Predator in October

Likely to be on the local point in a crowd of like-minded lately is very highPhoto: Dmitry Sokolov At the time of the mature autumn because of the rapid cooling ponds for lovers of hunting with predators Spinning develops a unique situation due to the dense concentration of different fish greater depths. Here, up to a freeze-up equally likely to happen bite the largest pike, perch or perch, departed in wintering place for future after a potential food.[mkref = 3653]In October, the possibility of fishing in choice of technical and tactical schemes Read more [...]
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The next meeting of the Club seminar hunters with wind Manco.

 The meeting-seminar will take place in the Thursday, October 18, 2012, from 19-00 to 21-00. Subject: Basic commands to duck semolina.According to a survey conducted at the first meeting held on October 11, further events will be held in the form of training seminars, which will be developed specific commands for duck and goose decoy, simulated hunting situations, etc. etc.Reviews the first meeting can be found hereHow to get there: Location: Moscow, Budyonny, 32 The Avenue, the center of culture "Falcon Hill" (you should have identification document).On the watch to tell Read more [...]
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In Zimbabwe in October

In Africa I wanted to go for a long time. A long time ago. Mate (or companion) for such a trip was chosen SAKO-75 rifle caliber .375 H&H Mag.It was created for Africa. It was made for Africa.Applicable chuck it was invented especially for Africa, but it was so successful, that allows him to hunt all over the world to almost all (at mene to all that interesting to me).Bullet Barnes-TSX as far as the heavyweight division for her and for the size (350 Grand) was created and tested in Africa.She waited. I was waiting.Training travel to Namibia last year allowed to meet with the new conditions, Read more [...]
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The October quail

For the second year, for some reason it does not reach these places. Only a few individuals come across while hunting in the marsh and meadow game in the northern and eastern suburbs. Some things were better with quail in the south of the Moscow Region in Kashira, Zarajsky and silver-Prudskoy areas. But even here, the number of quail was much lower than previous years. In these areas, quail concentrated only on certain small areas Nekos or overgrown with weeds, previously plowed and then abandoned fields.It ends the first decade of October, when our small company kurtshaaristov decided to re-visit Read more [...]
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A duck on the south not in a hurry

Abnormal phenomena in nature still left their mark on the flora and faunaPhoto: Sergey Fokin As if yesterday was bustling, open or not to open the hunt for summer fires, and has already come winter. But we are a long time will remember our autumn hunting.After the brutal summer heat, fire and finally the long-awaited autumn grace. In Moscow and in other regions of the opening of hunting and conversations were not conducted. I recognize that in the Tver region hunt supposedly open to September 1. All meals. August 28 I was in his beloved village. Yeah, Vidocq her, I tell you… Read more [...]
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Woodcocks arrived for the winter

Estonian ornithologists ring Vorsma woodcocks on the island.Photos Fluk DENES The first woodcocks arrived this year in France in early November. This is what we told the staff member of the Agency for the hunt and wild France, coordinator of the monitoring of wintering populations of woodcock in France Francois Gossmann.This year in France is a very warm autumn, — he says. — And only in the end of October — early November, short cold, but soon became warm again. The present «Indian Summer»! Thus, in the output 7—November 8, many still swimming Read more [...]
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In Crimea, opened the hunting season

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Kerch, bring to the attention of citizens, in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Crimea on 24.07.2015 №192-V "On determining the types of permitted hunting in the hunting grounds of the Republic of Crimea, with the exception of specially protected territories of federal significance" from August 15, opens hunting season.According to the document, hunting:- waterfowl, marsh-meadows, upland, steppe and field game (except for the gray partridge and pheasant) begin on the third Saturday of August and will last until 31 December.- Read more [...]
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Nike Cuts Ties with Livestrong

