Wonders of Northern Norway

Champion Tournament Sea Fishing Alexander Smirnov 17-pound cod. In a world of many countries and continents, which you want to visit, but Norway among them special. Stretching from south north almost one and a half thousand kilometers of this pearl of Scandinavia kept striking beauty of unspoiled wilderness. Long and It was difficult historical path and Norway its people. The ancestors of the Norwegians were conquerors and discoverers of the land, and their descendants were able to reasonably dispose of their wealth to bestow — Read more [...]
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Finding places catchability

Representatives of the cod family in northern waters of Norway are particularly impressive. Record the weight of cod caught in the Northern Norway exceeded 40 kg. With the approach of spring-summer season, we often ask ourselves the question: where you can have rest and from the heart to go fishing? AT This year our team anglers fishing theme surfaced in Norway. The idea is tempting, but in practice is none of us implemented. Thus began throwing in seeking competitive bids, polls acquaintances monitoring information Internet. However, Read more [...]
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Russian in Norway

My friends and I, being in Norway, paved routes fishing alone. It began with the fact that I, Michael and Andrew took of the fans of the Russian team orienteering athletes who went to Norway from Moscow by bus. But the main purpose was fishing. My friends and I, being in Norway, paved routes fishing alone.    Once in the city of Bergen, went to the port, taking with him some gear. Here we caught five tails, two medium-sized flounder, a couple of mackerel and cod polutorakilogrammovuyu. However, not for here we drove thousands of kilometers away, to indulge in a trifle. Read more [...]
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At the edge of the invigorating coolness

The ancestors of the ancient peoples inhabiting the modern Norway, in the early stages of development involved in fishing and hunting craft.And this phenomenon is typical of the vast majority of earthlings. What is surprising is that in the small town of Alta remained the most massive in Northern Europe cave paintings, dating from the late Neolithic (Stone Age), made in 2500–6000 years ago. PARADISE FOR FISHING In Norway, countless rivers and other water bodies of different. The fish are caught everywhere in the sea and on the banks of the fjords, lakes and mountain streams, where there Read more [...]
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In Norway, he was shot the famous albino moose

In Norway, it was produced the famous all over the country albino moose nicknamed Albin, who was first spotted in the woods near Oslo in 2006. Animal hunter shot, came from Denmark in early October when the Norwegian opened the hunting season for moose, says NRK. Los Albin was under the influence of an informal agreement between the Norwegian hunters, according to which they promised not to make the famous animal in the object of hunting. Norwegian ranger Lereym Sigmund said he arrived early this hunting season Dane Ole Frost was not warned about the special situation of Albina. As the huntsman, Read more [...]
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Norway Necessarily Drivel

Norway has a refuse job. Specifically, it doesn't deliver decent. The Scandanavian commonwealth, which relies on combustion chalk to furnish rut to many of its buildings, is cladding a deny shortfall, ostensibly caused by Norwegian's near-religious recycling habits. The crank deficit is striking particularly heavy in Oslo, where operators suffer begun importation refuse from England and Ireland to donjon their plants operating; approximately are considering delivery in barren from boost overseas."I'd comparable to issue about from the Joined States," implant employee Pal Mikkelsen told Read more [...]
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What moves us, or a nightmare of modern Europe (copy-paste)

Good day, dear Comrades! Today I went to the post office delivery from my friend with a link to an article in a letter that is happening in Europe. I would like to learn from our compatriots living abroad (and not only abroad) - Is it true that in the West, the juvenile justice system has so much power and that similar actions by Yuyu can expect in the future in the territory of the former Soviet Union?In an interview with "Tomorrow" Irina Bergset victims of Norwegian sodomitskoy mafia, tells of a "bright future" Europeans who want to impose and Russia: "There are some Norwegian folk tradition, Read more [...]
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Landslide in Norway

Two people were killed and two were missing in a landslide in central Norway. The landslide came down on a Sunday evening, when a group of eight tourists make a mountain hike. Due to poor cell phone reception, the rescue operation was not started on time. Survivors reported this to the police only on Monday night. Search and rescue operation is carried out in the vicinity of the mountain in the municipality of Dzhemtfzhelltiend Vevsn in search of the two missing tourists. One of the four survivors were seriously injured. Police said that a series of landslides and avalanches has been registered Read more [...]
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The researchers found hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. It is named Loki's Castle Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate. Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area can be a new national park or Norway or place of billions of dollars in revenue. Unique results found Norwegians, a volcanic mountain chain length of 1500 km, which stretches from Jan Mayen to Frem Strait, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom.Prior to that, on the map in this area were white spots, and Read more [...]
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Spiral anomaly in the sky over Australia

An unusual phenomenon was recorded in the sky over Australia 5th June, at approximately 5:50 a.m. Witnesses described the object as white, misty sphere with a spiral tail. The object still hung in the air for about a minute, and then slowly flew to the East. The object was removed towards the sea, while not disappeared over the horizon. The dimensions of the object can be compared with a small, twin plane, but witnesses claim that it was not a plane. A similar case happened in Norway last year, then a similar phenomenon was destroyed at the test of Bulava. Australian anomaly trying to explain Read more [...]
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Over Norway appeared zakryvayushiesya spiral. Photo + Video

