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Naked Stefan (XVI c.)

Naked Stefan (XVI c.) Master znamenny singing chants author, founder of the Stroganov (Usolsky) in Russian schools. church music. In the mid. XVI century. studied in the case of the singing Gre. Wizard Sava Rogov (Novgorod the Great). In 1560-70 th first to hail, and then in the possession of the Stroganoff trained young singers claim-woo Orthodox religious singing. Most Math. his pupil Eve. Lukoshkov. Lit .: Undolsky VM Notes for the history of church music in Russia. M., 1846; Parfentiev N. ancient art of singing in the spiritual culture of the Russian state XVI-XVII centuries .: School. Centers. Read more [...]
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Emergency landing

All the good time sutok.Mnogo interesting read here and decided to still зарегистрироваться.Вопросов and thoughts accumulated. Nord publication "Pyramid priorities" raised serious enough temu.No, in my opinion, it's common rassuzhdeniya.Ya also want to specify the situation. So situatsiya.Po some unknown reason, the plane in which you are, makes emergency landing at an unknown place (let's taiga, as the most sparsely populated forest). All vyzhili.Posle safe evacuation of passengers and crew, the plane caught fire, along with everything in it bylo.To has everything that Read more [...]
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For tourist: Dumbo

Why such a huge rat ears? Only for beauty. As for color Dumbo, he might actually be even how, but the most vital suit Dumbo-pearl, topaz and Siamese. Well, if you would Dumbo Sphinx is generally inestimable treasure, though, frankly, Dumbo - Sphinx - a pet for a huge esthete: imagine for yourself completely naked, without tuft of wool, rat, whose head is crowned with cyclopean naked ears. But all the rest of the rat Dumbo-still the same normal house rat, and inflated tub does not affect neither her nor poavdkah on her health. Is that Dumbo somewhat more spoiled than the other rats. And Read more [...]
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In Ontario, the naked man nearly killed a dog and drank her blood

Police in Ontario is investigating a strange case of a man who was attacked by a dog on the street in the city center early on Wednesday morning. Male 20 years old, was arrested in accordance with the Law on Mental Health, and taken to hospital. Tanner Komey, the witness of the incident, was driving home through downtown Pembroke around 12:30 am with a friend, when he saw something strange at the intersection of Pembroke Street West and Christie Street: "We drove by and saw a naked man, he was in the middle of the intersection. This was the guy who fell on the dog and bit her. It literally Read more [...]
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Kozelets purple

Perennial herb 30-60 cm tall, containing latex, vertical rhizome. The base of the stem covered with numerous brownish threadlike fibers - remnants of leaves. Leaves linear, channeled, pubescent. Baskets, single, with a diameter of about 5 cm and the upper leg wraps baskets with marked pautinistym voylochkom. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, and purple, with the smell of vanilla. Fruits - achenes with feathery tuft of hairs. It flowers in May and June, achenes ripen in June and July. European-zapadnoaziat-sky view, common in Russia in the southern half of European and south of Western Siberia. Read more [...]
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Silene armerievidnaya

Annual, biennial plant less, naked, glaucous, 15-60 cm tall stem cylindrical, under the upper nodes gooey, simple or branched at the top. Leaves are 3-7 cm and a width of 0,7-3 cm, form of spatulate to lanceolate. Flowers in corymbose-paniculate inflorescence bracts lanceolate, acute, scarious. Calyx clavate, 14-16 mm long, with obtuse teeth, naked. Petals pink, one-piece, notched up to 1.5 times longer than the sepals. Three columns. Fruit - oval capsule, 6-7 mm, 5-6 mm long stalk, seeds small, blunt tubercles. It flowers in May and September, fruiting in June. European species, widely Read more [...]
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Solonechnik ordinary

Perennial herb 20-50 cm tall, naked or nearly naked (but with pautinistym pubescence in the inflorescence), slightly rough on small spines located on the edge of the leaves. Stems are usually few or solitary, erect, uniformly leafy, branching at the top, with obliquely erect branches, ending with one or more baskets. The leaves are alternate, linear-oblong, with one vein, 1-3 mm wide, entire. Baskets are small, cylindrical, collected in terminal corymbose inflorescence. All baskets without ray flowers, with 15-40 tubular yellow flowers. Outer bracts linear-subulate or narrow-linear, acute, Read more [...]
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Kozelets Crimean

Perennial pubescent (the end of vegetation almost naked) herb 60-120 cm stem is erect, branched, with branches sticking out. The leaves are concentrated in the lower third of the stem, lanceolate or oblong, with a wavy edge, amplexicaul. Several baskets, they are located at the ends of flowering branches. Flowers are yellow. Achene naked, angular-ribbed, with sharp-lumpy ridges, off-white tuft of feathery bristles. It flowers in May and June, achenes ripen in June and July. Southern European-West Asian look. In Central Russia is found in the black earth belt and along its northern border Read more [...]
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Wormwood broadleaf

Perennial herb 20-70 cm tall with creeping woody rhizome. Stem usually solitary, erect, ribbed, slightly leafy, branching only at the bottom. The leaves are alternate, oblong-elliptic, pinnatifid, naked or nearly naked. Baskets subglobose, 3-5 mm long, drooping, on legs 1-3 mm in length, are united in a brush or broom. Marginal flowers nine, they uzkotrubchatye, bidentate, female, middle flowers up to 26, they are tubular, bisexual. Fruit - achene. Flowers in July and August, achenes ripen in August and September. Mainly Eastern European, North Asian appearance. In Russia in the European Read more [...]
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Dandelion Bessarabian

Perennial herb 5-20 cm high, with a simple or many-headed root, at the bottom (root collar) wearing woolly dark brown remnants of leaves. Leaves sinuate-Teeth-tye or pinnatilobate, upward directed, rarely pressed to the ground, naked, 5-10 (12) cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Several flower arrows, they erect or ascending, naked or a basket with a flabby pautinistym voylochkom. Outer bracts lanceolate or lanceolate-linear nye.uzhe internal reddish interior - usually twice as long as outer. Flowers are yellow, edge often with orange flavor, in the middle of the corolla with scattered short hairs. Read more [...]
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Nard, purple loosestrife

Perennial naked or almost naked herbaceous plant 30-60 cm stem is erect, leafy evenly. The leaves are lanceolate, 8-12 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, thick (almost leathery), separated from the stem at right angles. Baskets are quite large, with a diameter of up to 2.5 cm flowers are yellow, edge-lozhnoyazychkovye, female, median - tubular, bisexual. Fruits - cylindrical ribbed achenes, as the ovary, naked, with a tuft of numerous bristles. Blooms in June-September, achenes ripen in July and October. Widespread species in Eurasia, including endemic in many regions of Russia. In Central Russia is Read more [...]
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