Have a heart

Last week, for the first time in the history of the Russian hunting newspaper, your correspondent has received accreditation at the annual press conference of Russian President VV Putin witnessed interesting and sometimes quite hard conversation with the leader of our domestic and foreign journalists. Photo by Natalia Gubernatorova There were questions and prepared by our newspaper, but, unfortunately, ask them was not possible. However, we do not feel about this gloom, t. To. The thoughts and statements of the president of the country allow enough accurately represent the meaning Read more [...]
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Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man.Questions are marked with (B), Casey said - a symbol (O).(B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the lord of those elements, which have been prepared on the earth plane for his needs. When this plan was so that people could maintain its forces and conditions, a man appeared, not from what has already been created, but as lord of all that has been created, and the man was all that was in Read more [...]
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How to get out of the drug paradise?

Food for Thought. Of more than five billion people who inhabit the globe, 200 million are familiar with the drug, about 100 million to nearly regularly resort to them, and 50 million - hopeless addicts. Behavioral strategy for saving people from addiction refers to two categories of people: those who do not use drugs, but has a tendency to this (potential drug), and those who are already addicted to them (current). For the first category of persons principle effects: "Do not create a reason!". For topical drug addicts: "Eliminate cause!". "Do not create a reason" Read more [...]
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Oh sleep would have

Oh, how difficult it is in the morning get up! "So you want to get some more sleep! Ma am, wake me up in ten minutes! " Sometimes a mother's heart softened, and it will allow you another little nap. But not always - a little time in the morning, every minute counts. "Mom, come Sunday morning you wake me up at seven. How well will then go back to sleep! And at half past seven again you woke me up. Then I once again be able to sleep! " Adults are also not always easy to get up in the morning. Sleep is not immediately departs. Muscles are relaxed, the eyes, ears, nose and Read more [...]
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Values and personal orientation

In the process of education, communication, and work one develops the hierarchical relationship to reality and to himself, according to which the different relationships to acquire a different meaning. These differences are not equally value the importance of phenomena or subject to man. More or less value, positive or negative value of objects and phenomena of the world of things and social reality are the basis for the study and understanding of the value orientations. The obvious fact is closely related to the needs of the value orientations, motivations and goals of man. The speed and Read more [...]
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Means to compensate

5. Means to compensate. Means the use of alcohol to replace any missing person forms or ways to meet the needs and correction disharmonious character structure and personality in general. In cases where recourse to alcohol acts as a form of compensation for the unmet needs of both higher and lower levels (Brother, 1974), alcohol can be considered as a substitute motif in the true meaning of the term disclosed in the thesis B. B. Gul'dan [1986]. Formation of motives related to the surrogate objective, subjective and often not adequately objectification of needs. The implementation of such Read more [...]
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The problem of motivation in personality psychology-4

Development needs inevitably leads to the realization of the object of this need, the formation of goals and programs, enabling them to start a particular subject activities to achieve the goals and needs. In other words, analysis of needs leads to the need to analyze their substantive content, which occurs at a stage of awareness needs. Thus, as rightly pointed Leontiev [1983], the problem is transformed into the problem of the needs of the reasons, that is, in fact, change the subject of study as part of the general problem of studying the need-motivational sphere of man. Very important and Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-6

Methodological aspect of the research needs of the very complex and little developed. There are mainly indirect methods of measuring individual characteristics and properties needs. There are relatively few self-assessment method of measuring needs in the form of questionnaires, developed some analytical approaches to the estimation of a study produced by projective techniques. Framework for measurement and guidance needs assessments formulated BF Lomov [1984]. Most important, from his point of view, is, first, evaluation and determination of the ratio of personal needs of the person with his Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-5

One of the founders of humanistic psychology of Maslow (Maslow, 1954) argues that the basis of all human life is the need for self-actualization. No, seems to doubt that every healthy, mentally normal personality indeed all his life self-actualization. But this approval process, as opposed to Maslow, in our opinion, is not innate, but rather, it is socially determined. That social conditions require such human activities, during which implemented the human ability: to meet his needs and is self-actualization. The completeness of the implementation of the abilities to fully depend on the conditions Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-4

S. Rubinstein [1976] wrote that mindless action often is caused instability of human motivation. In adolescents, differing, in particular, emotional instability as age characteristics, such actions are not of great rarity. In addition, adolescents are characterized by a predominance of so-called "close" of motivation and poor development "far" motivation. Alcohol is also a tool that reduces the 'far' motivation and, on the contrary, aggravates motives close, direct (Guldan, 1986). In the literature, there are different points of view about the natural basis of needs. Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-3