Early this morning the inhabitants of the Arctic regions of Norway witnessed a fantastic natural phenomena. On the websites of local Newspapers published pictures now, sent by readers in the sky above Altai and Tromso was formed by a giant spiral with a blue glow inside her. The cause of the phenomenon is not yet clear. Eyewitnesses from Trondelag tell ( and show) spiral blue beam rising from behind the mountains. He stops and begins to circulate in the air, covering the entire horizon. Norwegian media have found several possible causes of the phenomenon. \"Spirallike form (obscure object) Read more [...]
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Norway saves the forests of Indonesia

The Minister of environment of Norway stated that developed countries should provide more substantial assistance to Indonesia, to reduce the rate of deforestation.

Source: NTDRussian

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Videos about fishing: Excursion trip to Norway. Fjords

"Our crew 2 weeks reversed beatable in Norway. And now we meet the emergency authorized the Norwegian ambassador to Russia Oyvind Nordsletten ... "That's so begins the transfer of trips to Norway, a country of fjords, glaciers and trolls.Do not forget to say that it is also the best fishing spot for half of Europe. In today's sea promenade particularly memorable exotic trophies out of the bottom of the deepest fjords cool, especially reddish grouper. What a shame it did not sound on Russian rivers such monsters could not be found.See also other parts єkskursii: Sightseeing Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Excursion trip to Norway. End

So that's coming to an end our stay in the kingdom of Norway. Having spent the whole of September, our heroes learned all tenderloins beautiful northern coast. Except fishing even managed to sunbathe in this wonderful place the arctic circle.On the last day of travel did not want to risk it. We were set to slow to catch the admiration of the local scenery and a farewell dinner with freshly caught fish. Peace should thank the owners and all those who has promoted us with settling in fishing Norway.See also other parts єkskursii: Sightseeing tour in Norway. Fjords Sightseeing tour in Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Excursion trip to Norway. Minok

Now, taking into account the results of the previous sea voyage, our heroes decided again to do research fjords without risking sailed to the distant sea. Well, with the weather at this time lucky, Norwegian Indian summer still better small storm.For clarity, the splendor of local scenery worth quoting Leonid Kostyukova: "Beauty extraordinary. And if the same fishing succeed, it will be great in general. There is already felt such taint the north - a bit of bottom ash pit icy breeze. The tops of all white. Stunning blue expanse. Just for sure, exclusive place, completely similar no Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Excursion trip to Norway. Deepest Sea

Well, after all, an extension of our exciting tours of northern Norway now dragged to distant sea depth local coast. Not counting the crew of TV channel "Hunting and Fishing" in a study trip to Norway perceived role as colleagues from the magazine "Spinning" and "Fishing with us."And coupled with a fine interpreter, we are familiar with the first movie, this time in a group accompanied iakzhe experienced guide - German fishing instructor Stefan Foykt that apart from the fishing business also tells us the kitchen features state of the Norwegians.See also other parts Read more [...]
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Norway suffers from floods

on 12 June. The Norwegian authorities have been forced to partially close due to heavy rains and landslides are one of the main roads of the country, reports Helsingin Sanomat Online. According to rescuers, there is a possibility that the some of two hundred evacuated people will soon be able to return home, because meteorologists promise better weather. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Minister of justice Knut Storberget visited the most affected by floods In Koppang and Lillehammer. The rains caused in Central Norway massive floods, the water moved a few houses, destroyed roads and caused Read more [...]
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In the South of Norway because of severe flooding evacuate residents

on June 14. In Norway flood captures all new territory. The hardest situation in the South. The level of the largest lake in the Kingdom Mjøsa rises to 2 inches per hour. Dam can not cope with such volume — professionals have to spend extra water discharge. Several settlements had to evacuate residents. Source: The First ChannelNorway: dam not cope with waterIn Norway flood captures all new territory. The hardest situation in the South. The level of the largest lake in the Kingdom Mjøsa rises to two inches per hour. Dam can not cope with such volume — professionals Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing in Norway | Torrents match (№ 32. April 2012)

Thanks to the Norwegian Tourist Board we were able to visit this amazing country and, of course, fishing. What we certainly will tell in this release. First we are fishing at the mouth of the fjord. And before entering the water Vladimir Struev started a conversation with Sven, the owner of the database. It was about fishing in general and local features of the choice of baits. It turned out that more and more urgent pilkery, bait for sea fishing in a plumb ...Read more [...]
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The largest over the past 70 years, the flood occurred in Norway

on August 17. The flood that swept this week the Norwegian village Olen in the County of Sør-Trøndelag in Central part of the country, was the largest since 1940, said hydrologist national Directorate of water and energy resources Heidi Bakke Stranden.According to her, the river overflows that occur this week in the vicinity of the third largest city of the Kingdom of Trondheim, repeated from decade to decade, but this year their strength on multiple sites peaked in the last 10-15 years. «In some places per day dropped to 60 mm of rain, and it led to the destruction of infrastructure», — Read more [...]
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