Rope ladder comfortable that it can be constructed at any time in any place, and it will not take much space in your pack or utility room. To make a rope ladder with his hands in just over an hour. The process itself is not difficult, the main thing - to follow the Assembly sequence.All that will be useful for you for the creation of the stairs are two ropes. The length of the rope will depend on hotkey the length of the ladder. In this case, was used two ropes of different colors, in order to demonstrate how to link them.Description under the photo.Take two ropesStepping back 1 metre from the Read more [...]
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Strangling noose

When strangling noose is tightening it by hand or with a machine. Material for a loop, as in hanging, use different: soft, semi-hard and hard, which determines the nature of strangulation furrow. Development of pathophysiological process mainly occurs on the same principle as that of a hanging, and the morphological picture of the internal organs in the strangling noose does not have any specific features. For strangulation noose hanging unlike most typical uniformly deep, horizontal arrangement of strangulation furrow. It may have intermittent, if loop was open or under it were any objects, Read more [...]
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Hunting in extreme situations

Hunting can be a reliable source of human food. However, without some hunting skills, even with a gun, trying to get the beast will be unsuccessful. Careful study of tracks and droppings will help determine not only the species and number of animals, but also their size, direction, etc. It is important to be able to determine how long a trace. In winter, the fresh powder is not hard to do, because fresh prints animal paws are always distinct, their contours - with delicate small notches on the sides of the trail. In fresh snow on the sides of the track visible pillowslip fresh and dragged - Read more [...]
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Noose with polushtykami

Noose with polushtykami used to lift and move logs and other cylindrical objects. The method of tying a slipknot without polushtykov shown in Fig. 1 and 2, with polushtykami - in Fig. 3. This node loggers used, so it is also called a log-house unit. Polushtykami noose with a rugged and reliable unit, which greatly delayed, and after using easily undone. First, make two polushtyka shown on the left in Fig. 3, and then tied a noose, you want to tie slightly away from the center of the log. Before moving the slack between polushtykami and noose to be selected. It is also important polushtykov Read more [...]
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Tightening the noose Tightening the noose, or the noose on the end of a long stick, a stick is an effective tool to remove the bird, find a perch on the lower branches. Note perches and nesting place - do not forget that bird droppings can help find them - and if they are within range, regularly come back at night, when there is enough light to see them. Start the loop at the bird and sharply tighten it while pulling down a bird.Hunting for waterfowl You can get close to potential prey, hiding in the water up to his neck and head camouflaged with reeds or other vegetation. Approach the nesting Read more [...]
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