Hunting or murder?

The beast must be mined with the least causing injury and sufferingPhoto: Fotolia Most recently, one of the hunting forums user posted a video of their hunting. On this occasion in the forum turned heated discussion.What happened on that video? Podranok-lisovin not been able to escape, lying turnout and young vyzhlovka his ruffled. It ruffled because I could not reach or afraid. Dragged by the tail, bite in the groin, but to get, taking the place clearly did not know how. Fox made a halfhearted attempt to defend himself, dragging his hind legs, and finally just lay down and just Read more [...]
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Tiger: murder hunt

November 15 four residents of Primorye went hunting in "Fauna" in the area to hunt for prey KraskinoPhotos: As soon as the hunters went to the organization pen – who in the paddock, the numbers who, – both on the part of one of them heard the shots. When the hunters arrived to shoot, he said that out of the bushes at him rushed a tiger began his vomit, and then the hunter opened fire on it from the SKS carbine. Tiger gave up and left the hunter. Subsequently close huntsman hunting area was found shot the tiger, presumably the age of five or six Read more [...]
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Nikolai Sokolov

Nikolai Sokolov (1882, g.Mokshan Penza Province. 11.23.1924, Salbris place near Paris, France), a lawyer who investigated in ECAT., Then in Siberia and abroad circumstances of the death of the royal family and its relatives W. Penza graduated from high school. Then jurid. Faculty head of the Kharkov University. Served by the Department of Justice investigator for particularly important cases in Penza. Bolshevik government did not accept. Being harassed. In January. 1918 of the Court. authorities dismissed. Summer of 1918 he moved to occupied white Siberia. Was appointed court investigator for Read more [...]
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Isteriya.Nadezhda dies last?

Remember, dear comrades, as just two or three months ago, we enthusiastically discussed the possibility of permission for self-defense using the COP. Then the case of Vinogradov and subsequent conversations, and not only to toughen procedures for issuing licenses with which agree in principle mnogie.Hotya my family, for example, have five trunks clearly not enough, and here daughter wanted to buy AKKAR Altay in the 20th caliber (because 12 to surrender her heavy), I decided to go in razreshilovku about it to a friend starleyu.Ego words were about such-"do not even think it, now only come after Read more [...]
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Administration, please do not ban for the link. Here we are talking about people who were able to suspend psycho Vinogradov. Link butina.livejournal.comStopped total murder - heroes In the history of mass murders shifted the emphasis from those who actually suspended sin, to those who made it and wants to bring with him a bloody harvest. ...Read more [...]
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In New York for the first time in the history of recorded day without murder and rape

November 26, 2012 will be a historic date for New York. According to police the U.S. largest metropolis, the city that day was not committed any violent crimes. "On this day, our staff did not record a murder, rape, robbery, and a single case of stabbing. This was the first time in the modern history of the NYPD," - said Deputy Commissioner of the New York Police Paul Brown. Brown added that the current level of homicides in the city reached its lowest point since 1960. "The murder rate compared to last year decreased by 23% and currently stands at 366 cases against 472 by the Read more [...]
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Lifelong putindent

Well, who else other than the "liberal" servants would so tenderly, so relaxed and almost rude, but at the same time so infinitely loyal to lick and clean up the heads. For this and keep them until the court. Bored, you know, rough sex worker-peasant weavers and oligarchs. Sometimes want koprofilicheskoy sophistication of professional intellectuals. "Undeserved slap." As it subtly noticed and it's true! Especially the two, the most savory, publicly self-inflicted on the day after the murder. The first - when he started calculate the damage brought to us by the death Read more [...]
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Alexander Timofeev — Moscow Jack the Ripper

Three months Moscow lived in fear and tension. In turn, in the subway and at work and it was just talking about that new Jack the Ripper, even the authorities were forced to call people to greater vigilance and caution. Storm of 1990 in Moscow Alexander Timofeev was born in 1957. in the Pskov region. As a youth, he first went to jail and has since been held in prison camps for a total of 15 years. Seven times tried Timofeev for disorderly conduct, theft, robbery, but the occupation is not changed. In 1987, once again came out to freedom, came to the capital. Not in order to visit the ENEA Read more [...]
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Thomas Rung: I'm a little bit sorry Gaby

After lunch, back to work, Thomas again felt frustrated and overwhelmed, out of habit drowned schnapps. As in any other Saturday, 34-year-old husband and father of the whole week bought food for his wife and three children. This is to Renata not worn with bags of shopping. The responsibility for maintaining the family meant to him a lot, if not all. Five years with Renata, those five years, when he did not kill Thomas seemed the happiest. But that Saturday was different, not like before. Linen, scattered around the apartment, causing it downright infuriating. He could not stand clutter. Thus, Read more [...]
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Mikhail Moskalev — silence Wolves

Mikhail Moskalev born in Belarus in Grodno in 1970. When he was tried in Obninsk for one crime, it appears that it is - the last of the series, committed earlier. Was fatal to Moskaleva midnight Oct. 7, 1990, when the patrol police patrol stopped him in an underground passage with a kitchen knife, which yesterday was riddled with chest resident Obninsk Shirokovsky. Moskalev accidentally met with a fire in the station buffet Shirokovskaya Kaluga, calling the tourist. In fact he was hiding, came after the murder of Grodno grader Ira Kulakov. Shirokovskii invited sociable "tourist" to his Read more [...]
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Sergei Golovkin — boa Fisher

