Provision of Hydrological values

Provision of Hydrological values - The possibility that the value under consideration hydrological value may be exceeded.Note. Distinguish:the possibility of exceeding the yearly for the phenomena observed only once a year; the possibility of exceeding the middle of the totality of all possible values ​​for events that may occur a few times a year; be exceeded in the present fixed pt; be exceeded in the observed area in any pt.Read more [...]
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The Amur River is stored freeze-up

In the Jewish Autonomous Region in the Amur River is stored freeze-up. By the rivers of the area growth icing over, due to low night temperatures of melting takes place slowly, no flooding. There is the beginning of the opening of some of the rivers, on the river Big Bira gullies formed on the river Bijan water flows over ice. In Primorye, the rivers of the central districts of the opening lasts rivers of ice, flood situation measured, there is a small rise in water levels. On the Ussuri River in the village of Kirov observed in bulk ice on the shore. Downstream preserved freeze-up, scour, chimes, Read more [...]
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Rain, hail

  In danger of atmospheric phenomenon, during which an electric discharge between clouds or between clouds and the ground. Rain is often accompanied by squally winds, heavy rains, hail.   On KMAO number days with thunderstorms varies from 12.4 to 26.5 in Saranpaul in Leush, ie decreases in the latitudinal direction from north to south.   The main factors of the formation of thunderstorms is convection, strong updrafts in the atmosphere, as well as the passage of fronts. Vnutrimassovye thunderstorms are less likely than the front. In the southern area of ​​the district is due to a large Read more [...]
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Black ice

To gololёdno-rime effects include ice, frost, ice complex deposition and wet snow. The main synoptic conditions of such phenomena is the presence VFZ (altitude frontal zone), the orientation of which contributes to the removal of warm and humid air KhMAO. The formation of ice is preceded by a system of warm fronts and occluded fronts moving at a speed of 15-40 km / h. Temperature contrast in the area fronts on OT500 / 1000 is 16-25 decameters / 500km. Stratification in the lower two-kilometer layer of the atmosphere with a power inversion layer 200-1000 m. Temperature gradient varies 0.6-1.6oS Read more [...]
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Spring processes on Russian rivers

On most waters of the Russian Federation until winter conditions persist. But on many rivers are already observed springtime processes. Break-up with an increase in the water level at 0.3-1.2 meters lasted rivers Bolshoy Kinel, Chapaivka, Chagra in the Samara region, Small Irgiz Irgiz Big, Big Karaman in the Saratov region, the Urals, Sakmara in the Orenburg region. The sharp rise in the water level of 1.8 meters per day without merit unsafe marks observed on the river near the town of Large Live Uzen Novouzensk Saratov region. In connection with the hanging ice dams ice was an increase in water Read more [...]
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In the settlements of the land has dried up wells

The shortage of drinking water because of the heat and drought observed in the localities of the several towns and districts of the Republic of Udmurtia. Minister of construction, architecture and housing policy of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Khodyrev reported «Interfax-Povolzhye» on Friday, in the cities Votkinsk and Mozhga «the population feels the shortage of water due to the interruption of water supply during the day». According to him, a similar pattern is observed in the municipality Analsaga, Balazinska, Votkinsk, Glazovsky, Grahovo, zavyalovsky, Karakulino, Read more [...]
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Frost strike on Cherusti

The influence of an anticyclone and satok cool air from the North worked on decreasing the minimum temperature. In Tuesday night frosts were observed across the Central belt of European Russia. The lowest temperature recorded at the \"pole of cold\" in the Metropolitan region of the city Cherusci. In the morning the air virologica up to-4.0°, just not a lot does not reach the absolute minimum of this day for Moscow, which is -4,9° was observed over a century ago in 1906. Source: News Gismeteo Read more [...]
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Several tornadoes were observed in Anapa

Residents and guests of the city-resort of Anapa (Krasnodar region) could be observed on Friday, October 1, tornadoes that formed in the Bay. Tornadoes, according to «Anapana» had some on land they did not leave, appeared and collapsed into the sea. As reported Ugaro previously eyewitnesses to such natural phenomena as tornadoes, became residents of the city of Tuapse. Then the tornadoes formed far from the beach, within 10 minutes they circled over the sea, and then disappeared. The formation of tornadoes, forecasters explain unusually high for this time the temperature of the Read more [...]
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Winter fog and freezing rain

Unusual for winter fog that morning I saw the first working day of the new year, many Muscovites, caused by a sharp decline in temperature - ohladivshegosya the air could no longer \"hold\" so much moisture, and it condensed into tiny droplets forming the fog. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti said the chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tamara Pozdnyakova.\"It happens in conditions of high when there is a cooling in the lower layer of air. Lowering the temperature leads to the achievement of the maximum concentration of water vapor, when the humidity becomes absolute, and Read more [...]
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The sun over Novosibirsk surrounded \»winter rainbow\» (photo)

