Waterfalls and rapids

On the way there are a wanderer water obstacles, many of which we have already spoken. But today, it will be a special category of complexity – not of water obstacles, but the obstacles lie in wait for the traveler while moving along the river or river rafting. The most obvious and common of them – rapids, waterfalls, sub-wood piles. On overcoming these obstacles and difficult sections, we'll talk. FROM section of the river, littered snag all at the same time complex and very simple. Wade right in the rubble too difficult and dangerous, as the slippery logs can be unstable, strong current Read more [...]
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Plectron Your Conflict: Alpha Warrior

    Picture: Megan NolanTagline: No Mud. No Miles. No Clemency.What It Is: Alpha Warrior is an grown jungle gym with 30 consecutive steel-and-plexiglass obstacles erected in urban settings, comparable San Diego’s Qualcomm Bowl.Shaping Trait: Smash pads breakout your drop. The airstream requires acute upper-body lastingness to over obstacles care Tube Bombs, a subject of vertically dangling metallic tubes that mustiness be crossed by deal.Why You’ll Dear It: No operative needed, and it’s the well-nigh spectator-friendly of all the races.Timed: NoStandardized: Coterie Read more [...]
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Pickaxe Your Struggle: Yob Mudder

Participants run in the Ruffian Mudder result in Englishtown, NJ. The SAS (Peculiar Air Servicing - British Peculiar Forces) intentional path consists of a 12 knot run likewise as 20 obstacles and weewee crossings to debate with.     Picture: Jackstones MegawTagline: Belike the Toughest Effect on the SatelliteWhat It Is: Ruffian Mudder is humanity’s nearly democratic hazing rite, stretched o'er a 10-to-12-mile trend with 20-plus obstacles.Shaping Trait: Teamwork. You’ll demand it to appropriate obstacles same Everest, a greased-up, 15-foot quarterpipe that you hoist and Read more [...]
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The Humans’s Outflank Severe Racer Shares His Education Secrets

    Photograph: Benzoin RasmussenCody Fosse's Life-sustaining Stats Age: 34Meridian: 5'9''Burden: 145 poundsFillmore, Utah Fosse outburst onto the obstacle-racing panorama in belated 2012, when he swept both events at the Austere Wash Earth Championships. Beginning he cutting out slipstream favourite Hobie Birdsong to win the Wildcat, a 13-plus-mile trek astir Vermont’s Killington ski deal, then he won the Radical Wildcat, a indorsement lap on the like class. A beginner of iv, Fosse is not a full-time pro—he teaches draftsmanship and woodwork at Fillmore’s Read more [...]
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Races That Living Kids—and Parents—Occupied

You don't motivation to forget the kids at domicile.     Picture: Robert WrightMy wife, Nicole, is a dear CrossFitter. I'm an greedy smuggler and wheeler. Although neither of us had competed in an obstacle-course raceway earlier, we were both singular. So, finish summertime, patch visiting Durango, Colorado, we knowledgeable that the Durango Hatful Refuge's Guck and Muck wash was the chase morn. It sounded comparable a double-dyed commencement pang—not too longsighted (5K and 10K options), with PG-13 obstacles similar hay bales and payload nets, and a beer garden at the cultivation. Read more [...]
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The benefit of obstacles

If a bear on the way forward by luck turns fallen tree or ka-something-something different obstacles (eg, stream), then the person should be thankful, as noted, it can stop the beast, which he hesitated to attack or even stop. Perhaps this is because each individual has a protected personal space, which in the presence of a specific benchmark as it materializes, becomes the border, and the beast, used to comply with "etiquette" in dealing with their own kind, instinctively takes this rule to the person. With the expected bear attack man useful to jump over a hurdle, if it close. Read more [...]
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(French croquis - sketch), the drawing of the terrain with a detailed mapping of the major elements. Normally is produced by the visual K. shooting. K. basis in advance can be made by topographicalCoy map or aerial image. 8 round. C. to form areas of particular interest (eg, difficult to pass passes obstacles in rivers, crossing the possible places, etc.) as well as to correct and clarify the routes. Conventional scale K. - 1:100 000 - 1:25 000 and larger. K. cause local landmarks, ways to overcome obstacles, the scale, the direction of the magnetic meridian, the shooting date. C. Pass perform Read more [...]
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Risk Races

