Fish plus mushrooms

It happens that a fisherman catches a handful of other small-is said to have a cat, and then one tooth. You should not be disappointed this smallness.Well, firstly, the very time spent on fishing, it is worth a lot. Secondly, very often we have the opportunity to supplement the water extracted in forest trophies. Among them, in the first place — fungi. For some, fishing is the only ardent passion, and someone not averse to postpone the bait and (even between bites) do quiet hunting — collecting mushrooms.It's not only the proverbial chase two hares. You should not Read more [...]
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The nutrition of fungi in his greenhouse - burning topic for Survivalist. To grow ecologically clean product for their own families , and currency-sale, in which case it is a tremendous help in survival. Even at the moment the prices for a handful of wealthy oyster mushrooms such that it is easier to buy instead it has a good slice of ham.. And special tricks in the cultivation of mushrooms there .And at the moment honestly put all the secrets and techniques. The main thing is to find one method that is most suited specifically for you . Greenhouses or basement.For example, very popular in the Read more [...]
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The Unavowed Lives of Mushroom Hunters

Mushrooms comes altogether shapes and sizes. Langdon Fake's new record, The Mushroom Hunters, explores the closelipped civilisation of mushrooming.     Exposure: Courtesy of Simon and SchusterForage in the timber, mortal comes crossways a mushroom development from the background. Life-threatening mushroom hunters leave cumulate hundreds of pounds of mushroom in a one sashay Langdon Fudge forages for mushrooms in the Yukon. His up-to-the-minute volume, The Mushroom Hunters, delves into the closemouthed subculture of mushrooming. With his tongue, a forager handles a mushroom. furious Read more [...]
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Does the Mushroom Dear Its Plucker?

Mushrooms, much misguided as plants, control a humanity of enquiry, utilisation, and traditionalist vertu. You good bear to cognise where to feel.     Exposure: Andrea1971/ShutterstockYou may already cognise Larry. Retrieve the guy in the cat-in-the-hat hat marketing Indonesian jewellery at Thankful Deadened concerts from New England to California? The American guy doing judo moves therein Japanese punk-rock euphony telecasting backrest in '86 on Japanese MTV? The guy in the set storehouse who had good shut a hand to signification 10 measured oodles of Siberian nin-sin from which Read more [...]
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How can I stoppage egg spoil on the chase?

A:I similar egg, too, and much return them packing. Egg are highly foresighted persistent, and I am hard-pressed to think a scenario in which they would not remain commodity for as foresighted as you aid to lug them. Fortnight, loose. Smart egg, in fact, let cancel bacteria-killing agents and really leave finis thirster than unrefrigerated hardened egg. Shortly, you can mob in as many egg as you cogitate you'll deprivation to eat (or extend?egg are fairly enceinte) and not concern lots around spoil. And, advantageously, if one does break, you'll live astir it when you offer it spread. Does the Read more [...]
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In the Novosibirsk region recorded an anomaly of nature

In the South-West of Novosibirsk oblast has a natural anomaly: in the woods Savinskogo district appeared mushrooms and mushrooms. As told mycologist Botanical garden, SB RAS, candidate of biological Sciences Irina Gorbunova, white mushroom in late autumn it is extremely rare. «I think this year can be called „failure“ in terms of mushrooms. In the Kemerovo region was full of mushrooms, but alas! Rarely, but still meet in October mushrooms. And so went the white fungus is complete nonsense. Most likely, Swiscom area was unusually warm» suggested Irina Gorbunova. The Read more [...]
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Mushrooms in Chelyabinsk forests appeared two months earlier

on June 14. Mushrooms in Chelyabinsk forests appeared two months earlier than usual. The phenomenon has surprised even avid mushroom and caused a lot of issues. While people are puzzled that this is an anomaly or regularity, enterprising mushroom already on mini-markets with full baskets. One of the first on the amazing phenomenon reacted professional mushroom hunters. In cities and towns spontaneously turned mini-markets. Traders are currently vying luteus kilograms or whole buckets. Those who love mushrooms, but not able to collect, likely interested in wood product. «Sooner im still Read more [...]
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December chanterelle harvest in Sweden and Latvia

on December 27. Young woman in Sweden has found in the woods in the second half of December chanterelle mushrooms, writes The Local. Unusual for a winter event occurred in the forest in the province of Blekinge in the South of the country, when Amy Nilsson made the trip on horseback. According to the girl, when she rode a horse owned by her friends, she was not going to go into the forest and there is something to look for, but the animal persistently carried her towards the thicket. Once in the forest, the rider came across a crop of mushrooms. Nilsson admitted that she does not like mushrooms, Read more [...]
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Belarus: a resident of the Grodno city gathered in the forest harvest chanterelle

4 January. In the tale \"the Twelve months\" the young girl was forced on demand stepmother to collect winter snowdrops. But the resident of the Grodno city Victor Burba on New year's eve (December 28) voluntarily went to the woods for mushrooms. Experienced mushroom hunter figured that abnormally warm December weather had a negative impact on chanterelles, which still can be found in moss. And it has paid off: on the festive table at the family Victor stood dishes, which were attended by orange mushrooms. Source: Grodnenskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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Fairy ring

Nature at its pantries holds many secrets and mysteries. One of them is with the mysterious phenomenon as witches ring.Do not be mistaken if I say that the amazing community of fungi seen virtually everyone who has ever chosen with a basket in the woods. You come out to the edge, and before the eyes of the following picture appears: mushrooms like lined circle as kids around the Christmas tree, and inside that circle the grass is not growing.Folk superstitions attribute this location representatives mushroom kingdom action witches. Mushrooms grow on the site outlined witch magic circle. Getting Read more [...]
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In the Novosibirsk region recorded natural anomaly