BoA terrible trail lasted six years. The first corpse strangled and cut the boy was found in April 1986 in July - again, the brutal murder of a teenager in a few days - a new one. And everywhere the same handwriting - killing and mockery of a corpse. Handwriting sexual maniac. Then, a three-year break. New victims. The boy, from which a maniac took skin. The next series, which ended with three murders in 1992 Those who are looking for it, still have to worry: how it happened that they could not find it at least a year earlier, though the month. Could, if after the first attack the police Read more [...]
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Rudolph Playle ominous findings

From the end of March 1946. to the beginning of March 1947, the police received information about the nine ominous findings in the area between Iltsenom (Lower Saxony) and Hoof (Bavaria). The first was found dead 32-year-old woman. Corpse with gaping wounds on his head was found in a quarry near the village of Roklum customs checkpoint. According to the expert, a woman was raped and robbed. Police identified the dead in some Eric M. and determined that she was going to visit relatives in the Soviet zone. About criminals do not find out, and soon the investigation was closed. Several months Read more [...]
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Methods of work of the executioners of the corporation

Among butchers "Murder Incorporated", "star" of the first magnitude, the number one killer was Harry Pittsburgh Phil Strauss. The offense of which a suspect this butcher, the police invariably belongs to the category of unsolved due to lack of evidence. "Great," Harry enjoyed the unlimited confidence Rilza, Moyona, Capone. He, along with Charlie Big Uorkmanom was one of the few butchers who had direct contact with Anastasia, Adonis and Lepke Buhalterom. That he and his squad Lepke trust at that time, when he was hiding before surrender Hoover August 24, 1939, the Read more [...]
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Experts from Murder Inc.

Gang gang or individual "experts" (including, as noted by Turkus, lost conscience across the business community and the corrupt politicians who have been frightened and snyuhavshiesya with a syndicate) who used the services of "Murder Incorporated", paid in advance by cash money transport Buhaltera, Anastasia, Adonis Siegel or amount predetermined by the leaders of discretion depending on the "contract." Instructions, assignments, orders and awards passed and communicated to all the performers with a complex hierarchy of intermediaries: first lieutenants of the supreme Read more [...]
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Killerskaya firm with a quality

December 21, 1993 in the center of Almaty, a stone's throw from the presidential palace unknown killer in cold blood drove a few bullets in the General Director of the company "Almatygorstroy" Igor Milyrama and his driver, Dmitry Tarasov. He worked as a professional in that there was no doubt. He never missed, not leave witnesses. And disappeared into the maze of high-rise buildings in the car waiting for him in the same vain as he had appeared. Not surprisingly, the murder Milgram rumor immediately enrolled in the category of undisclosed. Investigative actions were tightly sealed. Read more [...]
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Kill SM Kirov

December 1, 1934 a young Communist Leonid Nikolaev entered the Smolny and revolver shot killed on the spot Politburo member Sergei Kirov, the head of the Leningrad party organization. Killer caught in the act. From Moscow, immediately went to Leningrad to a special commission, headed by Stalin, to investigate the murder. The details of this crime have remained unpublished. Who was the Nikolayev? How he managed to get into the tightly guarded Smolny? How did he manage to approach close to Kirov? What reasons pushed him to this desperate step - political or personal? All the circumstances Read more [...]
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Kill Brothers Bashmakova

Power passed to Bashmakov brothers, two of whom, including the head of the group and became Victor Bashmakov then were also killed. Victor (according to other sources, referring to the abundance of passports, which he enjoyed, - Vitaly) Bashmakov - July 21 the year before. The murder was committed suddenly. So much so that some people have emerged most strongly suspected of involvement in his Security Service of Ukraine. This version is, for example, the argument that no one but the organization, could not decide if the killing of the "authority" of what was Victor Bashmakov. For Read more [...]
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Prosecutors go, bandits are

It is estimated that every eighteen minutes in Russia are committed murder. Or attempted murder that the law and judicial statistics is considered unique. But do not grab a calculator and do not remember that day - 24 hours, and an hour - 60 minutes, and days this year have already passed ... the General Prosecutor's Office has saved us time: 10 months 24,133 committed murder. Is that a lot? Question blasphemous - murders never so little to be pleased. And in this case - to one-third more than last year, and two and a half times more than five years ago. But statistics is dry and at the Read more [...]
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Killer called?

The criminal world of vengeance mastering the profession of custom killer. And dust-free operation, and profitability. However, murder murder strife. It's one thing to, say, a prominent banker, or a people's favorite television personality. Here without professional higher test is necessary. It's quite another when you have to "teach" or "remove" the neighbor on the landing. Here the price is available even the middle-man. Three judicial history, which I will now tell, it ranged from two to four million. Of course, rubles, not dollars. And, most surprisingly, Read more [...]
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Murder on request

One morning a student Peter, barely opened his eyes and sat down for books, but the noise in the stairwell was not given any opportunity to focus. Apparently, there is "buzzed" a few drunken men. Peter nor dared to reason with them on their own and called the police. And to make sure she arrived, said that in their entrance just committed murder. In the evening, the student Pete descended operatives. "Are you calling about the murder?" - "I". - "It is authentically established that your call was for 7 minutes before the victim's death occurred. How do Read more [...]
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