The phenomenon of shot shot

The phenomenon of the shot clearly traced the relationship and interaction of some elements, and other factors.For example, the velocity of the projectile in the barrel depending on the pressure, but the pressure is dependent on the intensity of combustion of gunpowder and the volume zasnaryadnogo space, which in turn depends on the velocity of the projectile. In the study of the shot, all these factors are considered in relationship.In the phenomenon of shots distinguish the following periods:preliminary period – the composition of the capsule from the explosion before driving the upper Read more [...]
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External ballistics

Factories, giving the characteristic of their patrons, usually indicate no initial velocity, and is obtained by measuring average speed and carry it to the middle distance. So, in the characteristic is specified speed 5, 10 and 12.5 m. Blum and Shishkin give an interesting table for converting speed of 10 m from the muzzle to the initial rate.The projectile is shot while driving on the bore, as shown by X-ray, compacted and shortened by 10-12%. In addition, each pellet, except for the head of a number of pellets, pressed into the gap (groove) between the two or three overlying spent grain and tends Read more [...]
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The ABC choke and grammar shot

In the last few years I have become less likely to go on the hunt. There are several reasons, and the main thing is that even the so-called mass types of hunting are available.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Not available in financial terms, everything is clear: the rise in prices – the phenomenon is understandable, but the inexplicable (the price of oil increases, the dollar falls, but where does the cost of the permit or duck woodcock, they that are fueled with petrol?). And besides, unrestrained appetites of local warlords by hunting (under the noble pretext of protecting the Read more [...]
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Tricky chok

More recently, the vast majority of Russian hunters did not thought about the question, what choke to give preference to a particular hunt. Options in massively let the rifle had two: the right (bottom) barrel had choke - poluchok and the left (top) - choke.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Although, of course, there were exceptions. Thus, for example, had a gun barrel with ported cylinder / choke and choke with an average porting / poluchok, but, again, the vast majority of models of hunting weapons of mass production were produced with such option choke as choke / poluchok.It should be Read more [...]
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How to cut the trunk

Experienced hunters and arrows know that for a good quality barrel rifle - it is almost everything. Of course, the accuracy of shot impact and match boxes to the trunk, and the availability of high-quality ammunition and ballistic coefficient, and many other factors. But the significance of the barrel processing, slicing his way in providing accurate battlefield can not be overemphasized. What is the reason for the increased spread of hits from rifled barrel? Reasons enough. This is too tight lozhevyh screws weak­tion mounting ring sight, a custom schedule pressure in the Read more [...]
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The phenomenon of return

The recoil movement of the barrel and related parts in the direction opposite the movement of the projectile during firing under the action of the pressure of powder gases. Movement in the direction opposite to the direction of movement of the projectile begins simultaneously with the start of movement in the gun. By and large, since the beginning of the movement of the striker firing mechanism.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The shape of the curve changes the speed of return without a muzzle brake follows the shape of the curve changes the speed of the projectile.The impact of the recoil Read more [...]
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Shot on edge

How often have to shoot the hunter shot at long distance? An experienced hunter happens very rarely. You can always organize hunting so that shots were fired at a distance, providing a reliable defeat game.PHOTO WILD GEESE / DOLLAR PHOTO CLUB Distance 50–60 m is large, and it can not recognize the transfer distance and reliable defeat shot. But sometimes it add up the circumstances that we have to shoot it on such distance.At the time, experts the creation of ammunition «Magnum» at US decided to determine the effective range of the Read more [...]
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«Universal» choke

Saying "shoot guns, and the bed gets" parameter defines the priority of stock and forend corresponding arrow stature, his manner of handling the target when shooting in flight. But it is equally important to find the right size choke, allowing the hunter to take full advantage of your shooting skill, universally suitable for most hunting on a feather. Depending on how leave stems not only inside but also outside of the same gun battle chokes may vary considerably. You can not expect the same battle from the trunks of different lengths, different weights, uneven wall thickness, as well as different Read more [...]
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Choki — removable or fixed?

Dear Editors!Recently I bought a modern rifle known foreign producers. Includes five interchangeable chokes. I bought five to choke each had a pair.In newspapers and magazines before often wrote about replacement chokah. Now these publications somehow disappeared. Please answer my question, which chokes should be installed in the trunks?                                                                                                     Read more [...]
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Izhevsk self-charging MR-155

My friend bought the MP-155 caliber 12/76 with the barrel of 750 mm and a set of choke. We try out the gun on the bench. Automation worked normally, and check for accuracy and sharpness postponed until hunting. Photo by Victor Gurov Since the online community criticized IZhMEHa products, I went to the store «Hunter» on Butcher, I asked the director Dmitry gun show available MR-155 and tell how they are sold. He kindly agreed and showed them in plastic and tree, answered the questions. I will try because of their knowledge, experience and information received talk about Read more [...]
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With what they eat «snipe»

Photo by the author I have long hunt. I have 5 guns. But here came my interest in the shotgun with interchangeable chokes, a semiautomatic machine with additional short barrel for the bullet shooting. Something like the Americans call «Deer gun». From it the Yankees take the deer from a distance of up to 100 meters. Among the hunting fraternity one time there was talk of «Snipe». Prochelv arms magazine article about him. The conclusion is simple: rather more disadvantages than advantages. I play all I can, but I believe only sebe.Model new, in the hands Read more [...]
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Choke and wads containers

From the Editor editors asked readers to tell us how to influence chokes to fight cartridges equipped pyzhami containers. Indeed, chokes have been designed specifically for the Rifleman change scree shot accuracy when arming patrons felt and drevesnovoloknistysmi pyzhami. And how to behave in a sheaf shot after shot shot in the container of the choke? Word of our experts on practical hunting Yanukovych Gurov. Not one century shotgun has played and continues to play a major role today in getting hunting animals, being the most versatile weapon. On this important his ability to back Read more [...]
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Part 1. The barrel and chokes In 1999, I was sent a book-renowned expert gunsmith Simon Matveevitch Scheinin, engaged in For many years, TsKIB development and COO research field of sports and hunting Small tools and rifle ammunition. Constantly communicating with Simon Matveyevich, I certainly knew that preparing for such a book, and I look forward to its release ...Honestly, it is very tired of amateurish material, reprints, usually from foreign magazines catalogs. After all, they are of little use for the interested reader. Is it just Read more [...]
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Shot close range

For gun hunter with a gun main prey - snipe, corncrake, quail, snipe, woodcock and other small game. Without going into particular hunting gun dog, I note that our rifle industry to a certain time, as it did not notice the hunter-legashatnikov, persistently trying to play gun with "traditional" for the years choke - choke / poluchok, considering the main advantage of a sharp and heap fight gun.Photo by Sergey Fokin Many hunters as the main advantage of his shotgun usually led a high percentage of hits shot in Stodolni target (when it came to shooting small shot) and thickening Read more [...]
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Entrance gunshot wound

Entrance gunshot wound formed under different conditions. In forensic practice to distinguish gunshot damage depending on the distance at which the shot was fired: at close range, from close range - within the limits of the components that accompany the shot (predpulevoy air, gases, soot shot flames, grains of powder) and not a short distance - outside the scope of these components. Naturally, the effect of each type of weapon components, accompanying the shot extends to different distances, depending on the design of the weapon, the type and amount of powder in the charge. Fig. 61. Education Read more [...]
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