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Hunting and radiation

— On hunting in Belarus issued by us 200 pieces of ammunition. Bili radioactive ducks. Laika was looking for them, I they attributed the huntsman, from that was the instrument dosimeter. If the device is in contact with duck crackling, then carcass sent to a special oven. Then a huntsman arrived and people ashes taken to spetshranenie.— And there were non-radioactive duck?— No, cracked ...From the conversation of the two huntersTo talk about Radiation was clear, simplified explain some technical concepts. Radiation — Read more [...]
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6 Jul 2014 20:20 via Android|I like147123 60 commentsEvgeny Egorov said Konstantin Timoshenko Constantine, ground explosions provided for thermo-nuclear oradev it is artificially increased such amazing causes,as light radiation,EMP, and penetrating radiatsiei comparable small equivalent of the battle-papason burning since the last contract start,the power of the warheads was limited to 1 megaton mono-block ICBMs.10 Jul at 22:25|Konstantin Timoshenko said Evgeny Egorov Eugene, at the ground of the explosion of a 50 Kt ordinary atomic bomb (without cobalt improvements) Read more [...]
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System "lightning strike" U.S. threatens apocalyptic consequences The creation of the U.S. global snapshot shock can lead to the widening of the conflict "with apocalyptic consequences," said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. Answering the question is whether the system is a threat to the strategic balance and whether such runs to be evaluated by Russia as nuclear, he said: "Yes, if we are talking about existing ballistic carriers in ordinary equipment"."If we talk about new media - hypersonic planning, hypersonic with engines and so on, then you need to understand what will be their technical Read more [...]
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Calculated the best time for evacuation after a nuclear explosion

A scientist from the U.S. Michael Dillon from the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory, Lawrence (California), who is engaged in atmospheric research, calculated the time that people need to evacuate in a safe refuge in the event of a nuclear explosion. Just a scientist has calculated three models the correct response of the people after a nuclear explosion.Scientist for calculations took a blast that power is comparable with the atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and it 13-18 and 21 kilotonne respectively. His calculations are based only on people who were far from the epicenter Read more [...]
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"America is ready to wage war with Russia", - said not so long ago Barack Obama, speaking to the graduates of the military Academy of West point. To Obama, none of the South American President did not allow for myself so sharp and specific applications. Even the hawks, as Ronald Reagan or Harry Truman, hinting at the possibility of a military conflict with our state, expressed a much more streamlined. And here plaintext - war of the Brand-the Americans really prepared for us porucha? Do not believe me, but it seems that three months back General Martin Dempsey, head of the joint chiefs of staff Read more [...]
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The inevitable process of confrontation between the U.S. and Russia?Usually, the situation in Ukraine and around it is considered by analysts in the long - term plan in the plan, so to speak, "stationary" policy. From this point of view the countries parties to the conflict (including those who have been formally remains neutral "honest broker") are in complex political maneuvering, trying to take more effective geopolitical position on naiblezhayshie decades. To gain an advantage in the never-ending chess game going on the global Board.But such maneuvering may be either in the framework of instant Read more [...]
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"In 1983, the company ABC showed the film under the title "On the next day about how a nuclear exchange between the superpowers destroyed the lives of ordinary Yankees in 2 towns in the Midwest. The conflict began with the building of the Russian troops in Eastern Europe (Moscow initially called military exercises), and later uniformly reached the point where both sides have launched nuclear missiles," writes columnist of Forbes. The Americans seriously thought about similar scenarios with the time ended the cool war, says the Creator. But the conflict that erupted in 2014 because of the Ukraine, Read more [...]
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So, let's say your town exploded a nuclear bomb small capacity. How long to you have to hide, and where to do it, in order to avoid the consequences in the form of radioactive fallout?Michael Dillon, a scientist from Livermore state laboratory, said of radioactive fallout and methods of survival. After countless research papers radioactive fallout, the analysis of many reasons and probable developments, he has developed a plan of action in the event of a disaster.With all this plan Dillon focuses on ordinary people, which doesn't have the ability to find, where will blow in the wind and what was Read more [...]
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Of funds for nuclear weapon has been stolen 190

The employees of the Head controleconomic security andanti-corruption the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federationrevealed the theft of high-rankingofficials of the defense Ministry 190million rubles, which were allocated forthe development of nuclear weaponscomplex of the Russian Federation. About this reportQUEBEC."It is established that the commander of the militaryparts were enclosed municipalcontracts with a commercial companythe carrying out of works onconstruction and commissioningBalabanovo seismic group, andalso commissioning cablestrip transmission for one of themilitary Read more [...]
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Electrical pulse of a nuclear explosion and out of radio-electronic means.

