in the villages Chat, acyc-Alma, Zharyk-Tash, Turtuk and Thorpe Aksy district. \»Due to the fact that washed crossing in these villages, the local people are forced to graze cattle on the banks of the river\», — the message says.

Source: IA \»24.kg\»

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Mudslide demolished cars of a moving train in Washington

19/12/2012Mudslide hit a moving freight train in the U.S. state of Washington, and led to its collapse near the city of Everett. Avalanche came down the slope height of 30 meters. The newspaper said the freight train carrying various goods, including small packages of disinfectant substances, chemicals and fertilizers. At the scene, the group went to work with hazardous materials. Experts argue that the threat to the environment and health of the local population there. However, the passenger traffic in the area was introduced 48-hour moratorium on security grounds. Note a few days earlier Read more [...]
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Scout: Phratry Dog Reclaimed in Mudslide

When the Kuntz category returned to their plate in Oso, Washington, astern Saturday's mudslide, they feared the whip for their honey dog, Crony. But in one of the few cocksure twists of the Peaceable Nw cataclysm, Brother, a coffee Labrador retriever, survived the slew and was successfully reclaimed and returned to his kinfolk. "We were look done all the debris, and we heard the dog whining," explained Quinton Kuntz. "I scarce stony-broke pile rank, very felicitous that my dog was o.k.."The Kuntz kinfolk had foregone to a baseball the day of the coast and unexpended Chum Read more [...]
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In Austria, 11 people were injured in gathering mud mudslide

June 19. 11 people were injured in gathering mud mudslide in Austria. A powerful stream of hit tracks, which at the time was racing a passenger train - there were about two hundred people. Machinist managed emergency brake, but the composition was derailed. Rescuers arrived at the scene, the victims were hospitalized. The other passengers were forced to transfer to buses. Landslides and mudflows are common in Switzerland. So, two weeks ago, a landslide blocked the traffic on one of the lines of railroad. On the eve of it conducted a series of controlled explosions to clear the tracks multi-ton Read more [...]
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