Photos of floods in North Korea

on August 22. North Korea has suffered from torrential rains flooded a large number of houses.It is reported that the Yalu river overflowed. Rainfall reached 300 mm due to the spill, the water flowed over the dam flooding below standing residential and public houses, causing great destruction and loss. Information about the victim or not. Currently conducting rescue operations forces mobilized military and civilian persons.Translation: Alex Crete Source: Related news: > In North Korea flood Read more [...]
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Ornithologists North Ossetia link the disappearance of several species of birds to climate change

on September 19. Ornithologists North Ossetia link the disappearance of several species of birds to climate change, said candidate of biological Sciences, leading ornithologist of North Ossetia Yuri Komarov. In his opinion, the facts that see Caucasian ornithologists, causing alarm. \"Still not observed coastal swallows, this leads to negative thoughts, — tells Mosquitoes. — Tragically ended in the flight of the lesser of chernogorovo that flocks migrated in fog and crashed about Fiagdon television relay at the altitude of 2800 m.Ornithologist links the disappearance Read more [...]
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Failure on the road in North Vancouver

The problem of water supply in the residential sector in the North Vancouver has resulted in failure at the crossroads, the flooding of several foundations and disrupted traffic. The failure occurred near two roads: the Lynn valley and Hoskins. The hole is partially filled with water was about three feet in diameter and more than two meters deep. On the road there was a long crack. In several buildings around the failure of water flooded the basements and ground floors. The scene left the crews of the Northern district of Vancouver. Translation: Anastasia A. I. Antoshkina Source: Read more [...]
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The shift of the magnetic poles has led to the name change of runway in Hillsborough

on September 17. Slowly moving the position of the North magnetic pole of the Earth at the beginning of this week has led to the name change of the main runway of the airport in Hillsboro, on 12/30 13/31. New bulleted room was installed at one end of the runway during the General technical renovation, said the representative of the port of Portland, owner and operator of the airport. \"Pilots and airport customers were informed in writing about the work of the runway, and reports that the airport was closed this is just rumors\", — said Kama Simonds.The runway were designed according Read more [...]
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Snow cover on Sakhalin was formed early record

on 1 October. The first snow fell on the North of Sakhalin in the last days of September, this is the earliest date of formation of the snow cover on the island for the entire period of meteorological observations, reported RIA Novosti employee Sangermaine. «First snow in the North of the island has been recorded September 28, and September 30, formed the first snow, the height of it was in Tymovsk — 11 inches, Norah — 25 inches», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him is the earliest date of formation of the snow cover for all years of observation Read more [...]
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10-metre whale was discovered in a field in England

on September 29. Farmers Yorkshire County came to the real horror, when found in the open field a huge sea creature.Experts still are at a loss as great inhabitant of the underwater world could find himself in the middle of the field about 800 metres from the shoreline at the mouth Humber. Scientists have identified a giant breed — it was easeby kit from a family of whales of the suborder of baleen whales. According to the expert of the Yorkshire wildlife centre Andy Gibson, the whales of this species — a rarity for the region. — In the waters of Britain over Read more [...]
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Dips on roads in the U.S.

on 1 October. The failure of the road in Severna - an area located in the district of Ann Arundel, Maryland, USA, with a population of about 35 thousand people.The failure of the roadway on Selwyn Avenue in Myers Park, North Carolina, USA.Failure on Highway 421, Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA. Source: FinalNews   Read more [...]
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Mysterious foam in the river in the North of Canada

on October 11. Last Sunday the locals were observed in the river North canadian foam of unknown origin,which floated downstream, by Monday the remains of this foam could be seen along the banks of the river, the grass and the bushes. Residents are concerned about this phenomenon, but the representative of the Department of environmental protection said that it is absolutely harmless , and will not affect the ecology of the region. Jamie Oberg Source: News9.сом Read more [...]
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New temperature records in the North of Western Siberia

on October 11. For a long time the North of Western Siberia differs abnormally warm weather. Average daily air temperature for 8-10 places to 12 degrees above normal. October 10, new records were set maximum temperature: in Surgut 15.2 degrees, in Khanty-Mansiysk 16.4 degrees. Still (15.3 degrees) was recorded in Khanty-Mansiysk in 1988. This weather is retained in the region through South stream, which brings warm air from Kazakhstan.

