Great Northern Expedition

According to the German geographer Friedrich Gelvalda, Great Northern Expedition can be put on a par with the majestic geographical entities. Cape Chelyuskin — the northernmost point of the continent of the world, the northernmost point of the Eurasian continent, the northernmost point of mainland Russia. Even more: at the vastness of the territory where the expedition had to act simultaneously, history of geographical discoveries did not like it It was.In the last years of his life, Peter I was actively engaged in the development of plans for Read more [...]
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Ships in the ocean

How did we get to these places - a burning separate story full of romance and adventure. But the road passed, and we have achieved those closest to the coast of the Kola Peninsula (usually called Murman) Islands in the Barents Sea. The remains of shells coastal defense battery at the time of the Second World War Island Harlov remind future generations of past. Planting on coast of the largest island of the archipelago north to not completely They believed that it really happened. Probably not still nothing Soviet times, one of the polar stations Read more [...]
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The discrepancy of the ARCTIC is BECOMING MORE

The US is preparing to the militarization of the Arctic ocean and, according to the confessions of the authorities of the Navy, in naiblezhayshie 15 years intend to establish themselves in the region militarily, politically and economically. Of course, that the States want to "bite off" a large piece of the land that rightfully should belong to the Russian Federation: unlikely Washington will attempt, for example, in the territorial waters of Canada or Norway, which are U.S. allies. The goal States is the undisputed dominance in the rich natural resources of the Arctic ocean.The United States announced Read more [...]
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• In the forest.There are tips to defining the sides of horizon on the crown of the trees. But the indication that the crown of the trees on the South side is the smartest, and the annual rings of growth of tree species on the cut stump of the tree with the South more than the North, not always confirmed. In fact, deep in the forest trees of their own shadow close adjacent trees located to the North of them. Because more longish and thick branches in the middle of the forest can be oriented not only to the South, and North, East, West, in other words where more space. In this regard, and daily Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northern Chile

5.5 magnitude earthquake was registered on Monday in northern Chile, data on casualties or damage were reported, according to the USGS website. Tremors were reported in 00:57 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 03:57 MSK). The epicenter was located at a depth of about 32 kilometers, 45 kilometers southeast of the city of Tocopilla, 145 kilometers northeast of Antofagasta and 1,230 km north of the capital Santiago. Over the past few months in Chile was more than ten sensitive earthquakes. The country is in a zone of the Pacific "fire zone", where 85% of all recorded quakes in the world. Source: Read more [...]
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Shemoksa right tributary of the Northern Dvina river Vologda region

Shemoksa (Shomoksa) river Basin snow-white sea, right tributary Northern Dvina. Shemoksa river originates in a small bog at an altitude of 140 m above sea level, between the stations and Susolovka located in North, where bears the title Sychevka. Shemoksa source of the river is on the border territories of Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Kirov regions. Flows through the area Shemogodskogo rural settlement of the Vologda region. Length of the river is 67 km Shemoksa. Flows into the Northern Dvina River (Little Northern Dvina) at 727 km from the mouth. Localities. In the lower reaches of the river is located Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Relief

North Ural consists of a series of parallel ridges and meridional extension, separated by longitudinal and transverse valleys depression upper reaches Shchugor, Ilych, Podcherye, Pechora, Visscher and their tributaries. The total width of the strip mining 50—60 km, and with foothill ridges 80—100 km. Central watershed Ridge, known as the Stone Poyasovy below adjoining the west ridge: the average Height its 700—750 m, and only some peaks exceeding 1,000 meters (Washing systems-Chokur—1279 m Otorten1182 m). In the relief of the northern part of the mountain is most clearly Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Climate and weather

The climate of the Northern Urals is sharply continental with long severe winters and short, cool summers. Spring is longer than the fall, since the transition from winter to summer is usually accompanied by frequent returns of colds. Overall severity of the climate of the Northern Urals due to high-latitude geographical location, large absolute and relative height and width of the mountain area, deep and complex dismembering her. This determines the nature of the typical mountain climate with a vertical change of climatic zones and the high variability of air temperature, precipitation and wind Read more [...]
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North Urals

Nearly 600 km stretches along the meridian Northern Urals, then tapering, reaching a latitude almost 200 km. This huge mountainous country begins north of the latitude of the river area Shchugor powerful backbone of Tal-Pos-Out with a maximum height for the Northern Urals 1617 m. Southern border of the Northern Urals less certain: it is carried out on a mountain Kosvinsky Stone, to the south of Mount -by pierid , then further south y Kachkanar mountains. The latter is probably more correct, as it Kachkanar mountain (878 m) high mountains zakapchivaetsya band begins the Middle Urals, which never Read more [...]
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the river Ciruja right tributary of the Northern Dvina

Ciruja - river basin of the White sea, right tributary of the Northern Dvina. Flows in the Primorsky district of the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. The river Ciruja originates from bogs permeated by a network of channels connecting it with the river basins of Sumar and Lithuania. Flows into Northern Dvina 90 km from the mouth on the right Bank. The length of the river Ciruja is 11 km Settlements. Village Savinsky - near the mouth of the river The Northern Dvina. Driveways. On the road Arkhangelsk - Pinega to D. Savinsky. Topography, soil, vegetation. In the upper reaches of the river posted by hillocks Read more [...]
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General characteristics of the Northern Urals

