Snow cover

  Long and cold winter favors the accumulation of snow. In KhMAO a solid falls more than 30% of the annual rainfall.  The appearance of the snow cover is celebrated in late September early October. Snow usually falls immediately, sometimes it melts 2-3 times, and then set the whole winter. By the end of October, formed a steady snow cover, and by the middle of November, he covers the whole territory. Most parts of the date the appearance of snow on October 11 in the north near the beginning of October.  Drop the first snow close coincides with the date of transition to daily mean temperature Read more [...]
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Record for record

    The eighteenth anniversary of the October revolution, the Soviet people have met strong Stakhanov movement for raising labor productivity. Example miner Alexei Stakhanov was followed by thousands of workers.     On Uralmashstroy the initiator of the movement was excavator F.M. Hersman. Along with changers Aksenov and Shakhmatova he brought production "Ruston" to 199,6 percent of normal. To increase the pace prevented constant downtime due to breakage of the machine bad the supply of firewood, instead of which, it happens, filed and chips. And yet excavator Read more [...]
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Radiation balance

 Radiation Balance in accordance with the distribution of its basic components ranges 1000 1200 MJ / (m2&#8729, Months) per year, which is 30-32% of the annual amount of total radiation. Throughout the winter has a negative value, since the arrival of radiation at this time is less than the heat loss by radiation (Table 5.3.) Table 5.3 Radiation balance underlying surface (summer grass, winter snow cover), MJ / (m2&# 8729; months) Station I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Year The October -41.9 -33.5 -16.8 79.6 272.4 326.8 314.2 201.1 83.8 -12.6 -37.7 -41.9 1092.5 Sytomino -50.3 -41.9 -37.7 88.0 284.9 339.4 331.0 230.4 88.0 -8.4 -41.9 -46.1 1135,3 Period Read more [...]
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Prospect Builders

    Prospect Builders new name Kochkovatki street. There was approximately a 80 years. XIX century. in connection with the construction of mining railway station and Nizhny Tagil (1878).     It began around the station building, from Street gardens, ended in deadlock where modern Theater Square. Crossed her Street Basanina (October Revolution), Staged (Mira str.) and with Zavodskaya street was connected to a side street. Its name "Kochkovatka" - received, probably through thick mud, Wetlands, of which protruded herbal bump. Before the revolution in this street Read more [...]
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Autumn in KhMAO

 Comes early in late August, early September. More frequent in late August frosts are the first sign of the coming autumn. For the duration of the spring and twice as much colder. In September, the influx of solar radiation is reduced threefold compared with July. The difference in average temperatures in September and August twice a temperature difference of August and the end of August iyulya.K frosts begin on the ground, and in early September, a transition of the average daily temperature over 10 ° C downward. In the first half of September, frost-free period ends, and in the area adjacent Read more [...]
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OCTOBER (form. Kalmykova)

OCTOBER (form. Kalmykova) C., p th C. in Chelyaba. region is Located 235 km to the South-East of the Chelyaba. on the shore of the lake. Shishkin. Beg. O. put Zaimka, inorg. in the middle of. The nineteenth century. the cross.-settlers on the lands of Oreb. Cossack troops. To the beginning of the XX century there were 24 yard and 163 resident. In O. develop agricultural production. and recycling act REM.-p. org-tion, there regional muses., several. schools, SPTS. Us. 8.0 thousand people (01.01.1996). Lit.: Lists of populated places in the province of Orenburg. 1900. Local history and archival Read more [...]
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OCTOBER C., p th C. Oreb. region is Located on the big Satyr 76 km to the North from Oreb. Est. in 1842 by settlers from C.-black lips. Russia on the trade route of Oreb.-The Ufa. Original name. The Isaev-Grandfather. In, CIV. war around with. the fighting took place, as evidenced by the mass grave. In the 1920s S. was called Kashirina, in honor of the participants. CIV. war brothers kashirinyh, in the 1930s received sovr. the titles. In the 1970s, in the district was discovered gas and condensate field, conducted by Muratova-Sakmarian railway that in mn. contributed to the further development Read more [...]
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October failure

