Labor hare

The most coveted beast for me hare. To hunt for chernotropu, I walked along the plantations, searched the overgrown chapyzhnikom ravines and thick bushes. A couple of times I managed to raise the skew, but it happened by chance, due to the strong noise made by me in going thorny bushes. Therefore, all raised rabbits safely fled without firing a shot, and I was satisfied at best the contemplation of their flashing heels. All hope was on the fallen snow. But it fell in the year just a lot. On the way to the land I mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of first production, but there it was. I Read more [...]
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The chronicler Polevskoy edge (NF-Suzie)

Nikolai Fedorovich Tusev was born in the village of Oblique Ford in large, tight-knit, hard-working family. Parents mother Larisa Mikhailovna and father Theodore G. had nine children. And took it to the education of the orphan Alexander Alexandrovich Simbirtseva. Nikolay Fedorovich was the eldest son. Then were born Paul, Constantine, Basil (went into the forest and never returned), Maria, Basil (another son), Valentine, Zinaida, Henry. All children received a good education to become engineers, doctors. Theodore G. participated in the establishment of Soviet power. For him and other villagers Read more [...]
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river, part of the river with a relatively large drop in the water level and high velocity. Formed, as a rule, at the intersection of the river rocky ridges, outputs trudnorazmyvaemyh rocks, clusters of boulders, debris, rocks, etc. Simple P, already found in the water routes 2 - 3 COP. The characteristic elements of PA are weirs to-rye, depending on the angle of incidence of water - more than 45'', ca. 45'' or less 45'' - classified acc. at the falls, and just plum vodoskaty                   Plums - Usually the most free from stones, and therefore Read more [...]
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Extraocular muscles

For external striated muscle Eyeball include four rectus muscles: upper, lower, medial and lateral (mm. recti superior, inferior, medialis et lateralis), and two forward, upper and lower (mm. obliqui superior et inferior) (Fig. 551). 551. Outdoor extraocular muscles (By Kiss, Szentagothai). 1 - m. rectus superior; 2 - m. rectus lateralis; 3 - m. rectus medialis; 4 - m. levator palpebrae superioris; 5 - m. obliquus superior. All the muscles of the eyeball, except the inferior oblique, begin at the opening of the visual environment of the channel and the upper orbital fissure, which forms Read more [...]
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Elm akin Widespread in Eastern Siberia (Transbaikalia), in the Far East (Amur Region, Primorye, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands), and outside of Russia, Mongolia, China, and Japan. Increases in river valleys, on hillsides, mainly in mixed forests. Gustokronnoe tree up to 25 m in height and 1.5 meters in diameter. The bark on the trunk and older branches whitish, the young - grayish-brown, often cork growths on the branches. Form with a well-developed nodules decorative cork and leafless condition. Leaves obovate, acuminate at the apex, the base cuneate, oblique. Flowering usually in April - Read more [...]
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IV couple block nerves

Trochlear nerve (N. trochlearis) motor, fiber to start a nucleus in the ventral gray matter of the brain water at the lower midbrain colliculus. Thin nerve trunk sent to the dorsal side of the midbrain, and in the area between the lower colliculus of the midbrain and the start of the bridle anterior cerebral sails right and left nerves cross. Originally based on the brain trochlear nerve with the lateral side skirts the foot of the brain, being covered with temporal lobe. Reaching the base of the skull, it is located in the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus (Fig. 510). Through the upper Read more [...]
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Lateral abdominal muscles

External oblique muscle of abdomen (M. obliquus abdominis externus) steam and wide. Teeth starts from 8 lower ribs on the side of the chest. The teeth of external oblique abdominal muscles alternate with the teeth m. serratus anterior (see Fig. 166). Muscle fibers are directed forward and down. Starting from 4-12 ribs. The teeth on the edge of moving muscles rectus muscle aponeurosis and muscle teeth starting from VII-XII edges alternate with large teeth and the back muscles are attached to the outer line of the iliac crest. Lower edge of the aponeurosis of external oblique muscle of the Read more [...]
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