Astronomers have discovered a hole in the sky, studying the nebula NGC 1999 in the constellation of Orion

Object NGC 1999 (LBN 979) is the emission nebula and reflection nebula in the constellation Orion. He is one of these in the original version of the new general catalog. This nebula was first discovered by October 5, 1785 the famous English astronomer William Herschel, German-born.Nebula NGC 1999 is a bright nebula, despite the fact that it is filled with dust.May 11, 2010 with the telescope "Herschel" next to the nebula was discovered empty space, almost a hole in space. This discovery will help researchers to obtain new information about processes of star birth. Previously Read more [...]
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Star cluster in 3D

Suppose this is not the actual image, and the model with its share of mistakes, but still very nice!Finnish photographer Jukka-Pekka Metsyavaynio not be offended if we call him a magician. Look at this amazing 3D-animation star cluster Melotte 15 in the Heart Nebula (IC 1805)!He'd dabbled in stereo pairs and anaglyphs, but it's something really incredible!"In my 3D-experiments combines science and art - says the hero. - First, I collected information about the distance and other information and then proceed to the 3D-transformation. Typically, the image contains famous stars Read more [...]
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Emission nebula NGC 6188

NASA: fantastic shapes lurk in clouds of glowing hydrogen in the nebula NGC 6188, located about 4,000 light years from Earth. Emission nebula is located at the edge of a large molecular cloud in the southern constellation Ara.

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Issued by one of the largest astronomical image

Image of the nebula in the constellation Cygnus Loop is made on the basis of observations nine years ago. Only now, the power of computers allowed the dry numbers translate into a beautiful giant picture.Image of TA Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage), Richard Cool (University of Arizona), WIYN / NOAO / AURA / NSF.National Observatory of optical astronomy (USA) and its consortium partners WIYN (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Indiana University in Bloomington, and Yale University) released a new image of the nebula Loop, located in the constellation Cygnus. Each side of the picture consists Read more [...]
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Square nebula. It happens?

16/12/2012 Astronomers are setting an example of unusual and even unique square nebula. It is a bipolar nebula "MWC 922", which is better known to the public under the name "Red Square nebula." What could make the nebula appear square? Should understand this, but astronomers still do not know the exact answer to this question.This image is a composite of unusual nebula combines data obtained with a 3.3-meter optical reflector "Hale Telescope", which is located at Palomar Observatory in California (USA), and Keck-2 telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.Why is this Read more [...]
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Reflecting nebula Messier 78

12/11/2012 Let's get acquainted with the diffuse reflection nebula M78, which is located in the constellation of Orion. She is one of 110 popular sites, which are included in Messier's catalog of objects. The nebula Messier 78 is also known under the designation of NGC 2068. It was opened by the French astronomer and surveyor Meshenom Pierre (Pierre Méchain) in March 1780. In the same year she went to the catalog comet-like objects Messier.Reflection Nebula Messier 78 is located at a distance of 1600 light years from Earth. This object is part of a group of nebulae, which consists Read more [...]
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Orion Nebula: it's not, as it seemed

The nebula, located about 1300 light years from Earth, is about 33 light-years across. At least that was until recently the consensus of the scientific community on this subject. Now it seems that things will change.One of the most striking phenomena in the night sky - Orion Nebula - has long been studied and it would seem, should be known to astronomers and down. That it is often seen as "exemplary" district of birth of new stars, a kind of gold standard diffuse nebula. It is on its findings "standard" ratio for the distribution of dwarf stars and brown dwarfs, their comparative Read more [...]
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