A rare autumn flood recorded in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Extremely rare autumn flood fix specialists of Nizhny Novgorod GES - November 26, almost twice as increased lateral inflow to the waterworks, on December 2, 1360, it reached a value of cubic meters per second, said the GES. Until December 10, the average daily consumption set within 2900-3500 m3 / s. These figures are quite comparable to the spring flood of 2009. "Autumn flood - namely the so-referred to as cost increases through waterworks in the second half - a rather rare phenomenon and predict it, in contrast to the spring flood is difficult. If in the last century 45 years of operation of Read more [...]
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Shelon river in Pskov and Novgorod regions of Russia.

Shelon – river flowing in the middle-eastern and north-eastern part of the Pskov region and in the western part of the Novgorod region of Russia. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea basin of Lake Ilmen and river basin – Neva and Volkhov. River Shelon very zigzag. The general direction of flow from the source to Porkhov – first north-east, and later the northern, western, and then after the settlement Pionerny north-west. From the mouth of Porkhov – north-east. Source Shelon comes from the swamps on the border and Bezhanitsy Dedovicheskogo areas of the Pskov region, 2.5 Read more [...]
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River basin of lake Ilmen

River basin of lake Ilmen:         Veranda river Batetskogo and Novgorod districts of the Novgorod region of the Russian Federation. Videogame right tributary of Veranda.Verage river Novgorod region Novgorod region of Russia. Juice right tributary Verage.Lovat river Belarus, also, Pskov and Novgorod oblasts of the Russian Federation. Cunha right tributary of Lovat.Serezha right tributary of the Mustelids.Loknya left tributary of Lovat. Nasva left tributary of Lovat. Polist left tributary of Lovat.Parousia right tributary of the Polist.Protein left tributary of Porosi. Fierce Read more [...]
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Novgorod, Suzdal Bulgars: Scramble for Ural

But not for long monopoly of Novgorod took abundant, more­gatuyu tribute with Permian and Ugra tribes. Having heard about tamoshnem silver and fur galore flocked only Novgorod bins, they decided to grab some of this good and eager for other people's property Volga Bulgars. Gaining momentum northern Russian principalities, too, began to equip their squads to profit precious furs. The first phase of the struggle between them for zavolotskie tribute length­familiarize about a hundred years, until the Mongol our­tion. About a hundred years in a row in the annals of Russian come across something Read more [...]
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Novgorod and Zavolochye

Interesting coincidence. Just as the year, when the annals noted attack «sveev», Residents of Uralic and Trans-Ural towns successfully repulsed and the profit to them with the same goals Novgorod rati. However, the people of Novgorod came to the Ural Mountains to savagely punish there the obi­guardians in for malicious evasion of their outstanding tribute Lord Novgorod the Great. And in fact, in Novgorod at the time were already established­shiesya centuries «right» strip the northern Ural region and Trans-Ural peoples. It has got the right to Novgorod Th­cut Read more [...]
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Novgorod Vodocanal pollutes the river Volkhov

Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Novgorod Water canal" produced wastewater discharges in excess of permissible concentrations of pollutants Aluminium weighted substances and copper waste water treatment plants and the left bank of the river in the village Krechevitsy Volkhov. Novgorod The arbitral tribunal October 10, 2012 satisfied the claims of Rosprirodnadzor in Novgorod region to MUP majestically Novgorod "Novgorod Water canal" for compensation for damage caused to the Volkhov River in the amount of more than 114 million rubles. The organization did not agree with the decision of the court and Read more [...]
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Neplyuev Ivan

Neplyuev Ivan (05.11. 1693, p. Poddube near Novgorod 11.11.1773, ibid), in Russian. State. leader, the first Orenbah. Governor. From an ancient but impoverished family. He was educated in the Novgorod mat. School and St. Petersburg. Maritime Acad. Arrested and then acquitted in 1742 and was appointed to Orenbah. beg. Commission (Orenbah. expedition). Launched a vigorous activity on p. Fortresses new boundary line laid Orenbah. at its present-day. site (19.04.1743). Upon recommendation of the N. province was renamed to Orenbah. lips., and he became its first governor. Put early. barter through Read more [...]
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Bridges on the Oka River.

For ease of movement along the river Oka, on it built cars (pedestrian) and railway bridges. The main transport facilities to move across the Oka River are listed below: 1 bridge across the Oka river near the village of Tagin, Glazunovsky District, Oryol Region. 2 bridge over the Oka River near the village of Bogorodskoe in Glazunovskom near Orel. 3 Bridges across the Oka River in the town of Orel Orel. 4 bridge over the Oka River near the village of Kosyanovka Orlovsky District, Orel. 5 bridge across the Oka river near the village newcomer Słabodka in the Orel region Orel. 6 bridge over the Oka Read more [...]
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Bridges on the Volga

Volga the main traffic artery of the European part of Russia. For the convenience of the program separate the river, it built numerous hiking, road and rail bridges. Some transport facilities to move across the river Volga: 1 Volgoverkhovsky bridge is closed to traffic. 2 Volgoverkhovsky Dam pedestrianized. 3 Penovsky bridge cars and w / e. 4 Selischensky bridge cars. Situated near the village Fri Selyshche towards Zavire. 5 Verkhnevolzhskaya Dam pedestrianized. 6 Skakulinsky bridge w / e. On the stretch-Skakulino Selijarovo. On a steel road Lihoslavl - Soblago. 7 Selizharovsky pedestrian bridge, Read more [...]
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Read more [...]
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Zalkind Semyon

