Whether there is the offspring of the cuff?

Rusak - a worthy trophy I heard that hybrids (rackelhahn, mule, hinny) do not give offspring. I want to ask is whether the offspring from the cuff and not this is the cause of the fall of the number of hare?Hello, dear editors. He writes you a hunter from the village gonchatnik worker Shatura District. I am a regular reader of your newspaper, and I think it is very competent in matters of hunting. I think that my question will give you an answer.The fact is that in our forests has always been a lot of birds. I was with my Gonchakov do not even have to look for them. It was necessary Read more [...]
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survival tales at night

The taleAt one point the father of a wealthy family decided to take their own maliankara offspring in the village, on the farm to show him how poor people can be. They spent day and night on a farm in a very poor family. And when they returned home, the father asked his own offspring:- How do you like journey?- It was great, dad- Did you see how poor people can be? the father asked.- Yes.- And what did you learn from this?The son replied:- I saw that we have a dog in the house, and their four dogs. We have a pool set in gardens, and at their Bay, which is not visible region. We cover private garden Read more [...]
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The Obstinate W: It Came from the Remote

Out-of-door clip, November 1995The Obstinate W: It Came from the RemoteThen the better growled, snacked, and was sent to bed for organism bad. But Congresswoman Don Untried and his minions, bore to bolt up the state's environmental laws, aren't sated yet.By Weston KosovaThe cloak-and-dagger streetcar that shuttles members of Coition, Mound employees, and visitors 'tween the U.S. Capitol and the Rayburn Theatre Place Edifice glides on at a formal step of Read more [...]
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In germ cells found in indelible epigenetic modifications

In the DNA of germ cells detected methyl modifications that remain in place even in the complete erasure other such modifications. Probably, these methylation-resistant foci responsible for the distribution of epigenetic code offspring.It is known that stress, smoking, endured disease, famine impose on our DNA its mark. Imprint literally: we are talking about epigenetic modifications, when the sequence of the DNA is the same, and the activity of genes can change radically. (In fairness it should be noted that such modifications may occur not only at the DNA, but also to the histones - proteins Read more [...]
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Effect of brown sugar on the fertility status of offspring and white rat-1

Thus attempted to determine the effect of white and brown sugar on the fertility of the offspring in the second generation. The first offspring of both types of sugar about equally increased the number of newborn rats, but their average weight at day 30 in the group with white sugar decreased by 10 g, and in the group with a yellow rose 5 g compared with the control (Table 13) . In the second litter, on the contrary, white sugar contributed to the birth of some larger rats. On fertility in the first and second offspring rats, taking both types of sugar, did not differ. In the second generation Read more [...]
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Experimentally, a violation of behavioral responses in the offspring of rats given large doses of pentobarbital (35-52 mg / kg) in drinking water during pregnancy. For example, these rats were increased research activity along with a decrease in the duration of the fixed period in a dark cell [Chapman J. W., Cutler M. G., 1982]. Similar results were obtained in rats high doses (200-400 mg / kg) Glutethimide (syn. noksiron) on 14-15th day of pregnancy. This led to a decrease in physical activity and at the same time to increase the latent period in the training runs in the maze of the offspring Read more [...]
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Antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs-1

Pharmacokinetics of opioids in the perinatal period explain the emergence of neonatal respiratory depression in the first days of postnatal life [Gantray JP et al, 1979; O'Mahony D. P, 1982]. In addition, prolonged use of morphine and its analogues during pregnancy and lactation may be associated with drug addiction, behavioral disorders, and neurological disorders in children. A number of experimental studies investigated various aspects of the possible harmful effects on the fetus of narcotic analgesics. The administration of 15-45 mg / kg of morphine hydrochloride white rats from the Read more [...]
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