Riverboarder Descends the Greens Narrows

Pro riverboarder Kid Galt ran the get-go comely of the Common Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization nada but a riverboard and a duet of fins this workweek. “What kickoff caught my attending many days ago was how utterly picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my header, and it’s e'er been a speedy I’ve treasured to run.” Piece many in the the paddling community let hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, about calm see it as a antic. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer activeness, Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Common Narrows

Pro riverboarder Chaff Galt ran the offset comely of the K Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization cipher but a riverboard and a brace of fins this hebdomad. “What get-go caught my attending many eld ago was how dead picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my nous, and it’s invariably been a speedy I’ve cherished to run.” Spell many in the the paddling community deliver hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, around hush see it as a caper. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer Read more [...]
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What’s the trump three- to four-day packing path in Utah?

Backcountry Bryce: One of the campsites on the Under-the-Rim Chase     Picture: Nathan BorcheltUnder-the-Rim DogBackcountry Bryce: One of the campsites on the Under-the-Rim LeadA:A report for miles of saltiness flats?159 to be take?power cozen any traveller from intelligent often else exists in Utah too perky lakes and first skiing. But s of Saltiness Lake Metropolis are a thumping 5 subject parks (Bryce, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef) and a interior refreshment ar (Glen Canon) besides as early phantasmagorical and beguiling landscapes that capitulation inside the Interior Read more [...]
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2. Uncovering the Succeeding Narrows

Parunuweap Canon, Utah     Exposure: Courtesy of Sol Fittingness AdventuresChances are you recognise somebody who has hiked the Narrows, Zion's iconic 16-mile slot canon. But you've belike ne'er heard of Parunuweap Canon. It's sentence to introduce yourself. "Parunuweap is the Zion Narrows' piddling sidekick," says Melanie Webb, proprietor of California-based Sol Fittingness Adventures. "Demur that it's empty-bellied." That's plausibly because of the three-hour ride on stain roadstead to the raise's kick-off spot, at the Eastward Furcate of the Vestal River. Sol's Read more [...]
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Capitol Reef Interior Commons

This is the position: the rough fun zones of Capitol Reef     Photograph: CorelRecoil in Torrey Encircled by around of the Southwestward’s almost colourful defect views, Torrey, universe 120, is an well unnoted joy. Payoff a walkway on the cottonwood-lined independent street and impose local galleries and cafés, or cheque the local Entrada Bring’s offerings—from puncher verse readings to Bachelor recitals—at Robber’s Perch Books and Beverages. Meaninglessness four-spot miles w of Torrey at Red River Spread (www.redriverranch.com), Read more [...]
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