Very important in the psychology of motivation and need sphere is the question of the content characteristics as criteria for the classification requirements. To date, some examples of such classifications. Lomov, BF [1984] believes that all human needs can be divided into two groups: basic and derived. The first group includes the need for the material conditions of life and livelihood, in communication, cognition, activity and rest. To derive the needs of the needs of the author includes aesthetic, moral, ethical, need in the media, etc. VG Aseev [1976], for example, believes that the diversity Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-2

Several authors (Obukhov, 1981; Nemchin, 1983) indicate that some mental states, such as the state of mental stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc., arising from unmet needs, may become less intense and reduced to the extent to meet this need . Mental states accompanying needs in the initial stages of their formation, reflect not only the needs of the dynamic aspect, but also to a certain extent their generalized content. Stages meaningless mental stress, anxiety, frustration, depressed mood, and so on almost very short lived and quickly give way to a more or less conscious, in terms of subject matter Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality-1

The process needs a certain time has its characteristics, one of which is the frequency with which they arise, and reducing stress. Periods of frustration and saturation systematically one after the other. This cyclical pattern, however, is not there, when it comes to meeting the highest spiritual needs. A. Kovalev [1981] suggests that the spiritual needs of a modern developed man was not really satisfied, and undergo an ever-increasing development, ie, evolve as a spiral, following the development of personality. Satisfaction spiritual needs of the person, thus, is fundamentally different Read more [...]
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Needs structure of human personality

Needs are inextricably linked to the formation and orientation of the individual with the development of its interests. The surrounding world with its ever-changing social and physical characteristics have on the human constant exposure requires a corresponding change in its internal environment and thrust him to change their behavior and to implement appropriate actions. Process human adaptation to the environment, on the one hand, and human adaptation of the environment to their needs, on the other hand, there can not be accompanied by the emergence of the individual needs of both to stabilize Read more [...]
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Motivation as a factor in the individual's activity-1

Standard Classification of motivation has not yet been created, due, apparently, the complexity of the problem. Nevertheless, many researchers describe the main characteristics of motivation. For example, VG Aseev indicates the most important, from his point of view, the characteristics of hierarchy, energetic nature, temporary, dvuhmodalnost double unity and continuity of procedural and effectively target-side of motivation. (Dvuhmodalnost motivation is that it is present both positive and negative staining). The simplest and most direct relevance to the topic can serve as an example dvuhmodalnosti Read more [...]
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Motivational direction-4

On its theoretical basis, the concept BS Brothers related problems of our study. The most important is the idea that in the process of alcoholism is "learning" to use alcohol and its effects in various individual personal purposes. It is shown that in the course of disease reduction up to the individual moral degradation is primarily by way of changing needs and motives, and the destruction of premorbid installations, narrowing the range of interest. This is based on a process called Leontiev shift motif on the target, in which an increasing number of needs starts objectified in alcohol Read more [...]
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Motivational direction-3

Noteworthy is another aspect of the concept of BS Brother: if the objectives of the entity and the individual ryadopolozheny no pronounced leading motivation, alcohol quickly became the leading motive. Agreeing that it is characterized by a certain group of alcoholics should be noted and the opposite phenomenon. To alcohol motivation acquired features of craving and defined by that there is a phenomenon of dependence, motives underlying the treatment of alcohol, must necessarily be highly subjective, often affective significance. Only in this case, the activity of the subject (if there is objective Read more [...]
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Motivational direction

In recent psychological studies of alcoholism to the fore the concept, which reveals the motives and needs of the level of mental patients. In our psychology emerged tradition and continuity in these studies. Development of theoretical and applied issues busy BS Bratus, KG Surnov, VY Zavyalov VV Guldan, V. Valentik, Vladimir Altschuler. BS brother [1974, 1987] rightly points out that the psychological approach to the study of the personality of alcoholics to overcome traditional psychiatry empiricism, whose manifestations in the study of alcoholism is "almost a direct correlation between Read more [...]
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Social exclusion

From the beginning of the process of drug socialization addict stops or slows down. Weak and superficial socialization makes it impossible to close contact with people outside the subculture of drug addicts. Addict can believe only the addict, even if he had already failed once. To all the other people they distrust, which can sometimes take a paranoid tinge. Addicts live in social isolation within their subculture or as hermits. Its failure to adapt to life in the community, they can be, on the defensive, or showing a quick temper and an open aggression. Besides of the mental and physical Read more [...]
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Attraction in the structure need-motivational sphere-1

Desire of the individual - is a form of subjective experience needs. Most of the regulatory role of instincts in human behavior related to the fact that the desire - not just a passive, albeit emotive, experiences, they provide a sufficiently high degree of active mental stress due to dissatisfaction with specific needs. It is the mental stress combines the integral whole   need and   inclination, rather, turns need of attraction, potentiating its strength and focus on a particular activity. Regulatory potential attraction is realized through the inclusion in the stress experience almost Read more [...]
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