Source: Meteoroloji

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In Indonesia, the volcano awoke Curl-Empung

 on October 26. On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi began volcanic eruption Curl-Empung, according to the environment Agency EFE. The volcano emitted into the air column of ash and dust. Reports on casualties in the eruption Curl-Empung has not yet been reported. Near Curl-Empung there are about 30 thousand people. The volcano is located on the North of the island, 20 km from Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi. Over the past 20 years, the Curl-Empung woke up five times. In 1991 there was the most violent eruption, the victim of which was a Swiss tourist Source: Interfax Read more [...]
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The scale of the floods in Thailand. Shooting from 25 October

on October 25. I was shooting from a helicopter Jet Ranger Thai army on 25 October 2011. The helicopter took off from Central Bangkok near the Victory monument (not flooded) and headed North over the Chao Phraya river (the main river running through Bangkok and threatening, at that time, flood the city). Next, the helicopter went from the North to Northwest over Nonthaburi, Bang Bua Thong, Pathum Thani in a remote village near Ayutthaya, where was dropped humanitarian cargo. Then the pilot made a loop to the East and headed to Bangkok. Read more [...]
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Scientists will create a seismic hazard map for the North Caucasus

on November 28. Scientists of the Institute of physics of the Earth named Schmidt RAS 2014 will create a detailed map of seismic zoning of the North Caucasus, which will be considered as paleoseismicity and instrumental investigations, said the Deputy Director of the Institute Eugene Rogozhin on Monday at the international scientific conference «Seismic safety of the black sea region». As said Rogozhin RIA Novosti, individual maps of seismic zoning of the Caucasus today is not, and the corresponding map of the country was last updated in 1997 and contains some errors. For example, Read more [...]
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The North of Australia is poured rain

on December 21. Rich torrential rains hit the North «Green» of the continent. For the last day on the Peninsula of Cape York (Queensland) fell from 65 to 101 mm heavenly moisture, that is from 50% to 80% of the monthly norm. In the future the weather will shift more southerly parts of the state. So, on Friday, December 23, prolonged thunderstorms are expected on the coast of the Coral sea. A similar weather pattern is observed on the Islands of Indonesia. In the last day on the Islands in the Banda sea rainfall reached elm), 65-78 mm, However, the nature of these heavy rains other — Read more [...]
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The Northern coast of Australia circling tropical storm

on December 25. Tropical cyclone of the first category development «occupied» North «Green» of the continent. The cyclone named — Grant (Grant), it moves to the South. Last night under the influence of the atmospheric vortex was the Peninsula of Coburg (Cobourg) and the Gulf coast van Deman. The force of the wind near the center cyclonically about 110 kilometers per hour, with gusts increasing to 130 kilometers per hour. On the North coast of Australia were torrential rains. The rainfall for the day reaches 58-93 mm, in the town of Port Essington received more Read more [...]
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12-metre sperm whale found dead in UK

on December 28. 12-metre sperm whale was thrown dead on the beach in East Anglia, as I believe, because of the large wound in the stomach. The sand around the tail was not deformed, so it is assumed that the animal was already dead, before the tide had carried the corpse on the Sands in the Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.Many onlookers came to see the whale, which was lying near the level of the tide. The representative of the dive charitable Association BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue said, that perhaps it was the same whale that was seen dead on the ground the air force in the UK on Read more [...]
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A severe storm in the North of Holland

5 January.In villages in the North of the Netherlands evacuated because of fears of a collapse of the dam and subsequent flooding, reports Associated Press.За the last few days on the North of the country had the monthly norm of precipitation. Authorities fear that the dam, located 160 km from Amsterdam, will not withstand the pressure due to strong winds and incessant rain.Local authorities urged more than 200 villagers voluntarily to leave the dangerous area, so as pumps and windmills are not able to cope with the pumping of water. Water authorities in the Netherlands have reported Read more [...]
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Seven Indonesian volcanoes Wake up

8 January. The national emergency management Agency issued a warning about the activation of the seven volcanoes throughout the archipelago. The Agency has prepared the forces and means in the worst case scenario. Proposed measures were discussed on Saturday at a meeting of the official persons. The list includes the following volcanoes: Papandayan in West Java, Karangetang and Lokon in North Sulawesi, lien in East Java, Gamalama in North Maluku, the Anak-Krakatau («the son of Krakatau» in Lampung, Levatol in East Nusa-Tenggara.The Agency conducts continuous monitoring of each Read more [...]
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Fifteen people were injured in the tornadoes in North Carolina

on January 13. Fifteen people were injured in the tornadoes and storms in North Carolina, said on Thursday the rescue service of the state. Peak bad weather came in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, however, the authorities still count the damage. Dozens of houses were seriously damaged, about 800 were left without electricity. Transmission lines in most American cities — exterior, and therefore easily break when a strong wind. Gusts of wind in North Carolina reached 51 meters per second. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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The consequences of tornadoes over North Carolina

A powerful tornado swept over North Carolina. Fifteen people were injured in the tornadoes and storms in North CarolinaSource: PRAVDA.Ru Read more [...]
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North Africa in the snow

on 7 February. Thursday North Africa in turn were in the area of adverse weather conditions. As you progress Mediterranean cyclone to the East, uncharacteristic for the region's snow fall on Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. The air flows from the Northwest bring cold air masses. The temperature dropped to European values, precipitation falls as snow and snow with rain. In the mountains are abundant snowfalls. On the roads - drifts, then as snow removal equipment or not enough. Many villages are cut off from the outside world. Snow, reached in some regions up to 20 cm and more, led to the cliffs Read more [...]
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