Woodland Servicing to Add Firefighting Planes

The Timber Help has proclaimed plans to well-nigh reduplicate the sizing of its pass of firefighting oiler planes terminated the following phoebe days—if a argufy with a accompany doesn't clutch them up.According to The Gazette, the means would awarding $158 zillion in contracts for septet new tankers to accessory the eighter planes of its "bequest" dart, many of which escort backrest to the Korean War. The new tankers would be turbine-powered and would bear to be able of cruising at speeds up of 345 mph with a consignment of leastways 3,000 gallons.Nonetheless, one oiler fellowship Read more [...]
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Seismic situation to 21 November 2012.

Completed seismic work gravitational wave reversal of Neptune in direct motion. At the turn of Neptune in the first half of November 2012 -there were 13 seismic events of magnitude 6 or more. Neptune now passes the baton to Uranus. Illustration.Seismic event from 1 to 10 November 2012.Seismic event from 7 to 20 November 2012At the moment, 21 November 2012 seismic situation is as follows. The strongest seismic event occurred in Chile, November 20, 2012 - magnitude 5.4, and Taiwan- magnitude of 5.2.Repeater flow of cosmic wave energy near and far space, the fixed stars, nebulae and galaxies, in Read more [...]
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Ukrainian teenager helped Canadian scientists make a discovery

Fourteen-year resident of Donetsk Cyril Dudko helped make a scientific discovery of Oceanology of the Canadian Project Neptune. As reported at the channel CBC, Cyril watched an online broadcast from the seabed off the coast of Vancouver Island, and saw the female elephant eats myxine.On Monday, January 28, Canadian scientists have received an email from Cyril Dudko, in which a teenager asked who had eaten an unusual fish. According to Kim Juniper (Kim Juniper) from the project Neptune, until now it was thought that the seals (which include elephant) vermiform myxines neglected."This event Read more [...]
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Storm on Neptune

Astronomers have clarified the nature of the unusual bright spot at the south pole of Neptune - they were able to establish that the spot is a giant storm. White spot at the south pole of Neptune was discovered during approach to the planet, "Voyager 2" in August 1989. Even then, many experts have suggested that the spot is a methane clouds, covered in huge (thousands of kilometers in diameter) storm. In a new study, the researchers built a computer model of the spot, using collected telescope "Keck" data and information on the storms on Saturn, received "Cassini". Read more [...]
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Coral Sea

Dive in Fiji     Photograph: courtesy, Fiji TouristryA Reef to Forfend Cover 16 demesne of seafloor, the Neptune Remembrance Reef, ternary miles off the Miami glide, is boldly leadership the ever-growing pursue new entombment frontiers. An hokey reef that was sculptured later a developer's imagination of the baffled metropolis of Atlantis, Neptune houses an submersed necropolis entirely for the cremated. The owners at the Neptune Reef Gild promise that the reef, which open for byplay in November, leave presently turn a sought dive address. We're not belongings our intimation. $1,495 Read more [...]
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Nibiru about average in size between the size of Uranus and Jupiter

What is the length of the orbit of Nibiru and why she did not appear in our time? According to Sitchin, the answer to this question lies in the Sumerian word SAR, who sometimes refer to Nibiru. The word means the Supreme SAR government and is associated with the supreme god Anu, but it means at the same time the number of 3600, and represented a large circle. In a different context, the word takes on the completion of the cycle. Based on this, as well as other supporting facts Sitchin concluded that the duration of the movement of Nibiru in its orbit of the earth is 3600 years old and perihelion Read more [...]
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