Mortal the sky over Novosibirsk observed phenomenon, characteristic for cold weather, winter rainbow\", or halo. Halo was observed by one of the readers NGS. He said that luminous arc appeared today, March 21st, at about 7:30 in the morning and hung around the sun for 5-10 minutes. \"At first the sky was absolutely clear and clean, then over the earth formed a slight haze with small patches of snow began to rise, the sun, and, apparently, in his rays had such an unusual aura,\" he described to the reader what he saw. Press Secretary of the West Siberian center for Hydrometeorology and environmental Read more [...]
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Natural anomaly: in Ukraine blossomed trees

November 12, 2013. Due to the very warm weather in early November, observed vegetation of winter crops. The air temperature at 6-7? above the norm, and corresponds to the middle of October. On some days was observed in the highest temperature that was recorded in the entire history of observations. This had a positive effect on the development of winter crops, but further their condition will depend on weather conditions in the winter. As stated by Vitaly Postrigan, head of Cherkassy regional meteorologist, due to abnormally warm weather observed the growth of winter, although the average date Read more [...]
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Residents of the Leningrad region took a tornado over Yanino

Not far from the town, in the village of Yanino, their eyes were born a real tornado. This contributed to increased storm activity. The day before, July 12, in St. Petersburg all day remained unstable weather with rain and hail.The tornado is called atmospheric vortices arising in the rain cloud and spreads down. \"Tentacles\" decent tornado absorb all living things and carry with them in a deadly flight. The power of a normal tornado the size of a width of 1 km is comparable with the force of an atomic bomb. Record time \"Melunsky tornado was observed in the United States - it lasted more Read more [...]
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Flash by earthquakes

\"The lights of earthquakes\" \"Lights earthquakes\" - this is an unusual luminous atmospheric phenomenon, which, as noted, appears in the sky near or in a zone of tectonic stress, seismic activity or volcanic eruptions. The fact was disputed until you have taken photos during the earthquake in the city of Matsushiro, Nagano, Japan from 1965 to 1967 Only seismologists acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon.The phenomenon Flash of light is celebrated during earthquakes, although sometimes received messages glows prior to earthquakes, as during an earthquake in Kalapana in 1975. As reported, Read more [...]
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Unworthy Species of Man-of-war Observed

Possibly approximately things are better leftover unexplored.A antecedently unnamed species of monster man-of-war has been observed in southerly Tasmania and, goodness sorrow, is it e'er distasteful. The 1.5-meter man-of-war, which looks alike person unexpended a shake wide-cut of boogers out in the sun for a workweek, was observed by the Lim phratry finis month patch they were aggregation shells on a beach southward of Hobart.The category photographed their get and sent it to the State Scientific and Industrial Inquiry Arrangement (CSIRO), where Lisa-Ann Gershwin took on the pillowcase. "The Read more [...]
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Residents of Astana was observed in the night sky phenomena

on February 13. The inhabitants of the South-Eastern part of Astana on Friday, February 11, around 21:30 to 23 hours observed in the night sky phenomena — bright narrow parallel vertical stripes, closely spaced to each other. And the lines were very long. Went out unusual band gradually, one after another. Similar phenomena have been observed in Russia. In particular, in the winter of last year, there have been reports of anomalies in the night sky above the city of Volgograd. That's how he described an unusual picture of the Russian media — these were vertical stripes of Read more [...]
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Scientists observe backing on the sea surface near the west coast of Norway

Counter-clockwise rotation of the sea surface high observed near the west coast of Norway. Archival data radar altimeters on ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat satellites show undulate around the center of the Lofoten Basin.Pool Lofotenskihe Islands topographic depression depth of about 3500 m in the Norwegian Sea. He is known to be the major reservoir of heat to the northern seas (Greenland, Iceland and the Norwegian Sea) where there is a strong interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere. (Credit: D. Volkov / ESA).Pool Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea has played an important role in Read more [...]
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Roshydromet describes the phenomenon in the sky like a UFO Chelyabinsk

Ground weather station of the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions recorded today from 07.00 to 08.00 (MSK), a luminous trail of flight of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). They were followed by the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (towards the north-east to south-west), centered over Talitsa (80 kilometers east of Yekaterinburg), Sloboda Turin (removal of 225 km to the northeast of the city of Yekaterinburg) , beetles (75 km south), asbestos (80 km to the northeast), the airport Balandino (Chelyabinsk), near the city of Chelyabinsk, as well as the airport Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg). This was Read more [...]
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Solar halo in St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Kazan and Yekaterinburg was observed on January 18

Solar halo observed in Russia on January 18. Above you can see the halo shot witnessed in St. Petersburg. More beautiful pictures you can look at

And this observation from Tomsk

Halo in Khabarovsk



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Winter rainbow visible in the skies over Moscow

12/15/2012 Moscow residents can watch on a Saturday morning is a rare phenomenon - a winter rainbow. On both sides of the sun in the sky at equal distances from the visible fragments of the arc of rainbow colors. "These phenomena are observed in the clear winter days when the sky is thin stratus clouds, and sunlight is refracted by ice crystals", - said the representative of the meteorologist. According to her, in such circumstances, the sky may appear false sun, light poles - all associated with the dry and cold weather. Quite often, these phenomena are observed in the north of Siberia, Read more [...]
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The effect of the solar halo observed in Chukotka

The effect of the solar halo observed in Chukotka. The photo was taken at the Airport "Carbon".
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