In the southwest of the Novosibirsk region recorded natural anomaly: in the woods Zdvinskogo area appeared white mushrooms and mushrooms. As told mycologist Botanical Garden SB RAS, PhD Irina Gorbunova, white fungus in the late autumn - is extremely rare. "This year can be called a" failure "in terms of fungi. In Kemerovo region was full of mushrooms, and we have - alas! Rare, but still occur in October mushrooms. And to go white fungus - is nonsense. Rather, in Zdvinskom area was unusually warm, "- suggested Irina Gorbunova. The specialists of the Botanical Garden of Read more [...]
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Lines and morels

Each spring, the markets are full of morels (they can hardly be distinguished from harmless morels). On the lines of the people know that they contain gelvellovuyu acid, so called by the Latin name of the fungus (Helvella esculenta). This acid - A deadly poison that causes hemolysis (dissolution of red blood cells), damage the liver and kidneys. Gelvellovaya acid proceeds from mushrooms in the broth, and if the lines boil for 10 minutes, drain the water and rinse thoroughly with clean water mushrooms, the poisoning can be avoided. Every spring, we did so, lines, luckily for us, was a rare delicacy. Read more [...]
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Inedible, poisonous and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Reference-Atlas

Inedible, poisonous and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Reference-Atlas Author: M. Wisniewski Format: pdf Size: 4.3 MB Year: 2001 The book contains information on 60 types of mushrooms, for whatever reasons, are dangerous to human health. First edition is accompanied by high-quality color photographs that largely simplify the recognition of fungi in nature. Pocket-sized books will take her to a campaign for mushrooms. The book is designed for mushroom-lovers of central Russia. Download: Read more [...]
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Edible mushrooms

So, with a little understood poisonous mushrooms. Perhaps in the future, I will cover this topic in more detail, talk about toxic substances in mushrooms and the symptoms they cause, perhaps it will be interesting to someone. Of course, there is no universal prescription where to go, and where to gather up a lot of mushrooms. However, taking advantage of my advice, you're all the time in the spring and the autumn will be with mushrooms. Which, in turn, will help you to survive in difficult conditions. As I said, the mushrooms grow almost anywhere. The timing collecting mushrooms can be Read more [...]
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Up food and water, food and drinking regime

Supply of food, bring, is designed to preserve the health and good health of one person over the estimated time. However, this supply can be distributed and for a longer period of time, especially with little expenditure of energy (while waiting for help at the scene), and even more so if you'll feed on the food produced on the spot. To save an emergency reserve should strive for the first night is not. In the future, eat at least 3 times a day. Canned meat is useful in hot form. Save in stock products and expect them to maximum, to use in the quantities required to maintain the output Read more [...]
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In the Chelyabinsk region early grew mushrooms

June 10, 2013. In the southern Urals recorded anomalous phenomenon: in early June, has grown mushrooms. Victims mushroom hunting have become two pregnant women. As the correspondent of \"New Region\", the residents of the Chelyabinsk region indicate unusually earlier appearance of mushrooms. Eyewitnesses report that met in the forests of local barns, boletus and other fungi. Usually mushroom season begins in the southern Urals in the middle of summer. There were already the first \"victims\" of such anomalies. Day 9 June, two pregnant women of the village, Condray Chebarkul district went into Read more [...]
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Poisonous Mushrooms

Higher fungi are divided into edible, conditionally edible, relatively toxic and poisonous (including deadly poisonous). It must be emphasized that the fruiting bodies of virtually all edible mushrooms are usually poorly absorbed because of their content of mitsetina - indigestible protein substance. During certain periods, the growth of fungi fruiting bodies can concentrate a metabolic products, which increases the toxicity of the fungus is damaged by insects, fungi, bacteria (especially in the dry hot weather.) Mushroom growing near industrial plants and roads, can accumulate toxic heavy metals, Read more [...]
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Learn to distinguish poisonous mushrooms

Deadly poisonous mushrooms bit. For this reason, poisoning are due to human carelessness mushrooms, or ignorance of mushrooms at all. Let's look at some poisonous mushrooms. The surest way to avoid poisoning, do not collect suspicious mushrooms. Although there are exceptions. Umbrella looks like a big brown mushroom, and is actually one of the most delicious mushrooms! I myself, for a long time considered it inedible., Painfully, he looks suspicious. However, reading professional literature about mushrooms, learned of his taste. Information on how and where to collect and how to make Read more [...]
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Preparation Plant

Many plants sufficiently before use wash in running water, clean water, and if it does not, then boiled or even boiling water. But it is advisable to boil still edible plants, bake or broil. Different parts of edible plants are prepared in different ways. Roots, tubers and bulbs. Need to delete unnecessary parts, cleaned and, if necessary, clean peel. It is better to put out and the oven, but you can boil. Some stocks, such as cassava (native to South and Central America), are poisonous when raw and cooked to taste like potatoes. Forest lily tubers Sarankov, ubiquitous in the forest Read more [...]
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Bypassed mushrooms

It is well known mushrooms white, boletus, chanterelles, mushrooms, mushrooms. We would like to draw attention to the mushrooms, by which you are going through, considering them inedible, and is often called "toadstools". These mushrooms are very few people collect, and they vstre chayutsya in large quantities. In early spring, as soon as the snow melts, wet forests, both coniferous and deciduous, and the ravines and local fare moat appear mushrooms Morel and lines. They are fleshy, tender and have a spicy scent. Do morel yellow-brown conical cap, cell, as if made out of scraps. Inside Read more [...]
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