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The easier it is to take a woodcock spring, the harder it is to do it in the fall. For reaching raised no more than one weevil. Every time a bird sitting in a jumper between the forest of tall birch and melyatnikom, keep away, and suddenly takes off, taking cover behind the nearest branches.Photo Galina Titovets Of the nine climbs only twice sandpiper framed. The first time the dog squeezed it on field, and he was forced to return to the bottom thickets. On the second will focus in more detail. Early November was like October. The whole day was a Twilight weather oppressive Read more [...]
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Famine in Niger: Millions at risk

At this time of the year wandering around the Sahara tribes usually sell grown cattle, but the drought has ruined the grass and grain yield, so pets or dying out, or too thin to sell them. Trade with provisions freezes. It does not give to the poor inhabitants of the Niger and other West African countries a chance to feed their families in the next year. Chadians fleeing their country and sent to a neighboring Libya to find work and livelihood. The World Food Programme has warned that if the situation does not change in the next three months, will be hungry for more than 10 million Read more [...]
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Where to hide during an earthquake

Today I received email in English with very useful infoy about earthquakes thought to translate, then found a pretty decent translations compilation film. The basic idea is that the author by practical analysis of destroyed structures revealed that the most safe places are trudnorazrushaemyh space around objects such as beds, cars, large stacks of paper in offices. So: What to do during an earthquake My name is Doug Cope. I am the commander of the U.S. international rescue teams «Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International» (ARTI). I penetrated into the 875 buildings Read more [...]
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Gamut     Photograph: Scrape WiensA Waterproofed Flaccid Scale, FOR PEANUTSIn the next you'll be capable to get the perfective crown: soft-shell execution, storm-shell security, and anorak thriftiness. Until so, we let the Gamut, a cut-price waterproof-breathable easygoing carapace that has tape-recorded seams for real-weather auspices. It's not rather the next—the proprietorship textile wets out quicker than a heavy case, and it doesn't rest too as the outflank mild shells—but it's emphatically the crownwork of the deliver. I stayed wholly dry tramp in a sweetheart Read more [...]
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Instructions practice survival in case of military conflict (personal experience)

Maybe someone reading, the same who do not read, wakes useful! Text is not mine, it is very big for this site, so see the source (I hope the administration will not be offended, we do not for ratings and attendance are fighting, but for awareness), and then raised TOC author. read not for anyone not be superfluous.1. Part One, "The psychology of survival, practical advice" 2. Starting 3. Panic 4. Knife. 5. Axe. 6. Shotgun. 7. Vault. 8. The first is, of course, cellar. 9. And so, the next topic: the basement. 10. The next topic in a building basement. 11. Next topic: water. 12. Nutrition. 13. Read more [...]
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On Kamchatka was struck by a powerful cyclone

In the Pacific ocean distress Kamchatka trawler \"evening star\", the communication is lost with it. Previously, the crew reported that the ten-wave knocked the window in the wheelhouse to have broken the remote control. The cause of the storm - a powerful cyclone that day already raging in the far East. In Kamchatka today do not fly the aircraft. The wind speed in the South of the Peninsula reaches hurricane force, 46 meters per second. Local airlines have cancelled all flights for tomorrow suffered from two flight Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The students stayed at home, adults rescuers Read more [...]
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Guys, we are 300 people Grow further

Anonymous votingGuys, we are 300 people Grow further Congratulations70100% Get the codeVoted 70 people. Sergey Vladimirovich26 Jan 2012 at 0:56|I like125 commentsBogdan Bout the main thing that were not just "dead souls" I hope activcore grows, and hope that those who are not unsubscribes, though all are reading and interested. In General URAAA)))26 Jan 2012|7Artem Ignatenko Read and interested in every day) Read more [...]
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The sun attacks: up to the end of the year on the Earth will fall 25 magnetic storms

The Earth is magnetic storm. It caused the ejection of plasma on the Sun, which occurred three days ago. Scientists warn that in the next two months solar activity will continue to grow. And this, first of all, will feel weather-sensitive people.According to the forecast of the Ministry of emergency situations, until the end of the year we expect about 25 geomagnetic disturbances. The most tangible manifestations of solar activity will have to face in March-April and September-October. Recall, one of the last major magnetic storms have affected our planet in the middle of February. The Sun Read more [...]
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The second tropical storm of the Pacific ocean is ready to become the first Typhoon

24 macrophase storm Songda\" (second this season in the West Pacific ocean) has all chances to become the first in the Typhoon season. The storm originated in the Philippine sea two days ago and moves in the direction of the Philippine Islands. Current monitoring Japanese tishnagi center classifies it as a strong tropical storm. The next stage of evolution, the stage of Typhoon \"Songda\" can achieve in the next few hours. The name of the Typhoon gave a tributary of the red river, the largest in Northern Vietnam, which originates in China, has a strong current, many rapids and has a large electrical Read more [...]
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NASA: the Sun drop in solar activity

Message from NASA: the sun spots disappear, which is a signal big drop in solar activity If research is correct, then this is the last solar maximum, which we will see in the next decade. \"It can affect everything from space to the Earth's climate.\"Unusual solar behavior, including the disappearance of spots and the weakening of the magnetic activity may be a sign that our Sun is going to be less active in the coming years. The results of three separate studies showed that even when the current cycle of sunspots reaches solar maximum, the Sun becomes less active period, during the next Read more [...]
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The effects of the hurricane in Ivanovo