Non-LETHAL Weapon.First 90-ies in the United States began to emerge concept, according to which the armed forces are required to have not only nuclear and conventional weapons, and special tools, providing effective role in local conflicts without causing the enemy unnecessary losses in manpower and material values.This special weapons South American military experts first include: tools of the creation of the electric pulse(EMP); the infrasound generators; the chemical composition and bio formulations that can change the structure of basic materials of main parts of military equipment; substances Read more [...]
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Ruby Ti     Exposure: NuclearOutflank FOR: Safekeeping it pegged all day on groomers.THE Run: Because the Blush Ti has xcvi of tip cradle, you don’t let to actively turn the battlefront of the ski into turns, which way you can viewpoint more good and center feather the edges. A damping court gist built with two ti layers and perpendicular sidewalls underfoot (the residual is a loanblend cap-sidewall structure) dish first-class bound insight. “Solid edging underfoot,” aforementioned one quizzer. “Fast-growing vigor reappearance when you freeing the play.”THE Read more [...]
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Hypothesis     Photograph: AtomismBetter FOR: All-mountain skiers who payoff an periodic lap done the green.THE Trial: When you full slant the Hypothesis, the tip and ass crook up, vagabond you in easygoing blow and fashioning it easier to swivel. Tip this rightful similitude tip into a carve, nonetheless, and they scope outward-bound at the vertex of the routine, extending the run duration and boosting boundary clutches and stableness.THE VERDICT: Nuclear calls it All-Mountain cradle—and it workings. “Grips and rips,” aforesaid one examiner. “Gentle to slink Read more [...]
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Graduate of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (TPU) Dmitry Prokopiev has developed a nuclear battery, which can steadily and without charge to operate for about 12 years and used in medicine, military equipment and space.The student noted that the power of the batteries is much less mundane parts supply, but it is capable of without charge to work 12 years - this time half-life of tritium."In a sealed enclosure filled with tritium, put arsenide 3D detector, modifying the energy of the beta particles emitted by tritium, in the electronic current. In the sensor created an unlimited number of wells. Read more [...]
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Nuclear strike

Part 1 - explosion In a nuclear explosion several damaging factors, but all except the radiation are quickly and relatively close to the epicenter. Actually, if you find yourself there, no theoretical knowledge will not help you.Major factors in a nuclear catastrophe are light radiation, ionizing radiation, shock wave, radioactive contamination. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP).Blast wave - This is the main effects of a nuclear explosion that produces destruction of, damage to buildings and structures, as well as affects humans and animals. HC is the source of a lot of pressure, the image in Read more [...]
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Russia’s nuclear forces and SSHA.SNV-3.

As promised in komomentah to post about Japan introduced a little clarity as to who has how many nuclear warheads and someone who if anything can bend ... So, first, some of the terms: Strategic nuclear weapons (Xiao) - nuclear warheads capacity (from 100 kt to 1.5 Mt) to be delivered to the enemy in the minimum amount of time and at maximum range (ie beyond 3000 km.). Tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) - ammunition (Art. shells, mines, bombs, torpedoes) to engage targets at the front or rear of the nearest. Power charges are usually less than 1 km). Range of damage depends on the carrier (or bummed Read more [...]
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Nuclear Threat

Hello dear survivalist!Read a lot of articles, with it not only on your site about BP regarding survival, different scenarios onset PD, but that's what I saw on the site, so this option is not the nuclear threat from a nuclear strike of a nuclear war, so I decided to share with your observations and predictions of the aforementioned factors of PD. As far as everyone knows in the world there are many nuclear power plants (for those who do not know the NPP - is a nuclear power station) and reading articles on survival remembered the film, unfortunately I do not remember the name, but in short, Read more [...]
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IPNNW: Even a limited nuclear war would raise the question about survival 2 billion

Organization IPPNW ("Physics against nuclear war") has published a report with the expected consequences of a limited nuclear war (for example, between India and Pakistan), warning that a powerful impact on productivity throughout the planet and "nuclear famine" question the preservation of life itself little 2 billion people. Namely:1) In the U.S. corn yield will decrease on average by 10% for 10 years, with a peak of 20% in the 5th year after day X;2) In China, the yields of rice and maize will decrease by 20% for 4 years, and 10% for another 6 years;3) China's winter wheat Read more [...]
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Flying Intercontinental ballistic missiles above the ground.

In the midst of a multitude of video with the launch of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, there are a few rollers and their "landing". For example, this video shows a test of Russian Intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles at the Kura test site.Naturally, these warheads nuclear charge, otherwise it would start a Third world war, and, with high probability, the last thing we saw in life.Flight of ICBM warheads on Kura Test Range 0:41Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Nuclear Women Rush Mob Ski Flush Bag 2013

Dakine Women’s Thrill Bag.     Photograph: Courtesy of Nuclear

A:A furrowed, long-lasting outside covers the women’s Nuclear thrill bag. Differently, it’s a straight gambling with one sack and a one gloss selection. ($70)

Book: 30 liters
1.5 pounds
900-denier polyester with PVC funding
Airway Property:
40 analogue inches

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Estimators of a nuclear explosion

There are several formulas measuring radiation from a nuclear explosion, which can help determine the scope and extent of radioactive contamination. 1.Opredelenie epicenter distance is up to you on time transmission of sound:S (km) = T (sec) / 3 T.e.uvideli atomic explosion, detected how many seconds you hear the sound and divided into 3 - got the hypocenter distance in kilometers to you. 2.Opredelenie power of a nuclear explosion on the lifetime of the emission of the fireball:Q (kt) = T (s) * 3 (degree). T.e.registriruem glow time and erect a nuclear explosion in the third degree, and find power Read more [...]
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