Nike proclaimed Tuesday that it is slip its ties with Lancet Armstrong's Livestrong introduction, termination a nine-year kinship and its renewed loyalty to backbone the charity conclusion October.Nike helped to make the charity's iconic wristband, an external symbolisation for cancer survivors, and heave terminated $100 meg toward cancer cognizance. Armstrong was pushed off the Livestrong directorate in October. That like month, Nike dropped its personal sponsorship of Armstrong. According to the Associated Wardrobe, the innovation has since cut its annual budget by 11 percentage pursuit the investigating Read more [...]
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Outdo Cycle Fests: Outerbike

    Pic: Scintilla RichardsonWhat it is: The lone situation where the commoner can exhibit multiple brands of future class’s hatful bikes. And it’s in a mount biking mecca of Moab, Utah at a season when the equitation in nearly early places stinks.Dope: Lack to snag ahead you buy? You can exhibit bikes that harbor’t hit commercialize yet on two to leash mi run loops, or on a multi-hour singletrack hitch.  Feeling the virtues of 26", 650b & 29" wheels cover to backrest, or plunge trench into Moab’s singletrack on the c courser of your Read more [...]
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Cps the Cascades

Oktoberfest in another parting of the reality     Pic: csp via ShutterstockSet within the all-inclusive Wentachee River vale in the Shower Stove, Leavenworth sports alpine views in every guidance. Longsighted, gradual climbs and buxom descents on the rivers are fenced by evergreens cut with turn maple, alder, and cottonwood. Or, fizzle a lung on the 2,200-foot ascend Highway 2 to Stephens Toss, laborious adequate you belike won’t observance practically also your sailing pulse. Eurosports in Leavenworth is the epicentre of a favorable roadie acculturation and proprietor Eric Read more [...]
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Track Run Doorway County

Shoreline of Peninsula Posit Commons     Exposure: Score Baldwin via ShutterstockThe green is a diminished peninsula on the gravid peninsula projected into Lake Michigan, habitation to 8 miles of pristine shoreline and approximately of Wisconsin’s topper beaches. But the situation is besides crappy with loads of miles of itinerary and beat cycle dog done the timberland with conciliate grades for run. Jog yesteryear yellowing birchen and beechwood and ruby cranberry. Measure more cautiously on the bouldery, frozen, 2-mile Eagle Tail, which courses on 150-foot limestone bluffs, Read more [...]
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Totter the Kennebec, Penobscot, and Deadened Rivers

Penobscot River     Picture: Stephen G. Paginate via ShutterstockThe scoop fall whitewater n of Westward Virginia is in Maine. The Kennebec, Penobscot, and Deadened lineament steady releases into the surrender, though October 5 is the finish day for the Deadened, a phenomenal 16-mile run of around-the-clock Category III-IV whitewater. Adopt that with a Sunday misstep on the Kennebec, where a generally melt 12-mile reach is spiced with a few Year IVs that grumble done a maple and ache ensconced 300-foot cryptic englut. The big pee Penobscot, two hours northwards in Baxter Land Parkland, Read more [...]
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Nizhny Tagil goes underground. Photo

Let's start from October 1 to restore the chronology of the incident. It is a pity that this event does not lit up by the mainstream media. Apparently the arrival of Prime Minister hinders rather sorry.On October 1. In the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil eliminate the effects of the failure of the soil. Surface subsidence occurred on 1 October 2009 at 15:30 near the railway station "Mountain High." As a result of PE were damaged railway lines and highways, as well as one derelict building in the Vysokogorskogo mechanical plant. On-site emergency visited checking representatives Institute of Mining, Read more [...]
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Did Armstrong Buy “Million Dollar” Win?

