Scientists: permafrost in the Lena river Delta retreated

October 1, 2013. The thickness nadirsatas soil layer in the Lena Delta for 15 years increased by 20%, indicating that the retreat of glaciers, this was reported in the Siberian branch of the RAS, with reference to the German Professor Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, who participated in the Russian-German research permafrost. \"Coastal erosion over a decade has doubled in lakes and streams come not previously encountered species, moving the Northern boundary of distribution of woody plant species\", — said Professor Hubberten, reports \"Interfax\". In his statement, Professor Hubberten, Director Read more [...]
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Russian island Muostakh gradually disappears

October 31, 2013. Global warming threatens the disappearance of the island near the Northern coast of Eastern Siberia. These are the conclusions of scientists analyzing the erosion of the island Muostakh in the Laptev sea. Frank Gunther from the German Institute for polar and marine research Alfred Wegener together with their counterparts from Russia and Germany conducted an analysis of satellite and orographically images Laptev sea, took the measurements directly on the island, as well as aizuchi images of the East Siberian sea. For comparison, the period 1951-2012 years was compared with changes Read more [...]
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U.S. intensely preparing for a new war?

The new reform of the Ministry of Defense of the United States will affect the organization of the military intelligence, and the primary focus will be on a very significant increase in the number of agents of foreign intelligence. As noted by many analysts, such a measure means that the country is preparing for a new war. Is this true and what to expect from the U.S. in the near future? According to the Washington Post, the changes will be quite noticeable. At present, there are about 500 foreign staff of the Foreign Intelligence Pentagon, and this number will increase to 1,600. Thus, the Read more [...]
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Residents of Wales scared exploded in the sky meteor

on August 28. Hundreds of residents of Wales witnessed the explosion of a meteor in the night sky, the newspaper The Telegraph. According to them, the fireball rapidly swept over their heads and broke out above the roofs of their homes, forcing him to tremble glass and causing simultaneous actuation of car alarms. «Never seen anything so amazing. He left behind a very bright white-orange trail», — said local resident Nathan Jones.«It was a bright white ball with a long bright tail, possibly with a green tint. He was brighter than the moon», — Read more [...]
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Israel launched an artillery strike on Syria

Israel on Sunday night, November 18, struck artillery attack on Syria in response to the shelling of IDF combat vehicle with automatic weapons in the Golan Heights. It is reported by Agence France-Presse. As noted by the Israeli army in the shelling of the Syrian side of the war nobody was hurt fighting vehicle received minor damage. Backlash was struck in the direction from which the shot, he hit a target at this point is unclear. As noted by The Jerusalem Post, the IDF representatives also did not specify whether the shelling of Israeli positions on the Syrian side of deliberate action or the Read more [...]
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The strongest downpour flooded half of the buildings in the Turkish city of Edremit

March 11, 2013. More than half of the buildings in the town of Edremit in the North-West of Turkey were flooded by heavy rain, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the acting mayor of Fatih they noted (Fatih Caglar). «This shower we didn't have the last 20 years. Flooded more than half of all houses in the city... the water Level in the river rose almost a meter. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the material damage is huge. The amount to call is not yet taken, but the count is already underway», \"he said. According to they noted the elimination of the consequences which began on Read more [...]
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Flooding threatens Moldova

In Moldova, announced a warning about the threat of floods due to heavy rains in the region.As reported today corr. ITAR-TASS News Agency of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, the danger appeared in the floodplains of major rivers Prut and Dniester.It noted that in some places the water is out of bed. Were flooded villages and fields in nine regions of the country / Edinet Glodeni, Rishcani Cahul Criuleni, Grigoriopol, Anenii Noi Slobozia, Stefan Voda /.Existing reservoirs on the Dniester no longer cope with indwelling water, causing the next few days the water level can be increased Read more [...]
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Is it necessary to make public predictions of earthquakes?

Experts' opinions on this issue wentD. Alizadeh, N. ABASOVSeismologists, hiding behind a ban on open projections hide their failure in predicting earthquakes. In a conversation with the "Echo" said seismologist known Russian Viktor Bokov."In the case, as some of them, when accuracy of their predictions is about 90%, to hide from the public the expected earthquake is a crime," - said the scientist.Meanwhile V. Bokov also said that he fully agrees with G. Nazarov, author of the article on the subject, published in an issue of "Echo."According to constant reader Read more [...]
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The course and clinical manifestations of alcoholism teen-1

It should be noted that chronic alcoholism developed a personality with Sinton-conformal traits manifested in the absence of autonomy and independence, in the tendency to subordinate others, the inability to resist the influence of the microenvironment. Its formation contributed significantly to initiation to alcohol in children, lack of control and supervision by parents, involvement in "alcoholic" the company and early onset of regular drinking (at age 12). At the stage of regular drinking can be noted an increase tolerance to alcohol with loss of protective gag reflex, which to some Read more [...]
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Treatment of women suffering from tubal infertility medical gidrotubatsiya-3

If the manometric gidrotubatsii determined hysterosalpingostomy, then after the next 3-4 procedures GT stop, but physiotherapy treatment lasts longer (up to 30 sessions). During treatment, patients are protected from conception, and after the therapy period contraceptive selected individually depending on the results of the study states tubal. Usually this time is 2-4 months after the restoration of the Fallopian tubes. Results gidrotubatsii checked 3-4 weeks after treatment. Patients were interviewed, and after a thorough vaginal examination checks the state of tubal patency by flushing. This Read more [...]
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Vole public

Status. Rare, sporadically distributed species. Distribution. Inhabits lowland plains, in Russia, the most numerous in the North Caucasus and the North Caspian. In the Saratov region social vole lives in the south-east and east of Volga, The northern limit of the species range. On the left bank of the river. M. Uzen around Huth. Vetelki Aleksandrovogayskogo district vole noted earlier (Davidovich, 1964). Interpretation post AA Matrosov, this rodent in the border zone with Kazakhstan Aleksandrovogayskom found in the area and at present. At the present time, for the shafts of irrigation channels Read more [...]
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