View larger map October provale or Failure Yama is subgiants funnel, a diameter of 130 meters (specifically defined in pomminville) and a depth of approximately 60 meters. On the sides of the failure is wall lesves drops or steep talus, or the abyss. Below is piled ogranichennye blocks and is a small lake, of course formed by melt water. Sagna the day of the Failure lies usually until mid-June. At 1st glance October the failure of conventional karlovarska. Water washed underground cavity and later under his weight crystauine. But on the other hand is not fully visible in the walls of the failure Read more [...]
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OCTOBER the settlement of the mountains. type R th C. in VT. region is Located on road in 219 km from Perm. The first settlement was founded in 1887. In 1916, in connection with the commissioning of the railway was built here Art. Chad around to swarm began to grow and the settlement received its name. Acting and became C. agricultural and forest district. In O. there are Makos-d, ptice-ka, lime C-d and forestry. Acting is a transport node. Institutions of education and the cult. presents cf. the school, regional muses., DK and club oilman. In the village. are a Church and a mosque. Us. 9.5 thousand Read more [...]
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It is worth recalling, as our land is watered with blood

     October 4-5, marks exactly 85 years since the onslaught of the forces of Kolchak and the Czechs, who had a triple superiority in strength over the red parts fell Nizhny Tagil. A few months later, the city remained under the rule of the White Guards.     Defensive battles on Tagil direction took especially intense, dated August 10 October 5, 1918.     Both sides did not spare each other, fighting for the most important strategic bridgehead gornozavodskogo Urals. Used the whole range of equipment available at the armies of those times: armored, Read more [...]
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NATIONAL SOCIALISTS pers. Labour nar. Socialist Party, which united in 1906 and the Right Socialist intellectuals, who quit the Cadets. W. had supporters in Perm and others.'s., To-rye participated in the elections to the State II and III. Duma. In 1907 TNSP temporarily ceased to exist. Revived after the fall of tsarism. In June 1917, the org-tion TNSP emerged in ECAT. (Leader A.M.Rozov), Perm (I.M.Podolsky), Ufa (V.F.Gerasimov) Chelyaba. (A.A.Stukan), Orsk (F.N.Nosov) and others.'s. W. The number of them in June 1917 to 100 people., In October. approx. 500 Org-tion TNSP were publishing and Read more [...]
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IREMEL on the 5th of October, the marathon

In the area of ​​the village Mykolaivka Beloretskogo district on Saturday October 5, 2013 g.budet launched 7th mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel (1582 m.) Length distance to the top and back is 45 miles. Competitions are held on the Statutes of the All-Russian official sports competitions on climbing, approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, in the category SkyMarathons (Tall Marathons), finishing tenth step Cup Russia. Expected role of the more than 120 mountain marathoners naisilneyshy Russia. 05/10/13 Schedule of the mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel Read more [...]
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Myachin Konstantin

Myachin Konstantin (Desks. Nickname Finn, Nicholas, and in 1909-1919 he lived under it. Vasily Yakovlev, 1921 -K.A.Stoyanovich) (17 (29) .08.1886, s.Mihaylovka (Sharlyk) St. Michael's parish. Orenbur. Y. Orenbah. lip. 16.09.1938, Moscow) part. and military leader. Of peasants. He studied in a parochial school. Since 1891 in Ufa. Rab. Pers. RSDLP (1905). One of his hands. militants Ufa Province. org-tion, participation. terrorist acts and expropriations. In 1908 he traveled to Switzerland for a meeting of militants of the Bolshevik Party. In 1909-1917 due to the threat of arrest and death in exile. Read more [...]
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Lashevich Mikhail