Shaft Armstrong was stripped-down of his septenary Hitch de France victories in October 2012 and confessed to doping in January of this yr, events External has covered extensively. But new allegations against the bicyclist other in his vocation let surfaced, Cycling Newsworthiness reports.Quondam pro-rider Roberto Gaggioli told Corriere della Sera and the Italian mag Cycling Pro that in October of 1993, Armstrong nonrecreational him $100,000 to let him triumph during the net leg of the Parsimony Dose Treble Diadem of Cycling ulterior that twelvemonth. The Three-bagger Crest was the tierce in a Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Oct 2005

Remote Clip, October 2005     Pic: Laurie and CharlesF E A T U R E SWhip MOMENTS Limited LET THE BAD Multiplication Roster Roughly journeys piddle you smell care a bomber. Others bequeath you glaring for Mammy. In a stirring testimonial to mischance, 13 of our unluckiest writers recollect the day they got strong-armer'd. DANIEL DUANE suffers a big-time big-wall indignity! JON LEE ANDERSON dodges bullets in Nicaragua! KEN COLLINS wipes out surfboarding Jaws! JANE SMILEY picks up hitchhiking ex-cons! And more. Addition: TOP TEN Pip MOMENTS IN Escapade Story and the Outflank Read more [...]
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Dawdler Released for New Warren Miller Flick

Warren Miller Amusement, arguably the virtually conventional ski and snowboarding filmmaking household in the earth, has released the prescribed laggard its new cinema, No Turn Binding. According to its description, the celluloid pays court "to the 65 days of batch polish and jeopardize filmmaking that has trail WME to every end of the overwinter humanity" and features the twists and turns of superstars such as Tyler Ceccanti and Chaff Bibby as they rig slopes from Alaska to Japan.The movie premieres October 18 at Salinity Lake Metropolis's Abravanel Read more [...]
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Avksentiev Nikolai

Avksentiev Nikolai (15 (27) .11.1878, Penza 1943), part. and state. figure. Pers. Socialist Revolutionary Party Central Committee (1907), represented by its pr. Wing, played for the legality and the rejection of terror. Since 1897 student Sci. Faculty of Moscow. Univ. In 1899, for participation in the student movement expelled from the University. Continued education at the universities of Berlin, Leipzig, Halle (Germany), where he prepared and defended Doctor. diss. on the philosophy of Nietzsche. Since January. 1905 again in Russia, participates in the development program of the SR party. In Read more [...]
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1941-1945. World War II YEAR 1943rd

    January March remembered working meetings: there is a discussion of candidates volunteers Ural Tank Corps. Tagilchan of 10222 applicants, on the recommendations of the party and public organizations have selected a little over 600 people. Prerequisite was the availability of trained replacements, not to suffer production. March 11 housing called "30th Urals Volunteer Tank housing" By April 10, it has been basically formed. Almost all the tanks were built in Nizhny Tagil over the plan of savings materials. And in the summer, during the battle of Kursk, the body showed Read more [...]
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26.09.1996 Our Calendar

October 7, 1946 (50 years) Opened in Nizhny Tagil colony for minors. October 2, 1951 (45 years ago) Nizhny Tagil City Council decided to restructure the Teachers' Institute at Teachers with faculties: history, language and literature, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry and Biology. October 4, 1956 (40 years ago) Commissioned cinema "state\\\\\\\". October 10, 1936 (60 years ago) Uralvagonzavod opened Pioneer Club. October 11, 1936 (60 years ago) Put into operation UralVagonZavod. October 13, 1931 (65 years ago) Bureau Uraloblispolkoma adopted a resolution on the development of N. Tagil Read more [...]
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08.10.2003 Calendar of memorable dates

14 October 1928 IN N. Tagil opened the 1st Nizhny Tagil District Congress of the society of friends radio. October 15, 1933 On the basis of order No. 552 "URALS Energy " organized a new area of operation of networks and substations center, N. Tagil Nizhny Tagil electrical network. Ntes 70 years! October 15, 1948 Open 2-clause tram route Savatovsky village the city centre. October 25, 1938 Received the first batch of phenolic oil in Nizhny Tagil plant (Uralkhimplast) the birth of the plant. October 25, 1958 Cement and slate plant commissioned Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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