North Ural starts from mount kosævinski Stone (59° 30′ n.) in the South, and stretches for more than 500 km North to mount Telepolis (64° d.n.). The territory of the Northern Ural great. Only an area of mountainous area equal to about 90,000 km2, which could accommodate three States as Belgium. All the territory North of the Urals is located in the taiga zone. Throughout the forest, without end, creeping the swampy lowlands, then thrown over the green Cape on gently sloping ridges and hills, climbing rocky steep mountain ranges. Forest—the wealth of the region. Such valuable Read more [...]
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On the Northern Dvina and Sukhona ice break is expected in late April

Yesterday, in the Vologda region in the town of stately Ustiug held a working meeting between the Deputy Director of the Department of Territorial Policy Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Alexei Saiko with the authorities and heads of various departments of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions on crossing ice and flood waters in the spring of 2013 Northern Dvina and its tributaries. Northern Dvina River and its tributary river Sukhona flow through the area the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions. All carried out preventive measures aimed at easing Dvina ice and trouble-free Read more [...]
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On the bridge over the Northern Dvina «Volga» crashed into a tractor

In Arkhangelsk, January 29 at the fifth hour of the morning on Krasnoflotsky bridge, erected by Northern Dvina tragedy occurred with the role of "Volga" and the tractor. Car "GAZ-3110" conducted by a 39-year-old lady was driving in the direction of the right bank of the Northern Dvina. Next to the passenger seat riding her husband. After the swing of the bridge, the driver of "Volga" was reconstructed on the extreme right-hand lane for overtaking the car in front. There on the way the car turned out to be a tractor «JCB». Shot hit the bucket snowplows. As a result of the collision the lady behind Read more [...]
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Weather joked over the English. Photo

Children's toy - duck - partially buried in snow after blizzard in Derry, Northern Ireland. (REUTERS) Today, April 1, the spring confidently takes office ... and in the UK winter still does not want to assign the right to rule.Car stuck in the snow on the side of the highway A9 in Perthshire, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Girl tries to escape from the cold and snow in Dunblane, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Horse standing under a tree during a snowfall in Kinbuke, Scotland. (REUTERS / David Moir) Passer hard way through the snowdrifts in Peebles, Scotland, Read more [...]
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Tens of thousands of homes without electricity in Northern Ireland

Because of the continuing the third day in the north of the British Isles snowfall and blizzards in Northern Ireland remained without electricity for about 100,000 homes, according to British media today. Operating in an emergency mode repair teams local power company was able to restore the power supply to 82 million homes, but about 20 thousand buildings remain without electricity. Repairmen working round the clock to re-pulling to break under the weight of snow wires, raise hundreds of wind collapsed pillars. In the struggle against the elements involved police, coast guard, rescue climbers. In Read more [...]
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In Irtysh released juvenile herring and Sosvinskaya schёkura

June 7, 2013 experts at the Khanty-Mansiysk hatchery for the first time released into the river Irtysh grown here fry. Total fish farmers have released 5 thousand fry of fish species herring and Sosvinskaya schёkura. In the upcoming scheduled each year for the reproduction of fish supplies in the Irtysh River to produce above fifty million fry, including the sturgeon fish. Sosvinsky herring fish Tugun Siberian salmon family. Title received from the tributary of the Ob river Sosva. Tugun caught in the Yenisei and Elena. Welterweight tugun (Sosvinskaya herring) 40 g, the largest not more than Read more [...]
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The northern hemisphere is overheating

The dotted line designates the territory with an average temperature below normal; integrity of the loop marked overheated territory. Deviations from the norm are expressed in degrees Celsius. Source: University of Alabama Huntsville American scientists have published a map of "overheating" of the Earth. Abnormally hot weather recorded in the northern latitudes - near the Arctic Circle. American scientists from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (University of Alabama Huntsville) with support from NASA and NOAA published a report on recent climate change. To prepare the report, the authors Read more [...]
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From floods in Northern India suffered 2 million people

At least 2 million residents of Northern India suffered from severe floods caused by the spill of the Ganges as a result of heavy monsoon rains In the States of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana people were left homeless, flooded 1.2 thousand rural settlements, damages crops on the area of 500 hectares. According to specialists ' forecasts, flood may lead to reduction in the production of cotton and sugar cane. The total number of deaths in the North of India in the welter exceeds 80 people, ITAR-TASS reported. Earlier it was reported that due to the floods in the Eastern Indian state of Assam Read more [...]
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Northern Bushcraft book in English. language (North Survival)

Goodnight Comrade. survivalist!A lot of interesting podcherpnul (pumped ) From this site and decided to share stories, though I have basically everything in English. Hopefully someone will come in handy!Book: «Northern Bushcraft» by Mors Kochanski. Russian language I would have translated as "Survival in the North Woods"Author Morse Kochansky - renowned Canadian naturalist and survivalist. In the west, namely in the United States and Canada is considered one of the most gurus (comrades from Discovery Channel type "Double Survival" and do not lie close). In spirit the book is somewhat reminiscent Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji: Winter don’t pull strings

This year's winter acts tough and ahead of schedule. Almost every day marked new milestones Morozov. On the night of 11 October in the North-West of Yakutia, the temperature fell to -28°. Snow cover is also not waiting for an invitation. In the far East it covers the entire Northern half of the region. The maximum height of the falls on the Central districts of Yakutia and is 31 see In Siberia the main floor is observed on the Taimyr and Evenkia, as well as in the southern mountain ranges. The greatest thickness — 42 see In the EPR snow cover is still temporary in nature and is Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).