IVANOVO, June 21. In the Ivanovo region more than 15 thousand inhabitants of the regional center remain without electricity due to hurricane winds and rain, eve. As the press service of EMERCOM, strong winds also knocked down trees, damaged roofs and advertising balbardie possible injured not coalseams engaged in hurricane Source: Rosbalt, YouTube Hurricane in Ivanovo  20 ioner in the city was the next hurricane! Honestly I waited a week ago. Recently I began to notice that the hurricanes in our area are almost at the same time. Searched on the Internet for dates and here is what Read more [...]
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Warsaw road turned into a river

July 7. Torrential rains that did not stop over the territory of Poland for several days, caused flooding in Warsaw and its surroundings. In the Polish capital due to heavy rainfall and streets turned into rivers. Flooded main road junction city, many basements and garages. Water leaked into the underground rooms and corridors of the Central station, according to ITAR-TASS.According to rescuers and firefighters, the number received from the public calls increases with each passing hour. Only one Masovian Voivodeship day for the staff of these services had to travel more than 80 times. Most Read more [...]
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The photo essay. In Thailand subsidence 100 meter stretch of road

on February 21. Road Oblongata, Ayuthaya. The ground sank and cracked more than two meters on a hundred-meter stretch of local highway. Already registered two accidents caused by sudden braking on the road. The renovations is not yet possible. Journalists report that a possible cause of the destruction of the road became the next 6 miles next to the road irrigation channel. Four-lane asphalt road slipped by two meters and was cracked on the site more than a hundred meters long, and now the transport is unable to move in any direction. It remains to use the bypass roads. Valid reasons why there Read more [...]
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In the next two days on the Gulf of Mexico may collapse hurricane Lee

2 September. A tropical depression formed in the Central Gulf of Mexico, moving slowly to the North-East and in the next 48 hours could turn into a hurricane, according to the national center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami (Florida). According to meteorologists, the probability that atmospheric phenomenon will reach hurricane force, is 70%. According to the established order, if it happens, it will be assigned the name «Whether». «The hurricane, which will be named „Whether“ may cause torrential tropical rains and floods on the coast of Florida and Texas», — Read more [...]
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At Vilsandi again bloomed lilac

Photo from the site: September 14,. Director Kuressaare vocational school Reema Rand, having a farm on the island of Vilsandi, was pretty surprised to find out about vacant next door hamlets blooming in autumn lilac, writes Ohtuleht. \"It was a pleasant surprise, before I had ever seen — said Rand. - We are talking about farm yard next to the road, which is surrounded by lilacs. We noticed that blossomed many bushes and a white and purple lilacs. Can't say the eye does the same branches in the spring, but in any case it is a curious freak of nature!\" Source: , Read more [...]
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Scientists predict massive earthquake in Tokyo

on January 27. This Tokyo during the earthquake. In the city the lights go out, sometimes start fires. The city is almost in ruins, on the roads many traffic jams, some cars on fire. Now it's all just computer graphics and fantasy computer designers. However, the academics of the Institute for the study of earthquakes in the Tokyo University say that in the next 4 years with a probability of 70% in the district of the Japanese capital can happen earthquake of magnitude 7 points.According to studies, 11 thousand people could die, and about 850 thousand buildings can be destroyed. Shinjite Read more [...]
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Everest panorama with gigapikselnyh resolution

Mountaineer and producer David Brishers profit organization GlacierWorks, which studies the glaciers, presented a unique panorama of Everest gigapikselnye image composed of 477 individual photos. The shooting was done in the spring of 2012 from the top of Pumori next to Everest.For imaging has been used 300 mm lens. According to the crew, in the future will be even larger version, made up of thousands of pictures. It will be available in June of next year, reports the Daily Mail. December 20, 2012 13:21Category: Other Read more [...]
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British UAV — a harbinger of cyberwar

Britain is preparing to test the latest supersonic drone, which is considered the next generation bomber. Named after the Celtic god of thunder Taranis, this automatic aircraft invisible to radar and able to choose their own goals. Experts are concerned about threats of "war robots." It accelerates faster than the speed of sound, their own weapons used and flies away unnoticed into enemy territory - this is the new British superbespilotnik many years in development. The apparatus has already been spent hundreds of millions of pounds. It is expected that this revolutionary unmanned Read more [...]
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European Russia: South of record heat

on June 25. In the southern regions of European Russia, which are currently far from cyclones and atmospheric fronts, was already hot and mainly dry weather with temperatures 2-3 degrees higher than typical for this time value. Last Sunday in most parts of southern and North Caucasian Federal districts of the air were heated to +30,+35 degrees. And in several cities in the Krasnodar region, even succumbed temperature records. Now in the city of Krasnodar absolute maximum for June 24 will be the temperature of 34.6 degrees in coastal Anapa +33.3 degrees.In the next couple of days the weakening Read more [...]
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Australian firefighters are in full readiness due to the expected heat of over 47 degrees

Australian firefighters are on high alert. According to weather forecasts for the next seven days the temperature reaches 40 ° C, and in some areas from 45 to 47 degrees Celsius.

Temperature remains above 40 ° C over the next six or seven days in many parts of Australia, which could trigger major wildfires.

Category: Climate
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