Bringing up and catch

Article TwoPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin (End. Start cm. "EGR №06 from 02.02.11")FEEDINGThe hottest time is necessary to ensure that the meat and fish were fresh puppy. Good to be replaced – cottage cheese. Excessive feeding of bread and porridge bad act on the body – dog grows moist, with a weak back.In no event it is impossible to give an acidic food. You also can not feed the dog only meat or only plant foods. Do not give your puppy bones of birds and fish, and soft cartilage – approximately three months of age. Normal food for hound – This oatmeal, Read more [...]
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In the past, during the schooling hunts nagonke hounds, ie preparation of working dogs, the hunters paid little attention. Becoming a working hound went familiar, naturally. Psari engaged in rearing professionals.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Youngsters growing up in cages in larger freedom and education group. Much attention was paid to good Rearing. Matured puppies (nine – ten months) was poured into the pack, accustoming roll dense tangle of horse whipper. In good hunting pack had been posting regular law. With the opening of the hunt, with the first of September, young Read more [...]
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The order came — problems remain

The noise of the Internet, the media and at various public forums, called by the order number 581 Ministry of Natural Resources with the beginning of hunting season has died down, and now a new order number 383 of September 4, 2014, which was supposed to solve the problems with carrying out tests and competitions of hunting dogs, as well as their training is hunting season. Photo Nikolai Sorokin Carefully read the order and MNR and comments pressluzhby I come to the conclusion that the problem is not the old resolved, and New added. In light of this order, Read more [...]
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Hunting Hound puppy

Anyone who has started a puppy hunting dog, looking forward, but when the workers will show their quality - for the sake of hunting and to make the right choicePhoto Mukhamedshina Raphael Obviously, this is true for gonchatnikov just for burrowing and legashatnikov. However, an early start coursing and principled assessment of its possible obstacles established position that most gonchatnikov considered inviolable and shall act in accordance with them.   These provisions: – you can not start nagonku hound before she turns a year;  – nagonku young beagle should Read more [...]
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Gonchatniki against

Head of the Working Group on the development of the necessary amendments to the Rules of hunting in the extension of the hunting periods for training (and nataski nagonki) hunting dogs without weapons AE BersenyevPhotos of Olga Bogodyazh Dear Anton E.!In the first meeting of Working Group I, Moiseenko LA, it was invited to submit a scheme of zoning of territory of the Russian Federation to determine the timing of hunting and the hare a fox beagle hunting dogs without using firearms and hunting (or) airguns.May 16 this year, on the main active websites gonchatnikov Read more [...]
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Secrets nagonki hounds

Just right nagonkoy can raise a great messenger, who will give you great pleasure in huntingPhoto: Sergey Fokin Naganivat hounds should be from April to the end of May, where there are sanctuaries where these places are not, then Ilyina day (July 20) at zoryam ... and the end of August. At this time, dressed trees, the grass is thick, do not chase the hounds only seeing, but will go to the transoms, learn the track and it will keep.LP SabaneyevSince ancient times, there is a controversial issue, as best young beagle naganivat – alone or with an adult dog. Permanent nagonka Read more [...]
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