Bacon Coffeehouse Below Blast For Smell Wish Bacon

A pop pork-centered eatery in the San Francisco are is windup due to its overpowering perfume of bacon and concerns concluded dirt administration. Section of Populace Wellness officials told the SF Inspector that the eatery, Bacon Bacon, had months to resoluteness the concerns elevated by neighbors but failed to do so. The promulgation has led to a fop of on-line backup for the coffeehouse, including a prayer with more 1,600 signatures from Bay Arena residents who lack to support Bacon Bacon outdoors. A populace audience moldiness be held ahead Bacon Bacon can reopen, but one may not be scheduled Read more [...]
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Haunted house in the center of Chelyabinsk

Haunted house in the center of Chelyabinsk. Strange noises frighten residents of flats in the street of the Commune. Muffled rattle witnesses describe the same. Hundreds of families seems as if one of the neighbors all day moving furniture. Tatiana and his son watching a fairy tale. However, what is happening in their home is more like a horror movie. All day and night they hear strange noises. First sin on neighbors. But it turned out, the tenants above also suffer from incomprehensible noise. Tatiana Vahmyanina: "Sounds like something from the top moving. At first could not Read more [...]
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In the Crimean dog five months waiting for the hostess, who died in the flood

Worst flooding that claimed hundreds of lives in Krymsk, has left its mark on the fate of not only people, but animals. In a city affected by the disaster, on the ruins of an old house for a few months waiting for the dead his mistress loyal dog named Mukhtar. Lonely dog noticed neighbors. Mukhtar did not depart from the former home of a step, howled sadly, still not knowing that the owner will never come. First dog habitually even guarding the ruins of strangers: barking, no one did not admit to them. But now, sadly only looks at anyone who approaches him. - At this place there was a two-story Read more [...]
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Power methods to enter the apartment (continued)

We will assume that you have learned the material of the previous chapter and are now armed and ready to repel an attack breaks open your door offender. Are you ready? What say? Ready for the ax just now run away? No, that will not do! While you run, he bite the chain and penetrate into the corridor. Or do you hope to persuade the offender to wait a few minutes while you run for weapons? I'm afraid, do not wait, even if the promise. Your arms should be close to the front door! For example, in an easy drop-locker. Moreover, a complete set - from the grenade "Fly" to the banks Read more [...]
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Preparing to penetrate into your home

It is not always robbing apartments are spontaneous. Much more common robbers were preparing to crime. In this case, the richer assigned to plunder apartment, so prepare carefully. It, this training, and can see the hosts attacked an apartment if they are sufficiently attentive and alert. Indirect signs of criminal interest to your home can be any small, seemingly incident that took place near your doors. Someone knocked and left. Someone called on the phone and tried to figure out where to hit or not to live here if Ivanov. Unfamiliar uncle a few minutes talking on the stairs with your young Read more [...]
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The most common way of entry into the apartment

Analysis hundred occurred in a limited time residential robberies carried out the Moscow police, showed the following figures: A burglar entered through the attic. Three resulted in a home for alcohol consumption by the hosts. The fourth opened the door to the tenants, as criminals called them friends. Five opened the locks, picking up the keys. Six entered the room, knocking out a window. Eight criminals have broken locks on the doors. Twenty-eight - went to the ... open doors. (!) Finally, forty-nine phone calls and knocked on the door, and the hosts opened without asking about the purpose Read more [...]
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Misinformation criminals

As I mentioned, the best way to protect your apartment from burglary - to hide it from the offender their livelihoods, and even better - to understate it. I'm not saying to cover import nut headset neoblagorozhennoy domestic fiberboard, Japanese TV into the body of the old black-and-white "record" or repaint Chow under Yard lapdog. I recommend only to show elementary prudence in dealing with the environment, not always friendly world (see How to "build" the criminal to his own apartment.) With long-term absence of tenants, such as a family leaving on a vacation or a long Read more [...]
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A few words about the benefits of neighbors

This is very bad! And not at all, and for your property, your health and your life - Bad! Neighbors - it's better than even Safe-lock and six rows of barbed wire in front of the door! So stop living Biryukov. Immediately came out of his apartment and, picking up an empty bag of medical thermometer, knock all apartments in a row. Formally - To ask for a thermometer. And in fact, in order to begin the much-needed for you and your family acquaintance. Just do not limit yourself to one door. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of its neighbors porch, and preferably at home. Not formally Read more [...]
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Survive the Apocalypse

He of the great mind was put rumors about survivalist as lonely lunatics, lurking on foil-finished burrows in fear of nuclear attack, where they sit on piles of canned food and fancy weapons. Chat with James Rawls (James Rawles) for five minutes, and it's clear - he's not one of those who live with illusions. Rather, it is what we live by them.      POwls - a striking example of the new millennium survivalist. Instead of mumbling to himself in a bunker, retired army captain shares through its blog concepts of survival, exchanging ideas with readers around Read more [...]
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Lost child …

Food for Thought. In kindergarten started a stir when the teacher was not counted Kathy after a walk. Meanwhile, Kate strolled leisurely one on the market at the street on 25 September. The girl noticed compassionate woman: -You whose? -Mom's and Dad's. -Where are they? -At work. -And as you found one here? - She went out of the garden. -Do you know where you live? -I know - said the girl and just to name a street, house and apartment. So with an unfamiliar aunt child was at home. In another case, the child got on the bus, go to a Khislavichi and calmly drove to the end. When all Read more [...]
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Before leaving

As I noted above, today holidaymakers are most afraid of terrorism .. This does not mean that they are not concerned about the safety of their home during the absence. It seems that we have become accustomed to the fact that sooner or later will become a victim of a crime. However, there are simple rules whose application can protect your property while you are sunbathing or working abroad.By following these simple steps, you can greatly reduce the chance to return to the plundered house.Devote in their plans the minimum number of friends and relatives that you trust. The less people will know Read more [...]
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How I Survived: The Texas Wildfires

Wildfires at Opossum Land Lake, Texas     Picture: The Internal Safeguard/FlickrWhen the firefighter told me to empty, I didn’t. Alternatively, I raced to my household, and the ardour was already well-nigh to my wall. I dropped the vane on my tractor and tested to cut a fireguard. But it was too closing, so my prentice and I grabbed a hosepipe, and presently flames were upcoming up about us. The fastball and hotness were electrocution us, and we couldn’t see apiece early. That was when I lastly completed we had to go. I took off toward townsfolk passing astir 60 mph, Read more [...]
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