Rowdy Mudder's Clench Your Court     Picture: Courtesy of Ruffian MudderTrucking logs, hurdles blast pits: the obstacles can be as dreadful as they are irregular. Lull, an estimated 800,000 citizenry tried their spunk in jeopardize races finish twelvemonth, and thither are thousands of events yearly, ranging from mellowed ­cherish hunts to multi-day expiry marches. “Thither’s passing to be something you don’t ilk,” says Paul Thomson, 33, who entered the Ruffian Mudder Lobby of Renown abaft complemental both years of every issue close twelvemonth. “I Read more [...]
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Sailing directions

(From the Dutch. Loodsen - lead ship), a guide to navigation, containing a detailed description of the body of water (the coast, bottom topography, landmarks on the river, in line with the obstacles and how they move) Tour. L. (unlike LA river for navigators) detail made only on difficult sections of the river. Specifies the time required for completing each section for diff. classes of ships pass through the channel options, the system of insurance, the positioning of the whistle (to facilitate orientation on the threshold) as well as a possible landing site to the shore, Naib. convenient Read more [...]
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Lanyard and samozaderzhanie

Preparing for the self is to conduct a number of activities to test their readiness to overcome the obstacles. These include checking personal equipment (availability, quality, testing it in action), check personal flotation devices (for water tourists - an inflatable vest, belts, wheels, for a mountain tourist - avalanche cords, etc.), mental repetition of a plan of their own actions needed to overcome obstacles, to evaluate the options of failing at the obstacle and emergency action to prevent injuries, general mobilization of physical and mental strength to overcome obstacles. Lanyard at overcoming Read more [...]
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trips on rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs on ships tourist, and travel on water routes and river boats.                   The Water that combines elements of learning, leisure, recreation and sport. It is accessible to almost everyone healthy person regardless of age. This is facilitated by the presence in the possession of a large number of tourists rather collapsible kayaks, inflatable boats and catamarans, as well as other types of tour. ships, often his own. construction. At its simplest, a hike water tourists should be able to swim, collect (if needed to build) and repair Read more [...]
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Individual psychological factors contributing to the development of alcoholism-4

So, on a psychological level a vicious circle - the mechanism of the development of alcoholism. It consists of several components. First, for the drinker alcohol becomes a kind of support the implementation of the process of mental self-control with alcohol an individual is easier at the desired mental experiences, control their condition with alcohol leads to weakening the natural, normal opportunities of self-psychological, non-use of these natural opportunities for psychic self-regulation leads to what they are during the regular use of alcohol, "atrophy" with each successive alcohol Read more [...]
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Overcoming water obstacles

There are many ways to overcome water obstacles. Most of them require special equipment and machinery. However, in an emergency situation is often such equipment and the equipment to do, so you have to use the so-called emergency ways crossings. This is their main danger. The main ones: high speed flow; complexity of determining the crossing point due to lack of knowledge and skills (visual determination of depth, flow velocity, deep holes, eddies, etc.), slippery rocks at the bottom of the stream; use of water flow through the fallen tree trunk (trunk or on slippery when strong Read more [...]
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The Top 10 Hooligan Mudder Education Tips

Chernobyl Jacuzzi     Photograph: Courtesy of Bully MudderTrusted, you could good surface on backwash day and apply it, but your squad volition alone advance as immobile as its slowest appendage. Downstairs are 10 tips to get you to the finishing job in goodness shape, so thither are no dark references to you as the weakest tie.Your advisors:Andy Thom, six-time Ruffian Mudder oldtimerAlex Patterson, Hooligan Mudder’s host and chieftain merchandising policemanJim Nix, your Roughneck Mudder motorcoach10. Avert cotton“You’re gonna be wet, you’re departure to Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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