Eyes on «Korea»

The birth of a new generation Nissan X-Trail is long overdue. Other automakers are already being sold in Russian models competing with all sorts of "flowing lines" on the sides, and Nissan this year alone on the mountain gave his version of the midsize urban crossover.X-Trail 2015 is equipped with Chassis Control, which is able to shift torque between axles depending on road conditions.But I think the explanation is simpler. Apparently, some big chief in Nissan has decided that the time for Worldwide «People hawala» Korean masterpieces of car design, the it is the consumer Read more [...]
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Wind in luggage

Pick-up in Russia - more than a pick-up! If any Brazilian or Afghanistan it is only suitable for specific purposes utilitarian vehicle, and in the US - just a big voracious machine for air transportation, we have everything their own way.Pick-up in Russia — more than a pick-up! If any Brazilian or Afghanistan it is only suitable for specific purposes utilitarian vehicle, and in the US — just a big voracious machine for air transportation, we have everything their own way.What can expect compatriot, choosing between Nissan Navara pickups and Volkswagen Amarok?In Russia, for the carriage Read more [...]
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ice Age

This year's winter has performed its mission by 146% without the help of a wizard Churov, leading many to believe even wrong, but no less apocalyptic interpretations of the Mayan calendarPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova Even Greenpeace activists on Time ceased to shout about global warming, wrapped in his coat of artificial fur. At the whereas in most European countries on TV screens city ​​streets moved realities disaster movie «Day after tomorrow», a Venetian gondoliers are not could waking up in the morning, go to work Read more [...]
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The gadget is a warrior

When seven years ago, Nissan launched Qashqai, few thought that this machine will be a bestseller, with sales exceed 2 million and provoke crossover boom. And now it's time to step on the stage of the second generation Nissan Qashqai.Outside view of the new machines was exactly this which implies a modern cliché «Urban Crossover». Following the Japanese, I remember, a market niche of compact crossovers caught «spud» most of the world avtoproizvoiteley. TO At this point, some people had not only to create, but and update their models competing with Qashqai. Read more [...]
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Male car with a female character

A small ground clearance, long overhangs, the absence of almost all the locks the transmission, in fact, make this car in urban crossover. However, in the middle of weakness, and even primer dry and level field you pass. And - with the maximum comfort. So, this car is fine wealthy hunter who wants to get to the far cordon with all amenities. Alas, Murano — not SUV. Not too much ground clearance of essentially negates the all the advantages of all-wheel drive. Never before Relationship with the current Nissan Murano did not drawn Read more [...]
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FlipNissan Riff     Photograph: Courtesy of NissanA late TV ad for the Nissan Leafage depicts a man where every forward-looking gadget—alarm, coffeemaker, calculator—runs on a fumes-spewing gas-powered locomotive. It's a cagey substance, but the approximation of impression technologically victor bequeath ne'er horn the intellect well-nigh Americans can't opine owning board electrical: reach anxiousness, that concern of existence marooned on the highway miles from a exponent reference. To do that, I intimate around dim-witted mathematics. Hither, e.g., is a busybodied Read more [...]
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Nissan Riffle

Nissan Riff     Pic: Picture courtesy NissanTHE Deal: A zero-emissions car for the mass.THE Quiz: Subsequently an eight-hour guardianship (in a 220-volt nag), the four-door hatchback can locomote 100 miles in eery hush. But since it lacks a gas-engine backing, ilk the V's, erst you're out of index you're hosed. In the mound land extraneous Nashville, the Flip reached a top amphetamine of 90 mph, though the car is all around efficiency—skinny tires, stripped inner, and canonic suspension—so it didn't win any awards for execution.THE VERDICT: If you don't leave-taking townspeople, Read more [...]
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Car Level

Paine at the Tesla franchise in Los Angeles     Pic: Paine: Westmidwest ProductionsA immortalise 27 Hollywood sequels are hit theaters in 2011, and now fifty-fifty the infotainment reality is embrace the recycling fad. Followers up his 2006 hit Who Killed the Electric?, which chronicled the death of Ecumenical Motors’ EV-1, conductor Chris Paine is rear with Retaliation of the Electric. Paine fagged tercet age pursuit the exploitation of a threesome of new vehicles: the Tesla Runabout and Nissan Riff (both virginal galvanising plug-ins) and the Hassle V (a board loan-blend). Read more [...]
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