The pig. What to do?

A contagious disease.


• A high temperature.

• Swelling of the parotid glands.

• Lethargy, lack of appetite.


• isolate the patient for three weeks;

• if you really tormented by the pain, give pain;

• to feed the patient only liquid food, so it was easier to swallow.

After the disease creates a strong immunity: mumps twice don’t get sick.

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Stone Pegushin (Mumps)

Stone Pegushin (Mumps)Distance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)83 km 85 kmStone Pegushin (Mumps) on the left bank Chusovoi 85 kilometers from the tourist center Chusovaia and 6 kilometers from the village Chusova. The old name of the stone, which was used rafters, Pegushin (from the word piebald). Title stone Mumps occurred much later, in the 1930s. Pigs called timbered houses, filled with gravel and clay, which Read more [...]
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kin cry for Komrad! Need for breeding pigs.

Good day, Komrad! decided to invest in gilts. I think this is a good business and a natural product and a reason to leave the city for good. If anyone is willing to sell me a pair for breeding, unsubscribe ... Need: Barbecue or breed kraynyak Mangalica Hungarian, Swabian - Gali, Duroc or Turopolje. find them difficult, and did not know what slipped. There are among us breeders? if someone like the idea, here saytik on rocks and Content: now plan to take the first couple to be spring, then transported to the free bread in vyzhivalische. buy Read more [...]
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Encephalomyelitis with mumps

One of the most frequent complications of mumps - serous meningitis with a favorable course. Sometimes meningeal phenomena of the defeat of the cranial nerves, psychotic disorders. In some cases, the picture of "typhoid state": marked drowsiness, delirium, which goes into a coma, and convulsions. These symptoms are a major threat to life. Occasionally amid meningoentsefaliticheskih phenomena observed unstable hemi-and paraparesis. Meningoencephalitis may be the primary manifestation of infection. Parotitis develops later or not at all. Can affect other organs, causing the occurrence Read more [...]
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Chronic parotitis

Chronic parotitis is non-specific and specific (actinomycosis, tuberculosis, syphilis). In chronic non-specific mumps may be affected ducts (angiosialitis) and the parenchyma (see Sialoadenit). Distinguish chronic exudative and productive P. Chronic parotitis characterized by painless or mildly painful parotid salivary gland with alternate peaking process is the one, then the other. Flow of saliva released muddy or pus. On contrast sialograph (see sialography) determines whether larger or smaller cavities formed due to loss of individual sections of cancer (Fig. 2 and W). Fig. 2. Chronic parotitis Read more [...]
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Microbial flora of the parotid glands in mumps and their treatment autovaccines

Most domestic authors (GA Zedgenidze, 1953 VI Zausaev 1959, Mr. Vasiliev and JF Romacheva, 1966 A. Clement, 1967, and others) have noted that the disease salivary glands are very diverse, and among them are relatively common mumps. A variety of clinical forms of pathological inflammation in the salivary glands, it seems, to some extent dependent on the nature and properties of microbial flora, located in the ducts. Study of microbial flora in saliva at mumps conducted by several authors (NR Shastin, 1947 GV Volobuyeva, 1951 A. Clemente, 1967; Rauch, 1959; Sazama, 1965, and others), but they not Read more [...]
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Features of mumps in children

Simultaneous swelling of the salivary glands in children is rare. Often marked the gradual spread of inflammation from one cancer to another, and not necessarily all the affected gland. Deserves special attention parotitis as an isolated submaksilita when a horizontal branch of the lower jaw on one or both sides usually with normal temperature display is large, fairly tight knot that is often misdiagnosed as lymphadenitis. No isolation of children with submaksilitom supports epidemiological chain of the team. Inflammation of the salivary glands ends without suppuration within 7-14 days, and Read more [...]
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Acute parotitis

Mumps (parotitis; from Greek. Para - near and ous, otos - ear) - inflammation of the parotid gland. Distinguish parotitis epidemic (see) and non-epidemic. Non-epidemic mumps in the clinical course is acute and chronic. Acute parotitis. Causes of acute mumps may be local (has foreign bodies in the duct injury cancer salivolithiasis, inflammatory processes in the neighboring areas, stomatitis) and general (acute infectious disease, surgery in the abdominal cavity). Distinguish bluetongue, festering and gangrenous forms of acute P. Fig. 1. Acute sinistral parotitis. Acute parotitis begins with Read more [...]
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Acute serous meningitis in mumps

When mumps often develop acute serous meningitis, sometimes symptoms of meningitis detected before the development of symptoms of mumps, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes later - after 1-3 weeks. The disease occurs acutely: a high rise in temperature, headache, and vomiting. Meningeal symptoms develop from the early days of the disease, but are expressed in its mild and moderate does not correspond to the overall severity of the condition, temperature, and repeated vomiting. The children of the first years of life is marked drowsiness and general lethargy, weakness. Sometimes there may Read more [...]
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Mumps epidemic

The clinical picture. The incubation period lasts from 3 to 35 days, an average of 16 days. The disease is the type of acute infection with a short prodromal period during which marked malaise, poor appetite, chilling, headache. In children, the initial period may be accompanied by repeated vomiting, twitching, meningeal phenomena. After 1-2 days the temperature rises, a sense of tension and drawing pain in the parotid area, noise and ringing in the ears, pain when chewing. In front of the ear appears rapidly growing swelling, filling retromandibulyarnoe space. In the next few days, swelling Read more [...]
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