Lashevich Mikhail (1884, Odessa 30.08.1928, Harbin) part., Statesman. and military leader, pers. RSDLP (1901). Prior to roar. led the party. work in ECAT. Outcast. first world. War. On Feb. 1917 secretary., Deputy. prev. Petrograd Soviet, pers. Petrograd. -ta RSDLP (b). In October. 1917 pers. RMC, com. Neg. while taking a critical state. and watered. institutions in Petrograd. After October. recovery. pers. Pres. Petrograd Soviet, pers. Central Executive Committee of all convocations. On Nov. 1918 W., com. 3rd arm. Hands. fighting in the district tries gornoz-dskoy railway, defense, Perm, ending Read more [...]
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Red key-Beautiful meadow-Oktyabrskii failure-Beautiful meadow-Tyuba

The October geographically located approximately in the center between the Yaman-port (mouth-Yaman Elgi) and the village of Pervomajskij, the last inhabited settlement in the 60-kilometer log. What is a total flop pit? This is a huge crater, with a diameter of 130 meters and a depth of 60-70 meters, located among dense forests. Recalls the lost world of Conan Doyle. Forest grows dense as on the edge of the crater and its slopes. Where it might be. In the main the same bank of its steep and precipitous. Presumably total flop pit has karst nature, but there is in this respect and doubts among cavers Read more [...]
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Twink October A.

Twink October A. (10/09/1923 Kharkov 10.10. 1984 Sverdl.), Jurist, Dr. of Law (1962), prof. (1963), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1976). Outcast. WWII. Rod. in the family of a soldier. In 1947 he graduated from Sverdl. Law Institute, in a rum worked until 1984 (from 1954 head. chair). Founder ur. School Inst. civil issues. Law. Author of more than 200 publ., In Vol. H. 3 monographs on housing, author, host. rights, legal issues of standardization. Under his hands. was prepared by the textbook for high schools. Awarded hordes. Cr. Sv. Vol .: Legal facts in the Soviet civil law. Moscow, Read more [...]
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Kravchenko (Selivanov) Alexander G.

Kravchenko (Selivanov) Alexander G. (05 (17) .02. 1890 Yeisk 09.01.1984, Moscow), Sov. desks. and state. figure. Rod. of a teacher. In 1816 graduated from Bestuzhevskie courses. Teacher in s.Chastye Okhansky y. Perm. lips., joined in the roar. movement in 1905, pers. RSDLP since 1907 Vela Party work in Kharkov, St. Petersburg., Perm. Over the roar. activity has been repeatedly arrested. From May to October. 1917 secretary. Perm. City Committee of the RSDLP (B). After October. roar. on owls. work in Motovilikha. One of the org-tori women's movement in the Kama. In 1918 he worked at Boris Gleb. Read more [...]
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Winter in KhMAO

Winter begins with the establishment of stable frost, which in most parts of the territory, starting in the third week of October. The beginning of winter is characterized by a further increase in the frequency of occurrence of the circulation processes eastern type, contributing to a decrease in temperature. The most intensive lowering of its celebrated in late October early November, after the snow, so that the difference in average temperatures in October and November  10-12°C. The radiation balance in November reached the lowest in a year of negative values ​​due to the lowest Read more [...]
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Year after year

1697 January 23 Verkhotursky governor Protas informed Peter I, that "Stone Magnet syskal Verkhoturye county Krasnopolie settlement of the village of Russian people Tereshka Fadeev (village Fateevo) and a mile from the river Tagil two in the mountain".     1702 Voguls Jacob Savin found near the neck of the river deposits of copper ore (announced this Demidov in 1714).     1720 Nizhnevyyskaya dam is constructed. It was the first factory buildings, laid the foundation Nizhnetagilskim Demidov factories. Built its dam master Leonti Zlobin.     Decree Read more [...]
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UNIVERSAL political strike in October 1905

UNIVERSAL political strike in October 1905 one of the most important stages of the first Russian. roar. It served as a prologue to the fight against Bulygin Duma. For the preparation of the strike in the summer of 1905 spoke Vseros. Union of Unions and w / d union. V.O.P.S. beg. Roads Moskov. w / d unit on the night of October 7. U. first (October 7.) It entered the railroad Ufa, then strike the railroad N-Tagil Chelyaba., Chrysostom, ECAT., Vyatka. By October 14. became a general strike on the train. d. W. Concurrently. with the railway in the fight involved the telegraph, they were joined by Read more [...]
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