Zalkind Semyon (1879-1940), part. and state. figure. Rod. in the family of the employee. From Wed uch. Head. certified for participation in an illegal roar. mug. In roar. movement with 17 years. Was arrested in 1897 (Riga), 1904 (Nizhny Tagil), 1906 (ECAT.), 1907 (Nizhny Novgorod). In 1900-01 he worked in St. Petersburg. to-those of the RSDLP, under threat of arrest fled abroad, worked abroad League roar. Social-Democrats in Paris. Seconded to the party. work in Russia as an agent in Sparks. In the spring of 1903 to Nov. 1906 participation. in underground activities at U .: ECAT. (1903), Perm Read more [...]
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By ancient Novgorod

     The earliest written information about the Ural Mountains – in the story Gyuryaty corneal, a Novgorod, the chronicler Nestor. We are talking about the campaign in 1096. "I sent his servant to Pechora, to the people who give tribute to Novgorod; it was my boy to them, and from there went to Ugra. Yugra – the people who speak it is not clear, and lives in the neighborhood with Samoyad in northern countries. Yugra told my lad, there are mountains stretching into the sea onions, it also reaches to the heavens"    Chronicle of Nestor came Read more [...]
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Entry Uralic lands of the Russian state

The first information about the Urals appear in Russian chronicles the end of the XI century., When among the tributaries mentioned Russia and Perm Pechora3. Sleep­beginning called Perm Russian lands were known Komi-zy­Ryang Perm Vychegda or old. Ethnicity Pechora researchers are divided. Based on archaeological evidence, along the river. Pechora in X—XIII centuries. resident population, related Ugra, the Trans-Ural monuments which have been well studied [67, p. 3—29]. In 1092 a wealth of Novgorod Gyuryata Rogovic «ambassadors in their adolescent Pechora people ilk are Read more [...]
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Fish suffocating in lakes

Thousands of tons of fish are dying in lakes Novgorod region. Fishermen complain that the population of burbot, carp and pike almost completely destroyed, reports NTV. According to local residents, freshwater suffocated. With the onset of spring water level in the lakes started to fall, and the ice has melted, stirring jambs migrate to open water. Gennady Mikhailov, villager navolok Novgorod region: "All is ruined. It's a big lake, but there is no audio rybinki - all One dead. " People fear that the dead fish after the thaw in the ducts can get into one of the largest lakes in Russia Ilmen Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Novgorod, on the bank of the Oka arrested poacher

May 28 Nizhny Novgorod police officers detained a suspect in the illegal mining aqua bio resources. While patrolling the Leninsky district of Nizhny Novgorod employees of private security detention group saw on the bank of the Oka man carrying fishing with the help of the network. At the time of detection of the offender caught a 1st pike perch and roach multiple instances. Fish and network hidden in the package were seized by police. The suspect was taken to the police station number 3 (maintenance of the Leninsky district) of the Interior Ministry in the town Nizhny Novgorod for identification. Read more [...]
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In the struggle enters Moscow principality

That is to say Moscow principality fell last­her promise to the dispute, as well as in the Battle of the Urals. Emerged in the smoky ruins of Vladimir-Suzdal possessions, Grand Duchy of Moscow Grand Prince Ivan Danilovich Kalita (nickname Kalita Prince received praise for­tion habit of always tas­Cach with a purse-Kalita in order to have a cart­opportunity to give alms to a poor man) sdela­elk recognized center of resurgent Russian state. Ivan Kalita maximize the benefits of their relationship with the ha­Mr. Horde Uzbeks (brother Ka­lites George was married to the sister Read more [...]
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In the basin of the Volga commercial fishing in the new year began on January 1,

Fisheries Council of the Nizhny Novgorod region approved rassredotachivanie industrial production quotas (catch) aquatic biological resources. It is reported by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Nizhny Novgorod region. At a meeting of the Board of Fisheries Nizhny Novgorod region, chaired by Deputy Governor Sergei Kovezin submitted was approved by the Ministry of Regional Environment and Natural Resources project rassredotachivaniya industrial production quotas (catch) aquatic biological resources between the nick of fishing grounds in 2013, followed by species of fish: bream, Read more [...]
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\»Novgorod porbally-2013\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\» fishing holiday with prizes

 1st place was captured by the inhabitant of great Novgorod, provided the jury caught fish weighing 4 kg 530 gr.  Regional sporting events fishing «Novgorod porbally 2013» took place on 29 June in the Novgorod region on the Volkhov river, near lake Ilmen. The organizer of the tournament were activists fishing online forum «NоvFishing». To take part in the competition decided to 82 people.   The organizers timed contest to celebrate the global day of fishing. The festive opening ceremony of the tournament, they invited the inspectors of the Department Read more [...]
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This \\\\lightning ", dated 23 December 1942, has long been a fact of history. Its copy is kept in the Museum of battle and labour glory of the production Association "Uralvagonzavod ", where for many years he worked Lev Savelyevich Novgorod first machine, then Deputy head of the mechanical workshop of large nodes, head of painting the delivery unit. Today, he recalls, there was a leaflet- \\\\lightning ". Unprecedented rapid transition "Uralvagonzavod " from production cars to the production of tanks spawned incorrectly large number of problems. In the narrow places, the workers themselves Read more [...]
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Abnormal heat in the May Novgorod breaks records

Abnormal the May heat in Veliky Novgorod in the last four days has established two temperature record, said on Sunday RIA Novosti Novgorod meteorologist. "In the regional center on May 13 was recorded air temperature of 26.5 degrees, the former maximum (26) was recorded May 13, 1925 May 14, the air in Veliky Novgorod warmed up to 27.4 degrees Celsius, the previous record (25.7) was set May 14, 2003, "- said the source. It is assumed that the abnormally hot weather will continue in the region for at least a week, he added. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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